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Dr Peter Lim Nov 2021
Pale leaves fall silently in the dead of winter
I realise I have lived far too long
I was once a bold and outgoing singer
but no longer has life left me any single song-

in the night's thickest snow I wander
the heartless winds they blow loud and strong
tears of forlorn love on icy rocks they flounder
in this chilling hour I weep,  to none do I belong
Dr Peter Lim Nov 2021
In response to a Post by someone:

'Eckhart Tolle, after 27 years of acute depression, overcame this, in a state of bliss in ONE DAY. Is that possible?'

We are unhappy as we hold ourselves too seriously, too tightly, too selfishly, too judgementally.

In Zen and Taoism, we get rid of our ego, we don’t have fixated thinking, we accept life in all its facets—joy and sorrow, the pleasant and unpleasant—-we follow the flow of life and don’t fight against it. In our centred-ness, we hold our equilibrium in equanimity.

Ingredients making for happiness and sane living, in any culture, are fundamentally the same:

acceptance, kindness and compassion, love, generosity, simplicity, humility, patience, insight, forbearance, magnanimity, forgiveness, humour and in adoration of the transcendental, the divine and all that which is beautiful and life-enhancing.

This is a lifelong journey—we don’t need to lean on any person or their thinking.

ET has many critics, but also a huge following-
it shows the extent of existential angst of so many people in our anxious, restless and confused world.
Dr Peter Lim Nov 2021
But we walk away

when life still  holds more-

indeed every day-

for us to explore
Dr Peter Lim Nov 2021
Winter is not yet

autumn hasn't gone to sleep

she has memories to keep
Dr Peter Lim Oct 2021
Be patient, wait, listen, be still, be kind, think of others more than your own self, give a smile to everyone, drink your coffee and thank the barista, tip the waitress, donate $10 to the Red Cross, buy a rose for your wife, read a poem of Keats, listen to a piece of Mozart and be grateful you are blessed
Dr Peter Lim Oct 2021
Don't let it

get you down*

whether it's tomorrow

or the moment now-

still is my heart

whether events delight or frown

to faith I dearly hold

I'm unshaken on my very ground
* copied, not mine
Dr Peter Lim Oct 2021
I do just the possible
I don't need to sparkle
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