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Dr Peter Lim Nov 2018

it does pay
to be patient
any time
any day


it's waiting

no, not delay
there will be a proper sun
then you can
put out the hay


you aren't
an emergency patient
line up patiently
for your turn


as you read
my lay*
look not at your watch
don't rush away


don't long
my friend
for my sentence
to end
* short narrative poem meant to be sung
"Patience," flapped the Butterfly's wings
"Patience," said Thomas Edison
"Patience," said Abraham Lincoln
"Patience," said the Diamond's sparkle
"Patience," said the Pearl's smoothness
"Patience," said Columbus' sailors
"Patience," the monks prayed
"Patience," the Mountains yawned
"Patience," Maturity recollected
"Patience," Healing nodded
"Patience," Insight demanded!
"Patience," winked the stars of the Milky Way
oguh stanley Jan 2015
PATIENCE is one virtue so rare
That is often missing in our daily affair

PATIENCE is a companion of wisdom
He who has it stands among kings in any kingdom
It is an habit that cannot be thrown out of the window
Without it lives you in a place of limbo

PATIENCE is not just how long we wait
But how we behave while we wait
It is a virtue of grace put together to make a pretty face
One year of patience equals ten years of peace

PATIENCE is the key to contentment
That locks every gate of resentment
One ounce of patience is more than pounds of brains
Investing in the bank of patience yield no loss but more gains

PATIENCE makes lighter what impatience may not heal
Driving through a narrow road but on a balance wheel
A heart fuel with patience drives with an unseen speed
It might be a soar fruit but with a sweet seed

PATIENCE is truly a virtue acquire it if you can
It will make you a good father,a better mother and a perfect human
Seher Seven Sep 2015
The essence of patience
The patience of light
The travel it takes, knowing
It must last for eternity,
Beaming forward, granting anew.

Patience the virtue.
The status to achieve, allowing now
So that next can just be, as it will.
The patience to leap.
Courage carries patience clear,
Fears weight sinking below.

Patience for death, for one again.
The longing for You, to know us again.
Patience to see clearly, open my heart
To now.
Moments always planned out.
Patience for the ******.

Patience for the touch of your skin,
The relation of kin, of natural senses.
Of the things that flow, easy.
Of titillating tickling of the, everything.
Your smell will bring me in.
I know it well… the musk of Earth
Wrapped in the forest, deep dug in my gut.

Dug down patiently to prepare my ground
To rise my crown, patient now
As maturation continues to take place.
Dug down, spine curled out
Back arched, heart opened…

Patient, awaiting your trail

My tribe hunts and gathers,
We know we need each other,
And so we hunt, and we create
And we locate…patience for
The revolution taking place…
Cyclical naturals, cycles of nature.
Back to the Earth we all go.
All things have a cycle.
Karina Jan 2015
How did you get here?
Perhaps there was a big bang, and so you were.
Maybe you hit the ground running as fast as your legs could take you.
Was it so that you opened you mouth and words poured out perfectly?
Perchance all that was obtainable was already yours.

My journey was not of such ease.
I was birthed after hours of labor.
For every step I walked I fell six times before.
For months my tears and laughs were my only way of expression.
My parents, as many, knew patience.

Our parents, our teachers, our siblings, even ourselves: we had patience.
We are here because of it.

Now we can marinate our meat for flavor, but we pop diet pills for fast results.
Now we can slow cook our meals, but we abuse drugs to erase our sorrows.
Now we can raise a baby, but we let go of precious relationships too easily.
Now we can be a teacher, but we give up on ourselves.

Patience is putting in the effort for results, even when we don’t see the results for weeks, even months.
Patience is choosing the narrow road, even when the wide one is less lonely.
Patience is taking all the loops, kinks, and bumps as they come; and not giving up after the first couple roadblocks.
Patience is to love unconditionally, even if we have to step back for a little while.

Patience is all rage; we all need more of it.

