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May 2016

Not knowing
chokes the imagination,
draining all common sense
Thoughts spin desperately
as vacuous emotions
paralyze actions,
restricting sensibility

Lethargic expressions
wander the mind
searching for answers
While minutes become
hours that never end
on days you wish
you didn’t exist

Pathways once trod
now retraced, examined
of every β€œwhat if”
step by agonizing step,
seeking breadcrumbs
leading back to a beginning
long before now

Darkness plays on sunny days,
every shadow startles
in breaths not taken
for fear that this is it,
falling on your knees,
pleading to the sky,
tell me
Written by
Stephan  Camp Johnson Crossing NW
(Camp Johnson Crossing NW)   
       Keith Edward Baucum, ---, ---, ---, patty m and 8 others
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