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Does the beauty in the distance
Beckon?  To what end the way?
What more is there to say?  Are
We not now in the its midst now
Awed?  Is there a wish for more
No it is that this first moment now
Now be sustained:  We are in the
Glory of the mist yet Beholding it-
Only moving on to keep it forever

This is how I remember you Lord
Just before departing my former foes
Came to me exacting my promises that
I would do them no harm and ... when
I agreed on my honor that it would be
So  they give me parting gifts, things
Long sought.  We entered a dark tunnel
My friends and my beloved dog also a
Farewell gift.  We were at last heading   
Home- after an indeterminate but brief time
We emerged and as if thru dark clouds we
Were at the end of the journey.  In the
Morning light a corner of my vision was
Lit and there was a shore where children
Were happily jumping up and down in the
Ocean and I knew I was home and that is
Where my memory ended in the place of
My Dreams, my long journey finally over

All I ever lost returned to me many fold...

For My Father
It is madness to smell a
Rose for the first time
You wish you could but
You never can Still you
Try and it seems but oh
Its a glorious madness
Takes you down down
To the roots of your soul
Where you have hidden
Poetry.  a line or two the
Grace of God dropped to
Save you from dispsair-
Give you back what was
Lost The glorious madness
Sanctified for all time. The
Essence of all first love  A
Glorious madness to persu

To all i haved loved in my
youth we shall be together
Again when all is made new
A moment ago my Father was
Pushing me now I am swinging
By myself.  
The sky is blue.  The earth is
Green.  The sun is some place
I am swinging by myself.
If love be only for the perfect it is not for us
For all begin their journey shall fall short still
Love exhorts us to continue for Love is always
A process-who fears falling more than loves to
Walk does not trust that love is kind. But who
Stumbles is told to rise again and to know that
Love is patient and love is kind; and whoever is
in power Let them know how be it this came to
Be.  Say not then: It is only God can Love and  
God forgive  Say yes to me who's fallen. Say
Rise dear friend take my hand for it's been given
Then shall I rise saying only by the grace of God
Am I Living  Oh adfinitum is the Love of God  to
Man; and man to God; so should our kindness be
To one another.  Grant this Oh Lord I still pray...

For my children
I try to remember not to say
It is mine.  We live in between
Never do we possess the gift
But give Thee Thanks knowing
Still and always it is Thine  from
Whom cometh all that we receive
And what is life but  the whispered
Promise of an eternity to come
You spend half a lifetime trying to get away
And all the time have gathered cherished
Memories hardly realizing what will be no
More-Then you fly away -burst forth on the
Journey hardly contemplating any loss. But
There comes a time you know it was your
Home- loveliest of memories and you can
Not go there again only when we visit in
Our dreams; a place most like heaven as a
Remembered sketches of a beach long ago

Long long are the memories  of our youth

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow Poem "My Lost Youth"
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