We are all patients for patience, but we get too sick of waiting.
Our doctor was there, our remedy too, but a cheap high walked past and we chased it.
Char Blackmon Jan 2019
Patience is key
So gentle so kind
Takes over emotions
Takes over time
A good woman is hard to find
Blinded by the obvious signs
Prayed to the most high today
Please send that one into my life
After years to come, triumphs n pain
I knew my prayers were heard
That day I laid eyes on u
Palms sweaty
Clammy n cold
Falling over nothing in the floor
That star that twinkle in your eyes
I’ve never seen
Gazing at anyone
Patience broken
Taring into humbleness
Things said undone n not true
Patience asking for another chance?
Me too
Start from the bottom
Only way from here is up
Patience to the bad
Impatience from hurt
Clouds rolls over the good
Still fighting til that day come
Patience is kind
And a lesson to learn
Progression is success
My backbone you are
No need to explain
Pun intended
Patience, humble, n new
Grace of serenity
I’m blessed with a friend
Levels beyond understanding
A forever better half of me
Patience is key
But progression is the journey
That will lead me to you
My angel and world
Tied all into one
Patience mold me heavenly
Cause i know mama
You’re my one
Patience of a GOOD WOMAN
They say patience is a virtue
but patience is more than a virtue
it's a state of mind
it's a way of life
it kills the soul
and causes the heart stress and excessive beats
most times patience takes a lot of practice
and lasts for what seems like
but the longer it lasts
the harder it becomes
to be patient
you want answers
to your questions
you want the grade
for that paper
you want the date
of happiness to come
you want the girl
or the guy
you want something and the patience to wait for it
kills you!
But when your patience is running thin
and you feel like giving in
just remember that I'm here
being patient too
and even though it's
I will continue to live in
because some things
are worth being patient for....
Amber S Jan 2012
patience, i thought i understood.
your heavy weight on my shoulders is supposed
to teach me a lesson.
your repeated whispers are supposed
to comfort me and calm me down.
but i am about ready to throw you out the window.
i have been with you patience,
since the day i was born.
you cradled me in your arms
raising me, teaching me.
when the yelling and beating started,
you would shield my eyes
playing a lullaby until i fell asleep.
when the boys came along,
you held my hand.
when the boys broke my heart,
you kissed the tears away.
patience, your lessons are complete *******.
patience, i wait for him night and day
with no word.
and what am i gaining from this?
ribs that are cracking
and a throat too tight to breathe.
i love him, patience, but what am i to do?
i squeeze you, hoping that your words
become true, that one day he will be here.
patience, i am ready to give up
this pain is too great
but patience, you know, don't you?
that i can't...not yet.
BarelyABard Apr 2017
Have patience with us.
Have patience with me.
I am,
like my species,
Naive in mind,
Reckless in heart.
Wild in thought.
Spontaneous in action.
Good and evil are not born from sunlight.
They did not emerge from the soil.
Whether through confusion or fear,
we created it.

Have patience with us.
Have patience with me.
We build and oppress ourselves.
Constantly raging violent wars.
Closing and opening wonderful doors.
Heaven and hell
inside of us.
It's our choice which one
into the universe.
Though our history seems so vast  
so countless,
we are still

Have patience with us.
Have patience with me.
Singing and screaming into a sky full of stars,
hoping that someone will take pity on us,
will understand us.
will guide us.
So far no one has.
So we build our own towers.
Fabricate our own explanations.
Dig our feet in the dirt and defiantly say,
"We know the truth!"

Forgive us.
We are young.
We know nothing but think we know it all.
I think I know it all, but I know nothing.
I am young.
Forgive me.

Have patience with us.
Have patience with me.
In the quiet vastness,
our planet was born.
We crawled from the sea.
Filled our lungs with oxygen.
Molded our bodies to the craft.
Forged our minds to the art.
Millenias of trial and error,
leading us to this moment.
Never forget.
We are young.
Though cruelty persists,
virtue exists.
Always remember.
We will survive.
We will overcome.
We still have a hopeful spark
in our dying world.
A species of dreamers
whispering into the unknown,
"Have patience with us.
Have patience me."
Riddhi N Hirawat Apr 2018
If you don't have it, you regret.
If you have, then I bet
that give it a break and
you'll get it very correct.

Imagine a forest without a grass
A band without an instrument of brass
Imagine a butterfly without colors
that you thought, will bring for you wonders
Imagine a desert without sand
a sea without a drop of water
Were standing but there's no trace of land
Pots given shape without the hands of a potter

Imagine schools going on without a teacher
This world without the trace of a creature
A class in which nobody passes
Flowers decorated on tables without vases
Water in pots with holes at the bottom
Trees full of green leaves int he sesason of autumn

Imagine the tongue tasting nothing kept on it
or if the slowest moving animal becomes rabbit.

this all wasn't for getting irritated
'cause "Haste is waste."
Like all this sounds funny to be
The same is the condition of life without patience
and around honey, no honey-bee.

