After an uncertain amount of time
He woke.  It was  bitter realizing
He had died.  He knew he had not
Been a particularly good man nor
Bad.  He could not appeal his fate
To a higher power but still was it
His fate to be alive imprisoned in a
Coffin?. For who could tell how
Long? -it just did not seem right
Indeed it was unacceptable to
Him personally -to confront it
Head on was insupportable
His mind began to wander
Hither and wither  only to
Return to the gravity of
His situation after many short
Dalliances  with relatively
Pleasanter thoughts--bit
By bit like a Pavlovian dog
He returned less and less
At some point in his day
Dreaming he drifted off
To sleep thence to a dream
In it He was alive in a far
Land; a stranger it was  not
Without its fascination but
He keenly felt weighty
Sense of being alone and
Wondered at the wisdom
Of venturing further
He then came to upon
A cross roads where the
Paths diverged in a wood
Suddenly He remembered
He had died and if he woke
That is where he had left
It was that or choose to go
On living in the dream.
He chose the less traveled
Path; and that has made
All the difference; and the
Rest is history as they say.

Anyway it was long time
ago but I should say that
John after a long journey
Did find his way back to his old
Home and into the arms
Of his Beloved sweetheart
It was just another instance
Of the strange occurrences
At Owl Creek Bridge But
I do not suppose you remember
It was such a long time ago
Oh My Love
Won't you come back
I have been possessed
By your absence
I am tired of trying
Tired of Crying
It does no good
Still I cannot see you
Be with you.  Cannot
Forget your absence
It was all I had left
Could not let it go
Though I knew it
Not the you. Lethe
It is not you I seek
Leave me.  Go! You
Are not my people
I set you Free.  Oh
Hosea Let me tell
My People I have
Not forgotten you
I remembered you like it was
Yesterday, a long time ago
Brown eyed girl where was
It now that we were then?
I know we had a thing but
I forget what it was but for
A moment it was all coming
Back but it was so long ago
Hidden in a dusty niche
I felt tears welling- how much
I had lost a to time-the unknown
Unnowns of yesterdays that
I had once been familiar with.
As if between dreams;
Under attic eaves in an
Amber dusty light there
Was a time every day I
Used to come and play
With a little kitten to
Forget a world that was
Too much.
Not quite real nor
Yet a dream. a place
In between>  It was you
My brown haired girl.
Believe me
I have known
I have known grief
I have been joyful
I have been at peace
Amidst tribulations
I have shed tears by
The bucketful and
God let me go on
Without any answer
to my sadness.
What are words about
Love?  Are they ever,
Can they ever be more
Than symbols uf things
More real?  More treasured?
Oh Poets be not proud.
A child's laughter is more
Profound.  But that too is
But a symbol of something
Inward, of the Spirit.
I realize now that God is
Polite.  He does not ever
Interrupt our petitions
Our woeful prayers but
Waits until their end
Before He answers
Then is wait   upon our
Notice  He has Answered
.  Let us  now Sing
His Praises for He Is
Good as those who know
Believe. Know  Believe    
Hallelujah  hallelujah

For Aretha
That is not the question
To love is not always to be
Loved back yet the lover
Sees in the beloved reason
Enough and indeed more
It is a command and not
To be resisted but prevails
There is no choice not to
Love but it is whether to
Fully embrace or to be
Conflicted-To say Oh
Woe is me I am a sinner
Addicted to my sin. The
World seem filled with
Accusers who threaten
The life of one who will
Not accept the hypocrisy- to
Repent of the official "sins" of
An Unsanctioned Love that
Is Universal is to be an
Out caste condemned
This is the crisis of man
In this world but not of
It.  God's Angel laugh
At the world's folly- that
Love can be flogged and
Lied to death and take it
Lying down  in the grave
Making fools rule over the
Kingdom of God' Children.
If only I could have kept my children close
To Me  Feeling My Love for them  and they
Showered me in their Joy that we were
Together I would feel myself the Greatest
King without any riches added Nor in
Worldly Powers but in what is the most
Important- what is truly the Desired and
Beyond price.  Is this not so God asked
And I saw he had tears in His
Eyes.  I said Father it is the Truth.  I am
A Father too I said and with tears spoke.
First there is the Darkness
Nothingness in the beginning
Is not so great but soon it seems
Peaceful but rather dull but in
Little while one learns to dream
Learns he can create almost
anything, scary,beautiful
Funny-But it is a power too
Wonderful not seek the very
Best. But what is that. He
Asks who can tell me and
Hears a Great Voice Who
Says I am God and I can give
You what you seek Let me
Show you My Kingdom.
It is called Love and You
Can live there with me in
Perfect happiness forever
The little dreamer saw it all
Knew that what God said
Was True and knew too that
That he owed it all to the
Darkness.  It was then that
Little dreamer knew that
It was the darkness was
The Mother of the dreams
Of Love   that could not
Have been but for Her

Alas love conquers all
Even the longest night
Just at that moment the
Babe was born. He cried
God's Kingdom was gone
It was terrible this helpless
Not  knowing anything
About this new place. But
The cry of the babe brought
Joy to the Mother for it means
The child is Alive and in her
Heart she praises God that
She had been given this Gift.
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