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Char Blackmon Nov 2019
I love myself so dear
That’s why I caress you my dear
I feel trapped inside
One silent cry
Joy comes always in life
******* myself
Much harder both times you left
I love me so much
Your eyes and soul felt how much
I love you too
The purest form
Of me and you
Blocked by our past venues
I love me so much through pain
I know time can only change
I love you and all that makes up you
Unconditional love
So why do my reflection of me runs
Chasing an image in 5D
No understanding of it all in 3D
Most importantly
I will always love you
I will always love me too
Char Blackmon Sep 2019
Minutes til I get to u
Spiral my visions into inspirations
I don’t get it
Why ppl keep telling me
Love is sweet and KIND
But doesn’t grow
Always in sunshine
Through the storm
I’ve groomed and grown
The whole time
I was not alone
Never will I be
A QUEEN helped me see
Tough love
An empty home
No voices
No children
No kisses til the crack of dawn
Just the sound of me
On my own
I’ve trained and prepared
To be everything
You see
You showed me
The greatest version of me
Tears and all
You cried
I cried
We felt our love
For each other
In our hearts
When I hear about
Our time apart
Not a word to speak
You described me
To the T
Trying to avoid the thoughts
Smiling at your voice
The softness of your touch
Even as I think
I feel your body
Against me
How can this be?
This **** chemistry
****, this **** FREQUENCY
I love you
Not to the moon and back
That I can’t say
My love for you
That we create our own GALAXY
I don’t care
What anyone says
I’m here
Step by step
Day by day
Prayer by prayer
I mediate with FULL FAITH
Our love continue to grow
Fine with age
  Sep 2019 Char Blackmon
My pride will never let me tell you, but I miss you so much.
You were my first real friend, my first real love..
The ocean blue that tainted your eyes,
it won't let me hear your muffled cries tonight..
I know you miss me too, i feel it sometimes..
The sharks and their large teeth didn't want us to swim by...
I do miss you, but what good would missing do...
for me, I just can't get over you...
Char Blackmon Sep 2019
Don’t worry I got me
I got ice all in my veins
I promise I wouldn’t change
Ur hussle is not the same
got HUSTLE branded in my name
I’m eating from the grave

Before anyone ever knew my name
I was destined for great
As the black crows sing
Let’s my pharaohs free
For justice
What’s the cost for your peace
Will all HELL from ole LIBERTY
I ain’t never been free
My shackles still clinks on me
With old souls
We all gone see

Yeah time apart
I’ve missed you
But I’ve learned lessons
And watched pure love
Shine through

Every silent cry
I reached out to wipe
As I tossed and turn
Throughout each night
Praying to Yasda
For another night
Feel that vibe
Frequency just right
As I open my eyes
Drowning in sweat
One lonely *** night
Just another cold side
Of the bed
Forced fielding my life
Those 3 words that you said
I hold so dear
Please don’t give up this fight
Unspoken words

Our third eye shows us vision
But with the lack of our own religion
How could we ever be called free

That’s just a fact that causes fiction
A whole big contradiction
But u all sure gone see
When hands unfold
Just call it a monopoly sceam
So what does that mean
I got u
Hell yeah u got me
As our souls speak
With no words
How could anyone compete
All the voices in our head
Doubts we shares
Hold my hand
Close our eyes
Mix our colors from within
Char Blackmon Aug 2019
No words to speak
As tears falls from your cheek
Tender and sweet
Pure and true
When you speak
Without saying a word
Miles and miles
I spent away from you
Your pain and hurt
I heard
From the thumping in my chest
To the nightmares
That drips from my lips
Never the less
Your cries were strong
In your eyes
Words speak all on its own
When you’re quite
It’s a DISTANCE thought
Told you to pull back
This love is too strong to keep
As it tossed and turned you all night
Fears of seeds
Is what I saw that night
Dark misleading
Tug a war fighting
Living a prayer
That turned into a vision
You want to say
3 words
Burned under to protect
Your Earth
I always knew your worth
Understating creates clear decisions
Holding you
As we speak without words
Still your lips haven’t spoken
In your heart
Forever with no more worries
I hear you
Loud and clear
Never spoken to my ears
Yet your words
Are heard clear
Char Blackmon Jun 2019
But all I get is more space away
Char Blackmon Jun 2019
I don’t need the world
I’ve conquered it
Don’t need
No money to ball
Just need you
In my arms
Warm and secure
Right were you always
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