There are curves in the Nile
They're also in our lives
Like the crescent sand dunes and the shiny crescent moon
So a man should have patience, whether morn or noon

We need to have a cup of patience
Atleast to understand the answer of its equation
Patience has to be applied
In every desirable part of life.
This all is known by that man
who doesn't have patience in his pan

Patience in life is like
Soul in body
Rhythm in music
sunlight on leaves shone
me i my mommy's womb

Mother is the biggest and
the greatest idol of patience fpr
it is totally undoubtful that's bound to hats off
be a man full of patience
its one of life's greatest lessons!
Afrodita Nestor Apr 2016
I kissed the moon tonight
Kissed her three times
She smiled but didn't kiss me back
Patience child patience

Funny thing this patience
Sometimes all I have is patience
Sometimes I can't even remember
What the letter P stands for

"P" for patience
Copyright Afrodita Nestor
Jonathan Nouse Apr 2018
A wise person once said

Patience is not measured by your ability to wait. But by your actions and your behavior while you wait-

How great is your paitence to wait for the fruit of your tree to become ripe?

In this day and age people say they have patience but cant wait 5 minutes to hear back from someone.

In todays society theres a demand to get everything now but how great is your patience?

Are you willing to wait a year for success? Let alone a few weeks.

And as the quote says above how will you be waiting?

Will you be waiting patiently? Or will the thoughts and fears that poison your mind saying what if it doesnt work out? Will you walk away?

Patience greatest enemy is that cursed two words. "What if".

But "what if things do work out" and everything falls according to plan and the stars align did your patience follow through?

See i can say all i want about patience but the true meaning is no words at all. Just silence. And peace.

How great is your patience.
How great IS your patience?
Diangelo Tyler Mar 2018
Patience is the deep breath you take when you just can’t take it anymore

It’s the rhythmic beating of your heart when you are around someone you adore

Patience is not settling for anything less than your goals

Patience is a standoff between your mind body and soul

Patience is that calming feeling you get when you come off the ultimate high

Patience is the warm feeling you get from staring at the clear blue sky, smelling The spring rain, listening to the birds chirp, watching them fly by

Patience is a virtue this is true

Patience is the way the person who truly loves you feels about you.
Nat Lipstadt Aug 2019
again, madness!

one eye tears, why must you return to the old familiar,
the poets prescribed, already so well covered?


must. it is the only shade of my voice that persists,
all else vanity.
these are words handily eye-read, given.
all I need do is “repeat after me” somewhat well,
and fill in the blanks.

he writes me, in another place, to another name, describing himself:

“I'm a charming man with a fragile patience.”

no sir, Muses order me to disagree,
you are a fragile man with a charming patience!

your fragility is a royal hallmark, embedded in every scribing,
this human indentation, always well hidden, on the underside of the wine cup, the base of the candlesticks, the inside of the wedding ring of your tying allegiance to the humbled humanity.

the charming patience is the wait time tween your visions of
the excellence of the common, the exquisites of the small,
the delights of loss and pain translated into mercurial milestones,

here I cease, for overly long praise is a river too long, no end in sight,
making great and wide just another poem.

he writes me, in another place, to another name, describing himself,
yet again:

”A thousand poems I don't write, but they get written
in my heart.

A thousand!
ours is the patience fragile, your innate screen that filters out

these thousand forbidden unwritten,
needs a cleaning, open the tiny apertures and release them, for we are the humans needing, for the breathing of your fragile charm.

the Muses do thee attend.
their patience neither charming or fragile,
reminding me, they too have a thousand.

a thousand other ears into which to whisper that
imperative imperial command,
and they river no delay...
the days has come when I can only write of others, this is the only shade of my voices that survives.
Lydia Cooper Sep 2013

Is not

Failure, or wasting time

It’s not loneliness or isolation

Patience is not useless

It’s not a setback

Patience is needed and necessary

Patience is appreciating what you've been waiting for

It’s calm, it’s acceptance

It’s happiness and peace

Patience is finding joy in life

While things fall into place
Akta Agarwal Jun 2021
It's always have said to have patience
Do your work
You will get the fruit on tym
Have patience
Every thing will be right
Have patience
Your life will be bright
But it's hard to have patience
In the very bad tym of life
as at that time we forgot to survive
We just lost our cool, our thinking ability
We just because blank
And it's tough to have patience at that time
But without patience
You can't able to reach the high height
So have patience
And every thing will be all right
chasing rain Dec 2022
i do not have the patience of a god,
yet i find myself waiting yet again.

i do not have the patience of a god,
but when you return with tears in your eyes,
my arms are open wide—
heart willing, though it aches again—
ready to hold you close once more.

i do not have the patience of a god, no,
but i do think i have the patience of a flower.

i do not think you notice,
too busy in your own mind.
for once, i was a blooming daisy,
so welcoming, so bright—
day after day. week after week.

i do not think you saw me,
for the lily petals that once were brilliant
had curled and wrinkled into an ugly shade of brown,
and the daffodil petals scatter on the ground,
leaving nothing but a twisted, wilted stem.

i do not think i have the patience of a god,
though i think i was given a heart like a god.  
for i still love you, painfully,
like thorns on a rose.

