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Lady Bird Sep 2018
drips of joy
some of pain
peel me you'll
find restrain
liked or disliked
I‘m all the same
aroma and sight
so guess my name


don't take these
words by surprise
you might shed tears
from your eyes
many have complained
that I'm a nuisance yet
who I am is who I am and
can't help how I was named
open your eyes cant you see
an "ONION" thats just me...
Salmabanu Hatim Jul 2018
The ultimate joy of life,
Without strife,
A virtue,
A necessity,
Hard work.
We think we are the masters of our fates,
It creates impatience.
Nip the fumes of impatience in the bud,
Endure and be tolerant,
Don't get worked up,
Have patience.
You need it in abundance,
To be a good parent,
A perfect teacher,
A likeable boss,
All modes of life.
Patience is the hallmark of the righteous,
So restrain your anger,
Forgive others,
Avoid snap judgements,
Very difficult but we can.
Without patience wisdom becomes foolishness,
Success turns to defeat.
Muskan Bhatia Jul 2018
Today I saw a body carried by four people on
their shoulders chanting those four words
and a crowd following them.
Some were crying for dead
and some criticizing the death.
But why only I could hear what that soul said,

"These eyes have seen a lot,
These ears have heard a lot,
This heart has beard a lot,
And this body has suffered a lot.
Now it's time for my body to be at peace
and heart at rest.
So soon I will turn to ashes free from all with no boundaries to restrain. "
leinstinct Feb 2017
denial seems to be our specialty
blinding ourselves from what we even could have loved
in honor to the essence of reality
we follow whatever convenience seems right
a come back or a fall down are too similar
same monster just another mask
denigration is just another vice

we judge so we can fill our empty sorrow
to pass the pain away
like anestesia for our sorrow
we denigrate the ones who fulfilled our mandate
we dishonor the ones who are not ashamed
deep inside we wish we would be like them
but they made it
and we are restrained
Viseract Sep 2016
I could fly like the Phoenix I'm supposed to be,
At cloud height, Cloud Nine, see everything
Were it not for the ropes that hold me down
Were it not for the bloodlust, torturous sounds
Were it not for the voices in my head
That sometimes make me wish I were dead

And maybe if I wasn't so critical
Or perhaps just a little less hypocritical
Were it not for the need to be OCPD
Straighten everything, as straight as can be

Checking my back because I'm paranoid,
That someone will appear, push me in the void
And I would swirl and spin, forever trapped
With all lights off, and no time to clap

That I would be that man, the one in black
Who would self-indulge in a self-aimed attack
Who would one day slit an artery, and just lay there
And with open eyes, unseeing, continue to stare

Glaring at the world that held him down
Glaring at the grey sky that never helped him out
Angry in death at those who tormented him, bullies
Maybe I could fly were it not for these,

straight outta creativity well
Pauline Morris Mar 2016
demons lurking all around
listening to my every sound
This life of mine is all up hill
My beating heart should just be still
I want to rest in deaths embrace
Unbearable pain is written on my face
Demons dance with sweet repraise
watching with there steely gaze
They lick their lips without restrain
So eager to tast all my pain
That's steadily driving me insane
grim-raven Mar 2015
Thank you

Little boy with a bit of hope
Just a bit ...
Everybody knows

Dreams filled his teeny tiny mind
Creating imaginations of different kind
Doesn't really understand what other says
Enjoying life with a blurry mess

Been a friend to a *weak fragile girl

Her tears were catch for it seems to hurl
Fakes in those times were epidemic
Lucky for her, he doesn't know how to mimic

They'd grown and grown as time passed by
Created memories they'll remember for life
Not only memories but also dreams
Dreams where both of them can be seen

But the boy seemed to loose it
A news from a far seems to hurt him
A pain that normals can't contain
But he knows how to keep it restrained

Not even a hint ...
The girl knows nothing

Until one day

Struggles hit the girl
Weak and fragile
but, learning from him,
Tried to be strong and also restrained

The day ended
And, as usual
The girl and the boy, they both parted ways
Saying goodbye but they know they'll meet again **someday
Friends are there in the fun part of life
Real friends will appear when the pain struck you inside
When I was a kid I hoped to have many friends
Now, I just wanna keep my real one and only friend
A second chance,
To change your focus,
To repair the fragments of your mind,
To find a new solution to life,
To redesign your soul,
And restart your heart,
To forget the past,
And erase the scars,
To believe in love,
And trust in friends,
To restrain your hate,
Restrict your pain,
And fill the emptiness behind your eyes,
This is the chance not of one lifetime,
But of two,
Don't waste it.
Endless Horizon Oct 2014
It is all I can describe it.
This, is what I carry on my back
This, is what I feel,
deep down inside.

in a gray box, trying,
to one day get out.
To be free. To roam
the wilderness of this world.

And when I am free to do so,
I take this privilege for granted.
All I seem to do is mess up.
To bring disappointment.
To bring scorn.

When I do so.
This privilege slips away from
my fingertips
It is taken back, revoked.
And once more, I feel like
I am

*C a g e d.
Yes. I just had another restriction placed upon me. And it is as if I can't do anything anymore. But alas, I should wait until these restrictions are lifted again.
*woah guys this is my 30th poem ha!*
**Thanks to all the people who faved, commented and followed through the weeks/months that I been here in HP! You guys make writing poems even more enjoying! :)**

— The End —