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Dr Peter Lim Oct 11
On the farther side
of time I stand
much of old age
is memory bent
towards scenes
that defie ravage
and demand
to be remembered
and resurrected --

I am held powerless.

Life is now
falling foliage
the leaves have
dark-brown turned
days and nights
are serene and sober
enough of love
past love had yearned
pain and sorrow re-echo
in tearful refrain
over and over again --

at this dying hour
regret is but all in vain
night is a disdainful mocker
there's nothing left
either for loss or gain.
Dr Peter Lim Oct 10
Prose is truly akin to poetry
but struggles to match the other's sublimity.
Dr Peter Lim Oct 7
I live
while others struggle
to believe
or disbelieve.
Dr Peter Lim Oct 7
They lied
life was all
Dr Peter Lim Oct 7
Life is not handsome
more to do with humdrum.
Dr Peter Lim Oct 7
If not this
then that?
no-- something half-way?
caveat !
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