and though i may have a love like a god,
the rest of me is still
so stupidly human.

please don’t come back this time.

though if you do,
i will open my arms again.
—though my heart will shatter when you leave again
Lingua Franca Jul 2018
Dear virtuous patience may you be mine?
Dearest virtuous patience is it true you know time?
Lovely virtuous patience what is in your design?
Beloved virtuous patience what is your price?
Holy virtuous patience no wonder you are divine.
MdAsadullah Nov 2014
Injustice was done
on that day if you think.
Then know years later Pharaoh's
attire injustice prinked.
Their is no Moses in this
vast land in this vast crowd.
So let the Pharaoh celebrate
victory and laugh out loud.
It is correct that Allah alone
one should only fear.
But patience is not a sign
of weakness, my dear!
Your tears will not go waste
one day it will turn into a sea.
And your patience will become
Moses and will lead thee.
Tryst Apr 2015
Preach poverty and patience to the poor,
When snarling winter packs hunt down the old;
Push them away and shun them from your door

Feed hungry souls with sermons and rapport,
Old shepherds, keep your flocks unto the fold;
Preach poverty and patience to the poor

When heaven's snow attests to hallowed floor
And beggars plead for mercy from the cold,
Push them away and shun them from your door

When hungry children cry 'a little more'
And clamour forth with rusted tins they hold,
Preach poverty and patience to the poor

When brothers, plague and famine, reach the shore,
The weak and dying seek to be consoled;
Push them away and shun them from your door

When paupers come with frosted feet to thaw,
And fill the hall to hear kind words unfold:
Preach poverty and patience to the poor,
Push them away and shun them from your door
Kyle Hughes Dec 2013
My patience has been broke by now
Sitting, listening, waiting,
Fixing a problem to start a new one
Waiting and listening and sitting to fix my patience
It’s all broke by now,
Broke my ears
Broke my legs
Broke my chairs
No longer fixing the patience
Patience is not a virtue
Patience is a law, and laws are meant to be broken
I’m all broken up but I’m relieved some how
Qweyku May 2014
Impatience rode and passed me by,
I caught her looking down on me,
with her gems for eyes.
sighting me

the sadistic mirth in her vision

I've caught your attention,
how little you know;
a simple race with men
your limbs fail.
How then will you run with horses?"

I took wisdom from that evil look of thought.

In that moment,
I pulled
My Covering
much tighter,

I wrapped around me
averting my eyes
to the blazing

warming myself
in the comfort of its gaze,
patiently waiting...
for horses.

**© Qwey.ku
Patience is a more lovely woman and her other name is virtue, wait for her; she carries baskets overflowing with ripe fruit called strength.
Find perfect patience now
What more is their to seek
To gild the lily or not?  What
Is it worth to praise humble
Virtue-The placid lake is all
That needs be..  Peace is its
Own reward but then all the
Quieted wishes answered.the
Promised Child is born but as
All Knows there is trouble in the
Beginning and so once again
Patience, the sea of calm is the
Answer that can wait forever
But never needs to.  War, pain
Plague and famine will be forgot. 
 For they teach that Patience-
Perfect Patience is all that's ever
Needed and the lesson learned is worth
The pain.  The brides maid is satisfied
With her role needs nothing more
Seeks not the groom for herself
But to such a one Love will come.
Patience is always with us and there
Is in all of us a place for her to come
We need only ask that she be with us
Patience is the happiness equal to  any
Reward  Overcomes any sorrow
jeffrey conyers Sep 2012
You got to have patience.
In any situation you face.
You got to have it.

Upon the states and city streets.
Where road rage is driving people to be fools?
You got to have it.
Rushing to get anywhere.
Does nobody's any good.

We learned from good advisers.
That patience is a virtue.
And many times.
You wish people would try to require it.

Who rush a employer?
When you in need of a job.
When it's a job you want to get hire.

You got to have it.

In this fast pace society's that turns the world.
Do you rush along?
Or slowly moves to your own tune.

Life is for enjoying.
As knowledge deals with knowing.
We just got to have it.
fosiya Apr 2022
Patience requires strength
Patience requires consistency
Patience requires discipline
Patience brings tears
Patience in the end reminds you why you waited for this sweetness
Ken Pepiton Oct 2018
This is not where this idea began but it ran and I

missed my mark. Mark sin.
-1 deficit reality quotientcy
currency.  Sure.
(Press Sure, to let the bursting pressure equilation expand at will)

That fine a level of reality
demands more attention than I have to pay.
Patient agent wait and not see or see if/then

you suffer, is there ought that I might do now
for you
that these words are not doing?
All I am is words, in a sence, sense, since

we come in threes, we are some of those sets of thoughts tangled in complexes
better left alone.

