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I don't want to be
among the smart
it frightens me terribly
how loudly do they ****!
Dear Mr Lim
Your chances of being published
are very slim

Poetry editor April 19th 2019
Wisdom began
as a toddler
for a thousand times
it had first to fall over
We have hardly begun
so puny is that we have done
This is the pick
of old age
(time is wearing out)
to be nostalgic
the fading of doubt
too soon comes the last page
the generous giving away
  of past rancour and rage.
Life I will diligently farm
such that the richest harvest
would be the outcome.
I no longer
wish to know
thinking is doubt
to knowledge I've said: No-

only love I would trust
silently watch it grow
words interfere and mislead
to beauty they lend their **** blow.
* after Emily Dickinson
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