I have not peace with death
Though it may be the peace
I do not now know will come
But to live shunned by love-
What sort of life is that-It is
War and a divided house can
Not stand-One side is for the
Union the for the other against
Love divided is not Love but if
For Love I stand I must also go
To war and cannot agree to die
Whilst yet we are divided my
Love.  Love is not Love that is
Not whole.  Love is One. As a
Nation so unto each of us Love
Conquers all even death-To
Death I say it is not with you
I have an argument-  For all
I know I might have come to
You sooner but for the War
For the sake of Love I had
To press on;  for Love is not
Love that would not be as
One Let the war be over
Then Lord I will know that
Love everlasting is the end
For which we fought and
Won for all the ages yet to
Come  With Charity for All
And malice towards none.  

For Abraham
There is a Land of Magic
A bold fingger points the
Way as if to a solid place
You can travel.  But it is to
The -unbelieveable you are
Beckoned and the truths of
That are iconic, that are in
Hollywood revevisited are
But signs that you must
Seek something stranger
More inexplicable that is
The self you do not know
Yet I say: This is not it but
It is a greater mystery still.
Why believe?  The enemy is real
So real that is come to slay you-
Death so close you can taste it-
Like there is no tomorrow and
Strange flames lick like fear at
The door of your soul then you
Still may know this: It is not.
Has no place inn your heart
But comes to you like an alien
Invader to claim your Earth- a
Portal opened from an evil eye
That says I can make you leave
All you love-take all you love
Away from you. I am King of
Of Make Believe and your true
Ruler.  Then I hear myself cry:
Truth!  Truth!  Wake me up it
Is you I love.  Oh Lord Help!
Then I heard Him say: Lift-
Lift up your Heart and Live
There are many beautiful things here
On earth.  Places and persons we may
Visit, never going far from home.  It
Is our choice.  In nature there are what
Is called  "Acts of ***"that we have no
Choice about but must get thru them
As best we can.  But for much of life
We go to places we would not by an
Act of choice.  To be fair there are to
Be sure reasons: to prepare against an
Evil foreseen; to learn from- so to avoid
A next time.  We go to war to defend
The peace-afraid to do otherwise would
Be cowardly and invite aggression. There
Is no end of rationales for our sorties near
To the bad place we would not go-whole
Segment of our society and many of our
"Finest"have it in their job description,
Are duty bind to look deeply into ****.
Is there something wrong with this?
Almost certainly.  Should we rather be
Like ostriches burying our heads in
The sand.  Be liked the three monkeys
That see no evil; hear no evil; speak no
Evil.  We should at least be allowed to
Doubt bad news-Knowing Satan is a
Liar.  We should doubt the benefit of
Being warned about evil as it so often
Lead to self fulfilling prophecies and
Errors of judgement repugnant to our
Conscience.  It is a morass.  A world we
Would not and it is all too much for us.
Our world is not as we would have it.  If
It is the truth we say unto our ***: Let it
Not be so.   I give up; it is up to you to make
It better.  For my part let me do my best
To contemplate your Grandeur-Oh and
Thank you *** for all the dappled things.

Acknowledging my debt to Gerard Manley.
Hopkins and his two famous poems
Love is always first awake
Always fresh.  First to know
From the early bud to full
Bloom. from Spring to Fall
The sadness that is its going
Dying then and shorn of it's
Beauty only thorns upon
The still green stem.  The
Whole is greater than the
Sum.  Love writes  our
History; closes the book
And says with it's last
Words that it is  to love
The final victory's given:
The meaning of all the  
Rest. As it was in the
Beginning a rose is for
Forever to me with love

For Grandma Rose
For my Father
*** said to thepersnickiity judge
I will make a man out of you yet.
How so said the Judge do you
Know the Sovereign?  ***
Said: There is only you and me
Here.  What shall we wager, a
Life for a life.  Sounds Fair.  But
The judge said who will say it is
Me  if there is only one left. ***
Said One will be gone one will
Be left  Let all men judge for
Themselves who is he. I can
Only say He is my Father.
Who looks not upon my sin
To be seated in your midst knowing
What the longed for child knows that
He belong that she delights; can do
No wrong that would take away the
Birthright to be seated here. Strong
Is the content to be least among many
By love assured in this community
Belonging a colleague  ever anon.
That  may bear witness to the glory
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