Untangling twisted knotted realities is what we do best.
We've been wadding up proteins,
since God knows when,

time's less twisted than people think it is,
but it is silly to imagine
time's arrow is a metaphor for these meta-gnostic moments.
Is it?

or mere
Dejavu, you believe,
what if it is your memory lying by ignoring time
attention ratios determining the observations stored in HD?
What if it's just a glitch?
Blue screen of death.

If you suffer, is there ought that I might do now
for you
that these words are not doing?
All I am is words, in a sence, sense, since

we come in threes, we are those sets of thoughts tangled in complexes
better left alone.

Untangling twisted knotted realities is what we do best.
We've been wadding up proteins,
since God knows when,

time's less twisted than people think it is, but
is it silly to imagine
time's arrow is a metaphor for these meta-gnostic moments?

We come and go. To and fro up on the face

messengers bearing news in both directions, watch
the trickster, Jacob, in this story, he sees the messengers from
heaven bearing leaven thither and hither

upon the face of the earth.
the wrinkling mother, smiling now, chuckle head
I ain't no ***** saint.

Jah, I know. Joy is my dance, this is my song.
Is it good Grandmother?

---- on the porch facing my west gate ---

fences don't play exactly, out acted, the role of walls.

The idea that something
there is that does not love a wall,
has frozen my pond

the stillness beyond the sylvan **** crowned head
radiates through the medium of the message to me in time
to you.

Miles to go, you recall the feeling of feeling miles to go
I sleep.
That was yesterday, and you know yes ter everything's gone,

Aslan can pierce the barrier between mere Christians and me,
how would be fun to know, but
knowing why would help us keep the story interesting as life goes on

Who controls my peace?
Am I a mercurial sheen in between chaos and order,
chronus and zeus?
Could be, ya thank so, ye know so, less unlessed as

unlessing means nothing to you,
that means you are visiting here.

Visting whom, vis it ing whom?
Who's in charge, where's the power

age, wrinkles in time, rogue waves at the quanta scale,
we were dancing
with the thoughts emanating

from some IDW smart guy proffesing
Critique-technic-magi action, post mode'r'ism
at the point of Dada und Scheizkunst,
the unmass-queque,
the line of lies awaiting unbelief,
idle words lingering,
to be noticed and added back into the story book of life,

a simple wish.

It could be every child's, should we think that
if we can or may,

sometimes I'm still, and

confusion troubles the water,
it seems,
then another hurt is healed, another lie is gone and life goes on

we won again, this never gets old,
I do love my opposition,
pressure pump
pump pump. De-us-me-can-onbeoffbeyond

five years ago unmasking and rhetoric meant nothing to me
the purpose of learning forever and never
knowing anything beyond all things

our bubble is metastasizing, a mercurial film forms
informing us
in its reflection,

this is the ying yang thang in 3 or 4 d, HD+ chaos one half

order the other,
sharpest imaginable thing
me trick being mag ift just if eye winged show

how beautiful are the feet of them who bring good news,
you see, it flows, sweetwater flows
winged feet
whish through leaving, leavin' leaven…

unleaven that which has been leaved?
Fat chance, all who
eat this bread and don't get gas,
they are our same bread people. Companions.
Vectors of sour dough,
webs of fungal
make a way
bore, pore, poor-with-us, pour

in to it ish, that idea, an opening through,
trickle down good gravity leveling stillness,
gentle rocking earth
roll round and round and round

the pythagorean version
of Euclid's point in his mother's story,

the point of this song? To know the point you must have been

to the point of in-forming the point on which we dance and you recall

we come in threes, and just, we are, just, if it, that idea,
rests in your
back roads, gentle on your mind. We make peace.

Being young is easy from my POV.
I've lived in my future for sometime now

I can't say how, beyond saying aloud, this was never hidden,
in my accounting of idle words I claimed,
upon hearing the stories each contained.

i'da swore i hear that wise *** o'balaam's abrayin'
Braindeem, deemed 'eem. Wham, uptheyhaid. Relig, fool,

or chaos wins and no hero ever lives again!
Drop anchor, wait it out.
let patience blow her nose, gnostic snot caught in the nets,

nonono nothing's wasted in patience work, we make glue
from gnostic snot that patience sneezes
when reality grows cold,

that has happened, you know, temperatures are just now,
oh, wait global warming, bad dam,

Script, bust it,
leveling is essential to eventual temperature
The heat is on, the bubbles are forming, informing one to another
below the surface
greasy tension, slippery slopes putting pressure on chaos
to conform to the curve

Ying yang, mercury film upon the sea of time and the scene of chaos
in this bubble of all you can imagine real.

