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Riddhi N Hirawat Nov 2019
I try to hold back the sun
and my fingers disappear
in this light.
I let it go
and try
to sleep
with all my might.
It tells me the next morning
how bravely
I fought the night!
Riddhi N Hirawat Nov 2019
मेरी खामोशियों में पल रहे
सिसक की बेरोज़गारी है यह
कि ना उम्मीदें कमा सका है,
ना खुशियां लुटा सका है।
Riddhi N Hirawat Nov 2019
I gave him so much importance.
I felt it to be so special - calling him.
That time.
Something I used to do from my place.
From far away.
From a different station.
He loved me - I thought.
He might be living me.
Or may be not..
I don't know..
I want a heart that holds mine
gently and lovingly-
for independence to live in,
for love to seap in,
for sadness to die,
for rivers to sound right,
for gloomy days to glow,
for darkness to blow,
for the air to sing
of how sparrows swing,
how dead autumn leaves ain't signifying love
and true lovers always rise above
the ridges, the pitholes,
the ditches below
the anger
and disappointments mellow.
Riddhi N Hirawat Nov 2019
Jo kal mere sath sahmati ke
Rangon ke kalaap sang hansi baant rahe the

Wo hi aaj hansi ka mohra
mujhe bana rahe the

Mujhe apni batane ki sudh kaha
Hansi mujhe aap mein aa rahi
Duniya ke iss
Jane anjane nasheeley baagaan ke beech
astitva jiska khud hi dhuaan hai

Kal gar jo mujhe rota hua tumne dekh liya
Toh mat puchhna matlab uss nazare ka
Wo nazara, jo meri ruh ko sula khud
Ek naatak dikha raha hoga
Iss badan ka.
Riddhi N Hirawat Nov 2019
धरती पर जो हैं भगवान
वो हैं माता पिता मेरे
मेरे लिए अनगिनत बलिदान
दिये उन्होंने कई दफ़े
किया नहीं कभी विश्राम
देने सिर्फ आराम मुझे
गणित, भूगोल, भाषा, विज्ञान
और ज़िंदगी जियूँ कैसे-
सिखाने मुझे, खुद छोड़ अभिमान
फिर से सीखते साथ चले
उन से प्राण, उन्हीं से त्राण
उनको ये आत्मा करे प्रणाम-
उन मात-पिता को शत-शत प्रणाम!
Riddhi N Hirawat Nov 2019
Do you know how it burns
When I'm not with you
And when I am?

When the river which is flooding
Behind the dam doors keeping it out
Holds all of its self,
frantic -
the world around it
might drown

Do you know how it terrifies
The brain that is aloof
From its spine

When the lightning strikes the air
for the first time beneath the clouds
And the teenager trying to sleep
Beside the window
hears it loud

Do you know how it rises
From the heart burning blue
Where it all began

When the trapped one keeps hitting
the door hard to come out
Riddhi N Hirawat Nov 2019
He wanted her
to understand his silence.
She was also fighting her battles -
her wounds yearning
to hear good words.
Both talked
and remained silent;
a little.
A little he walked.
A little she did.

Little by little
they fought against all odds.
Little by little
they crossed it all.
Crossed it all
to reach each other.
In each other, once
they had spotted their homes.
In these homes now
they had found their abode
for forever!
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