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Char Blackmon Jan 26
I miss you
Day after day
Miss your glowing ways
Silent words
Loud with truth
I sure miss your gorgeous
Flower blossoming face
Dream big
Touch all your twinkling stars
Goofy ways
Pillow talking to me
Forgive me
Come back to me
None but time
Will sing our song
Long nights and shorter days
That day has finally came
Spread your beautiful wings
Black butterfly
Truth at ease
Please always remember me
You have the biggest part of me
You don’t have to speak
Your eyes guides me quietly
They speak so deep
I know what your love means
More than the galaxy
Exotic Milky Way
Just breathe
I’m forever here
Char Blackmon Jan 24
This time again
Once a year
Raising prices of
Giant teddy bears
Rose peddles on the pillow
Memories of you
Soft sweet kisses
Chemistry increasing
Not once a year
Never had a valentine on this day
The day you came into my life
You became my one
My one and only
True valentine
Lonely so far away
Images of your face
As I dream
One day
I will gain to be
Yours forever
Im in love with your eyes
When you pout sometimes
Shut me out
Because I’m crowding your space
Day after day
Watching as the moon finds you
Connection of truth
Spooked with black butterflies
Palms sweaty again
Nervous when I’m around you
My one and only
True valentine
Char Blackmon Jan 24
When morning comes
Sweet like the morning dew
Sun rays peeking
Over the sunset view
Know that
I’m still thinking
In love
With you
Words from the overview
Char Blackmon Jan 24
Iceberg melting
Sidewalk creaks
Birds chirping
Crisp still on the river bay
Innocently thoughts of you
Dripping thorns
Ocean blue
Char Blackmon Jan 23
When you leave
To follow your dreams
Please think of me
Don’t forget
Lonely ole me
Char Blackmon Jan 23
One day
Many moons ago
I will be here
Patiently waiting alone
For you
Char Blackmon Jan 21
Black butterfly, how is your day?
Soaring peacefully throughout the waves
Crashing down with a certain multitude
It seems as you haven’t flown much today
I’m just wondering...
Are you okay?
Black butterfly look at your wing
Injured by HURT and PAIN
Unintentionally leaving contusions
Leaving the tears to heal your wing
Black butterfly
For better or worse
You still push through the storm
It’s not as clear out
As it was yesterday
How does your heart feel now?
Those clouds don’t seem so dark
Your warmth has melted the sun
No fighting anymore
Black butterfly
Where does love come from?
From the unknown
From the one who’s been through the most
Leaving every beat of your heart
In beat with your beat
Black butterfly
There’s your smile
Lightening up the fallen one
Words spoken
Without hearing a mumbling word
Yet understood
Black butterfly
Allow me to be here
Watching you as you heal
Throbbing inside me
Reaching for the ultimate thrill
Timeout the world
Punishment upon many years
Flying high
Seeking peace on your broken wing
Healing of love
Soothing to a joyous ring
Black butterfly
How high did you soar?
Did you see where heaven and earth meets?
Did you see some worth believing?
Royalty built with loyalty
Sitting on your wealth of trust
Did you meet the one that completes?
The one that mended your broken wing?
Did it hurt?
For them to see?
That life is just as fragile as it can be?
How broken was their wing?
Nice look
I now truly see
Black butterfly
It all became as one?
Realizing you have met your sun
The one who you save as the one
You are better now
Free and loved
Black butterfly
My one and only true dove
The light in my eye
Black butterfly don’t cry
For those tears don’t belong in your eyes
I’m forever to stay
Free and calm
Just like when you fly
In the blue and relaxing sky
home my black butterfly
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