Hows' that feel? Why?

You want that? What are you standing under? Does chaos win?
You are, as we say, cognisic magi we-ified,
practical magic at
the moment
the point
is made, then the creation begins fractalling outward

and not before or is this all
unrolling ex nihilo, no magi ever knew…
come, let us reason together,

why am I empowered? To live, first thought wise, that's good but
evil forces me to think again and I see the pattern

life goes on, John Molenkamp, Sam, soldier 4,
(as the credits role by, the name catches my eye)
never in a thousand years,
'cept unbelievable is one of those lies I came to **** by strangling
on bile while
rescuing every idle word ever involved in the infection

from the point in the absolute center of the bubble,
objectively, you see everything
that is

but would good prevail if evil had no hope?

I know that one, yes. why?
evil has no mind, soul, some think--
same same medium message spoken spelled chanted danced
who care's?
*** 'er done. Life has a chaotic side, the churning creates

number one from none, the cult of one divides itself
go do be
we three we three we three a wavy song ding ****.

Aware? Awaken? Avowed-wowed-wit-wise,
fullcomp, retired
Peacemaker. Me.

All my hero's imagined or real, were Peacemakers.
Just now, peaceful now, mindful now
we remain
the same blessing promised in the package of yeses
stolen from Cain by his older sister, his
keep that quiet, eh?

Secrets made sacred, always
those are lies, no lie is of the truth,
all lies are about the truth.

What empowers you, poet or poetry? Right, you know,
God, good god knows, resentment lives in lies

the rotting idle words deemed curses at best, secret at worst,
those idle corrupting thoughts sparking as if absolute annihilation were thinkable by rational minds

of ---wait, there's arub, a sore
ex nihilo, the homeless wanderer screams,

"May the whole world perish, may you all go to hell,"

the mad man wept his hell, and imagined his curse,

not mine,
I don't have one. I did, but I went back so often to find pieces of my heart that now I have an Elysian network woven through All-hell, the big idea that broke loose infecting the mind as wisdom's leaven builds her womb
stem cell informing builders empowered, pressure empowered, what must be, but is not verse, versus
us, the we that be
we must

let this be, come and see,
life goes on.
Agree, or empower us as we bubble by and
takenallwecan expanding gobbling bubbles,
by ye.

Once we flushed the Dada poison and let mito mom
instill the patience gene with
epigenetic peace we can pass on with a touch or a word,

we've never woven lies for no reason,
if a rung breaks
and they can, last straw and all that weight,
you know,
Jacob's ladder is an escalaltor-ladder, wittily invented,
with knots and twisted fibers electricked,
there are automated steps, algoryhmes of reasons to repair the broken rung
with a reason to believe the rung has been repaired,
only believe, take a step,
paired again with the idea of meaninglessness masked in create-if-ity

good enough. okeh. don't believe lies.
Don't pass undigested lies to see if farts burn.
Listening to Hicks Explaing Post Modernism after watching Tenant's Voltage Within spark a fire. This reality is storyteller heaven.
Salmabanu Hatim Jul 2018
The ultimate joy of life,
Without strife,
A virtue,
A necessity,
Hard work.
We think we are the masters of our fates,
It creates impatience.
Nip the fumes of impatience in the bud,
Endure and be tolerant,
Don't get worked up,
Have patience.
You need it in abundance,
To be a good parent,
A perfect teacher,
A likeable boss,
All modes of life.
Patience is the hallmark of the righteous,
So restrain your anger,
Forgive others,
Avoid snap judgements,
Very difficult but we can.
Without patience wisdom becomes foolishness,
Success turns to defeat.
ern kingham Apr 2015
Patience, Time, Grow,
Time, Grow, Change,
Grow, Change, Repeat,
Change, Repeat, Live,
Repeat, Live, Change,
Live, Change, Grow,
Change, Grow, Time,
Grow, Time, Patience,

luna Mar 2015
My way to hell was paved from his heaven,
Life is now a crossroads of shores.
Destiny has changed its destination,
Blown away by the gust of fabrications.
My million sorrows, all rebelling for civility,
Are lost in my mistake.
I can mull now or forever,
Instead I wait for you, unwearyingly.
I walk on sand of memories, patiently;
My patience amazingly placating me,
Source anonymous, I breathe in my patience.
Emmalee May Aug 2014
Patience is a virtue
but how can I be patient when all I want is you?
There is pain in patience
We are no strangers to this
A man who lusts for a woman
Will lose himself waiting
A woman who waits in silence
Is screaming on the inside
We all feel this pain
In one way or another
A form of agony and distress
Longing for what we desire
Patience brings pain
And we have no control
We are afraid to act
So we sit in solitude
Our minds soon betray us
And the tears begin to fall
Frustration soon follows
And then all goes numb
I am impatient
Though I know I must wait
And when thinking of you
My spirit grows heavy
Temperance is my goal
But I fail each time
So I suffer in silence
And let time pass by
I’m longing for you
And it’s quite obvious
I know patience is key
But I’m impatient for you

