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Diangelo Tyler Nov 2018
Crying into a pillow case
Heart broken from a severe case
Of “why can’t things just go my way”
Near drowning from the tears
Confronted by the kinds of fears
That chase hopes and dreams away
On the surface it appears
That these are tears of sadness
But that perception isn’t reality
These are tears of passion
She knows failure is a minor setback
So it fuels her motivation
To get back to dream chasing
So she picks herself up
Dries her tears and never looks back
She refuses to breathe any doubt air
And needs no pats on the back
She is brave, strong and determined to
Make her reality & dreams the same thing
Diangelo Tyler Nov 2018
We all have a choice
It’s what we choose
That determines our path
So do so carefully
Because it easy to lose
Our way
When we spend more time
Focused on what we want
Then appreciating what we have
Diangelo Tyler Nov 2018
You are stronger then you realize
You can carry your weight across a room
You can be written or verbalized
Your message is served to be consumed
And fill the minds and hearts of those
Who believe in the same things you do
You are at your best when progressive
And spreading positivity and the  truth
You don’t require a podium
When sharing how things effect you
You can be praised or scrutinized
The moment that you choose
To stand for for what you’ve realized
Are your beliefs and points of view
And a unstoppable force when used
To love
Voice speak progress teach
Diangelo Tyler Nov 2018
Marvin Gaye sang it ” Mercy Mercy Me”
But I don’t want things to go back
To the way they use to be
I’m saddened by poverty
I’m thirsty for unity
I feel we need more community
Purposeful change is needed
Merciful motivation when seeded
With compassion from you and me
Can move all the obstacles
Blocking the sun from shining on WE
 I long for Marvin’s dream of
“Love And Happiness”
To become a reality
I wish we were all color blind
And our brains didn’t undermine
What our heart was meant to be
Which is used to love one another
Regardless of ***, religion or nationality
Diangelo Tyler Nov 2018
You cost nothing but your priceless
You are the kryptonite to our devices
The very act of you is righteous
If only you were a common thread
That wove all of mankind together
So we could help heal each other
We have never been more divided
But you can bring about unity instead
And your gesture
Can stop turmoil and heartbreak
Before it spreads
Diangelo Tyler Nov 2018
I didn’t come from much
I didn’t grow up with material things
But I was given unconditional love
And unwavering support of my dreams
And that heart fueled belief in me
Lifted my self esteem
And kept my hopes forever hovering
And that’s all the motivation needed
To spread my wings
And chase those dreams
With a full head of steam
I am forever grateful
For my loved ones existing
Because  you can’t put a price
On those types of offerings
Diangelo Tyler Nov 2018
Sometime the best nights sleep comes

           When you spend the day being




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