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What could account for the problem
Of making life so complex that an
Average man   is not able with a normal
Amount of diligence to  successfully be
Able to navigate the routine challenges
Of life.  Is it not perversity; ignorance
Some combination of the above- to drive
A man mad with needless complexities
That serve no purpose except the vain
Glory of the riddler who would not
Have us discover  that he is  naked.
Beneath his imagined cleverness -is a
Fool  who will not enter the House of
Lord till he will be led by a little child.
There is no good reason that things should be so bad.  
Bad  andSo I let the starry eyed child be my guide.
the wise and learned men who write great treatises no one
Can understand  should confess as much and not mislead.but
Rather  than admit that  they know not.  They are proud that they
Can deceive though will carry their erudite  heavy tombs to the
Grave They say wemust listen to them  so they can make it better.
They scrawl there letters in the sand of an eternal shore that erases

Again there is no good reason things must be so bad .No child
Should be blamed for Adams Sin it is beaten into them by threat
From all the worthy shamans Let them all go go pound  sand but
They will not go easy.  Speak!   Will we not crucify?  Its been
Done before you know?   No I do not know and neither do you.
But if its so its wrong.  Where were you when God made ius all
Heaven and earth If you were any where near Him you were
A starry eyed child who knew  He would call you back and
Never let you roam too far This was a knowledge worth living
For.  There is no good reason to  pretend we know why so much
Evil is  In fact a little child leadeth me even now out of  the dark
Dungeon of despair that i wrongly called Adam's other place.
There really is only One place  it is here and it belongs to God
The child knows it is loved; know where love is there is no  evil
Good is the truth The Truth is good and that is all you need to
When II am my Father's child He hears:
That from Loving Him I am innocent. It
Is not my Judgement that he seeks nor i
From Him.   Love is our strong bond and
For Love's sake I  ever plea compassion so
My prayer is granted that Love may rule
On earth as in heaven for all who believe
i am my Father's child so i shall always be
May my children know the Golden rule.
Keep it always and by it lift their hearts
For neither here nor in the the Kingdom to
Come will my accuser be  my.  Child.  Yet
By grace they shall return to love as I to my
Father  who hears  prayers and lets  his child
Rule  that by  love His will be done.

Hear the cascading judgement of all that is
False like thunder rumble to their end. Are
They not a tale full of sound and fury....

For they are my children who return to me
Must I say you are not my people first...
Then you are not my people...

For my Father who is in heaven
For Our Father who art in Heaven
Hallowed be thy name...
They say  love cannot die but that is not
Strictly true it can be struck dumb and so
Sleep who can say how long like an insect
Underground till the season of its rebirth.
When from buried chrysalis it is transformed
Into a butterfly with wings that fly from earth
To heaven  and beck again to land unexpected
On a dormant human heart that is still dear to
True a love that never dies.  Therefore I say to
Myself and to you fear not that sleep nor how
Long it may be.  For it will  pass in the twinkling
Of an eye.  Fight fight against the dying of the light
If you must but then rest fearlessly till thou wake
Again with me till that time  earth and heaven do
Com and all is made new again.  Sleep now  who
knows what dreams may come yet trust sweet chance
Is better than this stubborn wrangling that calls itself
Life but is not love  True Love does not lie but lies in
Wait till the end of never if need be.that is the Lord"s
Trump  card to all who would decry love"s victory.
Good bye my children you  who are mine no longer
I entered athe land of Chance
(or so it seemed) there to seek
The beauty of the love that i
Everywhere and there  Ifound
Old friends and new So many
Treasures everywhere but all
Fragmented ;friends I'd made
That I could not keep.   So to a
Greater loneliness I woke again
To my defeat (or so it seemed)
By love rejected and so far away
Without chance or,friend to play
As if in a pool I looked down at
Myself and decried the abominable
Wretch I had become only looking
Down on my sorrow ne'r realizing
It  was in the sky above me and the
Forlorn one I rejected was the Christ
Above me that  I rejected.  Disgraced
Beaten and defeated. Yes I am sorry
I admit it for it is God's Truth Too

*I was ignorant therefore I spoke as I did...
From the end of the Book of Job when the
Lord asks him where he was when God created
The Leviathan?  Children forgive me that I spoke
As I did.  I am sorry and ask you to forgive me
Even as the Lord did Job for Love"s sake...
Repentance is bitter fruit just
Without charity yourself you.
Remember but would forget
Nor are free of yet -lest lost be
The lessons meant to secure and
The better part be lost but it is
that itself is  the impediment for it
Is not grace if it be earned nor
Can it be . But lesson  is buried in
the soul incorporated in the dark soil
An unconscious conscience  now is  no
Burden but sets us free to fully be
To know the joy  eternal we must
Forget the unforgivable as the chaff
Is burned  Let it be love that endures
Though it seems much too long it is
A moment till this suffering be no
More School is out.  It is early Forever
Summer now and we are  let go by god
As nature takes its course on our behalf
When the whispering pipes are heard
oft we  remember as if in a dream the
deeds of derring do otherwise known as
treason, and treachery punishable still by
death and shame were they known and-
done now.  Was it courage, youthful folly
or the grants of intoxicants that gave us a
victory that is but survival when we should
have perished with our now stateless friends
Have we been forgiven?  Have we  repented
who can still remember the liberties we took
the passion we felt still feel in the south of our
souls where history is not over; is not even past
Oh Father forgive us.  Grant us peace that we
May remember and still laugh without shame
to be among the fallen for love's sake the times
This time of our togetherness and remembrance
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