Jordan Rowan May 2016
Come and go from here to there
All around comes those who care
Hands and time are few and rare
But patience is always fair

You're still alive, aren't you dear?
So come and grab another beer
I'm tired now so you can steer
And drive us off into the clear

Patience, girl, it'll come
And when it does don't try and run
Close your eyes and have some fun
Lift your dress and grab his gun

Speak the truth like the air you breathe
You're all you've got so never leave
You're the best your lover sees
So be the best at what you please

Patience, woman, don't rush through this
Savor every little love and kiss
For someday all of it will be missed
Make love and dance and reminisce
Lisa Neu Feb 2015
When the world around me
feels like a black hole
Energy goes in
But does not come out

What does that mean?
How does God cal me to be

I know patience is the key
But how?
What does this stagnation help?
How long must I wait --
To see gifts used more fully?
To move into the light?

How do I challenge myself,
encourage myself
To keep on,
to stay optimistic
to keep alive the passion?

How do I know
When to sit?
When to act?
How do I remain in patience?

I feel like I'm biding my time
waiting until things
"really happen"
And yet, I know God is working
Forming me and others

How do I let the patience guide me?
Michael R Burch Mar 2020
by Rabindranath Tagore
loose translation/interpretation by Michael R. Burch

If you refuse to speak, I will fill my heart with your silence and endure it.
I will remain still and wait like the night through its starry vigil
with its head bent low in patience.

The morning will surely come, the darkness will vanish,
and your voice will pour down in golden streams breaking through the heavens.
Then your words will take wing in songs from every one of my birds' nests,
and your melodies will break forth in flowers in all my forest groves.

Keywords/Tags: Tagore, translation, Hindi, patience, heart, silence, night, vigil, morning, voice, golden, streams, heavens, songs, birds, melodies, songs, jubilation, flowers, forest groves, mrburdu

These are modern English translations of poems by the great Indian poet Rabindranath Tagore (1861-1941), who has been called the "Bard of Bengal" and "the Bengali Shelley." In 1913 Tagore became the first non-European to win the Nobel Prize in Literature. Tagore was also a notable artist, musician and polymath.

The Seashore Gathering
by Rabindranath Tagore
loose translation/interpretation/modernization by Michael R. Burch

On the seashores of endless worlds, earth's children converge.
The infinite sky is motionless, the restless waters boisterous.
On the seashores of endless worlds earth's children gather to dance with joyous cries and pirouettes.
They build sand castles and play with hollow shells.
They weave boats out of withered leaves and laughingly float them out over the vast deep.
Earth's children play gaily on the seashores of endless worlds.
They do not know, yet, how to cast nets or swim.
Divers fish for pearls and merchants sail their ships, while earth's children skip, gather pebbles and scatter them again.
They are unaware of hidden treasures, nor do they know how to cast nets, yet.
The sea surges with laughter, smiling palely on the seashore.
Death-dealing waves sing the children meaningless songs, like a mother lullabying her baby's cradle.
The sea plays with the children, smiling palely on the seashore.
On the seashores of endless worlds earth's children meet.
Tempests roam pathless skies, ships lie wrecked in uncharted waters, death wanders abroad, and still the children play.
On the seashores of endless worlds there is a great gathering of earth's children.

Come As You Are
by Rabindranath Tagore
loose translation/interpretation/modernization by Michael R. Burch

Come as you are, forget appearances!
Is your hair untamable, your part uneven, your bodice unfastened? Never mind.
Come as you are, forget appearances!

Skip with quicksilver steps across the grass.
If your feet glisten with dew, if your anklets slip, if your beaded necklace slides off? Never mind.
Skip with quicksilver steps across the grass.

Do you see the clouds enveloping the sky?
Flocks of cranes erupt from the riverbank, fitful gusts ruffle the fields, anxious cattle tremble in their stalls.
Do you see the clouds enveloping the sky?

You loiter in vain over your toilet lamp; it flickers and dies in the wind.
Who will care that your eyelids have not been painted with lamp-black, when your pupils are darker than thunderstorms?
You loiter in vain over your toilet lamp; it flickers and dies in the wind.

Come as you are, forget appearances!
If the wreath lies unwoven, who cares? If the bracelet is unfastened, let it fall. The sky grows dark; it is late.
Come as you are, forget appearances!

