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In general I have found that it is best
To make the best of things until the
Best of things is made for you too

Have faith and let the truth always be
With you...It is a gift from our Creator
The sovereignty of now so quickly passes
Gone on to the stillness of the time before
Where in  peace reigns in the silence sung
All is one  All is one; and  so unfathomable
I hear the children playing; their laughter most of all. and
Why am I here alone in my bedroom listening.  I too am young
I should be with them but I am not.  So long ago I  hear their cries
Their song so beautiful as the sun goes down and I in my room
Alone -so long ago a witteness still to this memory of my youth
Here everything Blends
Everything separates
It is wonderful and it is
The blinding sun, the pitch of
Nothing and everything:
Mortal time and eternity
I am and I am not
I am that I am
Thus my Father spoke to me
The eloquence of the broken is
Incredibly eloquent; Hard men
Do cry when the truth is spoken
Time is once we were young; now
We are young still;  that is why we
Cry.  Then and now are One but are
Broken into past and present and our
Heart in two; our soul is given words
That pulse from our wounds like blood

For Barbara remembering you on one starry night; and
||PBS story about young people  going to Casa Susanna
Joy is a many splendored being
In joy we forget all our grievances
Hope appears as a bright star in our
Darkest moments to say: I am truth
Joy will come again.  Remember:
Joy in deepest grief.  Do not cease
To believe.  Do not forget Joy.  Know
You will rise again as He has promised
That the sons of man   they shall know
His Love for then is without end. So I
Say to you again Believe and Remember
Where is the Kingdom?  When is the Kingdom?
Sometimes it seem it is not here; not now and we
We just do not know and maybe never shall.  This
Is the dark night of the soul when it seems God does
Not hear our prayers and we left with only our own
Will to survive or not. Resigned or not we endure to
The end. Imagine the Lord on the Cross.  Is not this
Will to survive God  Himself in ours Self? Or not?

Yet there are moments when we realize the Kingdom
Here and now is ever with us .  We believe it is Eternal
That we are Immortal.  When this knowing passes we are
Left with Faith and hope waiting to know Love again.
We do not alway see clearly but as the Apostle said: "but as
Thru a glass darkly"  So much of what we learn of in our
Life : history,  the daily news, and even science  does seem
Antithetical to our belief.  Tells us there is another truth that
Refutes and denies all that we would believe about  Our's
Only the blissfully ignorant are unaffected but even our
Children soon suffer from the their parent's acculturation
To a prideful knowing. Remember it has been said: that the
Foolishness of God is better than the wisdom of man- But
We are not wholly lost to the Kingdom.  We know joy.  We
Know love.  We  are awed by the beauty of the Creation.  
Still we Know what we Know.  Ours spirit, our soul does not
Ever totally abandon its roots in all that's holy.  There are holes
In the dark glass-moments when we see and know the truth
The other more glorious Truth,  The Kingdom is here now on
Mother Earth not to come but always was  is and always shall be
Revealing itself in so many ways.  There is a riddle here an enigma  
There is somethings prevent our constant joyful knowing; that keeps
Strangers, mere visitors to the Kingdom.  Imperfect beings
. A paradox.  Yes and no.  One We are the children of God ever
On the way.  Between zero and One there is nothing.  God has
Forgotten all our misdeeds in the Kingdom.  He who makes all
Things new means that the Divine must constantly be  be discovered.
Perpetually wonderful requires a constant rebirth from the womb
Of darkness.  The time between the darkness and the Light is no time
Thus we are given the Forever.  We are Forever on the Way and
The Way is a constant Revelation  there is no difference between
The way and the Destination are One.  God is Love and our  Father
In us.  Who ever reads this message will be heavily burdened until
He passes it on.  Soon, even now my burden is lite  because I do
This.  Christ said: "It is finished..."  So be it done unto you.  All of
You, my friends  - Each in your own Way.  It is finished.

Happy Easter
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