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Apr 2018
A wise person once said

Patience is not measured by your ability to wait. But by your actions and your behavior while you wait-

How great is your paitence to wait for the fruit of your tree to become ripe?

In this day and age people say they have patience but cant wait 5 minutes to hear back from someone.

In todays society theres a demand to get everything now but how great is your patience?

Are you willing to wait a year for success? Let alone a few weeks.

And as the quote says above how will you be waiting?

Will you be waiting patiently? Or will the thoughts and fears that poison your mind saying what if it doesnt work out? Will you walk away?

Patience greatest enemy is that cursed two words. "What if".

But "what if things do work out" and everything falls according to plan and the stars align did your patience follow through?

See i can say all i want about patience but the true meaning is no words at all. Just silence. And peace.

How great is your patience.
How great IS your patience?
Jonathan Nouse
Written by
Jonathan Nouse  24/M/Virginia
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