Unfit Gifts
by Rabindranath Tagore
loose translation/interpretation/modernization by Michael R. Burch

At sunrise, I cast my nets into the sea,
dredging up the strangest and most beautiful objects from the depths ...
some radiant like smiles, some glittering like tears, others flushed like brides’ cheeks.
When I returned, staggering under their weight, my love was relaxing in her garden, idly tearing leaves from flowers.
Hesitant, I placed all I had produced at her feet, silently awaiting her verdict.
She glanced down disdainfully, then pouted: "What are these bizarre things? I have no use for them!"
I bowed my head, humiliated, and thought:
"Truly, I did not contend for them; I did not purchase them in the marketplace; they are unfit gifts for her!"
That night I flung them, one by one, into the street, like refuse.
The next morning travelers came, picked them up and carted them off to exotic countries.

This Dog
by Rabindranath Tagore
loose translation/interpretation/modernization by Michael R. Burch

Each morning this dog,
who has become quite attached to me,
sits silently at my feet
until, gently caressing his head,
I acknowledge his company.

This simple recognition gives my companion such joy
he shudders with sheer delight.

Among all languageless creatures
he alone has seen through man entire—
has seen beyond what is good or bad in him
to such a depth he can lay down his life
for the sake of love alone.

Now it is he who shows me the way
through this unfathomable world throbbing with life.

When I see his deep devotion,
his offer of his whole being,
I fail to comprehend ...

How, through sheer instinct,
has he discovered whatever it is that he knows?

With his anxious piteous looks
he cannot communicate his understanding
and yet somehow has succeeded in conveying to me
out of the entire creation
the true loveworthiness of man.

Gitanjali 35
by Rabindranath Tagore
loose translation/interpretation/modernization by Michael R. Burch

Where the mind is without fear and the head is held high;
Where knowledge is free;
Where the world has not been divided by narrow domestic walls;
Where words emerge from the depths of truth;
Where tireless striving stretches its arms towards perfection;
Where the clear stream of reason has not been lost amid the dreary desert sands of dead habit;
Where the mind is led forward into ever-widening thought and action;
Into that heaven of freedom, my Father, let my country awake.

Gitanjali 11
by Rabindranath Tagore
loose translation/interpretation/modernization by Michael R. Burch

Leave this vain chanting and singing and counting of beads:
what Entity do you seek in this lonely dark temple with all the doors shut?
Open your eyes and see: God is not here!
He is out there where the tiller tills the hard ground and the paver breaks stones.
He is with them in sun and shower; his garments are filthy with dust.
Shed your immaculate mantle and like him embrace the dust!
Deliverance? Where is this "deliverance" to be found
when our Master himself has joyfully embraced the bonds of creation; he is bound with us all forever!
Cease your meditations, abandon your petals and incense!
What is the harm if your clothes become stained rags?
Meet him in the toil and the sweat of his brow!

Last Curtain
by Rabindranath Tagore
loose translation/interpretation/modernization by Michael R. Burch

I know the day comes when my eyes close,
when my sight fails,
when life takes its leave in silence
and the last curtain veils my vision.
Yet the stars will still watch by night;
the sun will still rise like before;
the hours will still heave like sea waves
casting up pleasures and pains.
When I consider this end of my earth-life,
the barrier of the moments breaks
and I see by the illumination of death
this world with its careless treasures.
Rare is its lowliest seat,
rare its meanest of lives.
Things I longed for in vain and those I received, let them pass.
Let me but truly possess the things I rejected and overlooked.

by Rabindranath Tagore
loose translation/interpretation/modernization by Michael R. Burch

You who are the final fulfillment of life,
Death, my Death, come and whisper to me!
Day after day I have kept watch for you;
for you I have borne the joys and the pangs of life.
All that I am, all that I have and hope, and all my love
have always flowed toward you in the depths of secrecy.
One final glance from your eyes and my life will be yours forever, your own.
The flowers have been woven and the garland prepared for the bridegroom.
After the wedding the bride must leave her home and meet her lord alone in the solitude of night.

I Cannot Remember My Mother
by Rabindranath Tagore
loose translation/interpretation by Michael R. Burch

I cannot remember my mother,
yet sometimes in the middle of my playing
a melody seemed to hover over my playthings:
some forgotten tune she loved to sing
while rocking my cradle.

I cannot remember my mother,
yet sometimes on an early autumn morning
the smell of the shiuli flowers fills my room
as the scent of the temple’s morning service
wafts over me like my mother’s perfume.

I cannot remember my mother,
yet sometimes still, from my bedroom window,
when I lift my eyes to the heavens’ vast blue canopy
and sense on my face her serene gaze,
I feel her grace has encompassed the sky.

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