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How swiftly sweetness can easily be transformed into austerity even the best of minds have their fetish...
Deflations of the mind..
AmazingsanPoetry Dec 2023
Your giggles are the rhythms in my brain universe that forms the genetic strands that have wired the medulla for the past decades..
Love that might never be...
AmazingsanPoetry Dec 2023
What becomes of the handful of leaves from
the young tree which is sawed off at the root?
who even knows?--each in his own direction
perhaps, and little by little buried themselves in that cold mist which
engulfs solitary destinies; gloomy shades, into which disappear in
succession so many unlucky heads, in the sombre march of the human race.
AmazingsanPoetry Dec 2023
At the very end he roll and crawl back into the shell of poetry to heal..
Oh swift he slide back into the sinister obscurity and get scarred over and over again everytime allowing the escape of memory of the previous scar..
Poetry has become the safe haven for his relief and bears all the burdens incurred from the sinister obscurity..
Safe Haven, sinister obscurity, burdens,
AmazingsanPoetry Oct 2023
A thief breaks in and asked your money or your life.
He replied, my life and my poetry is all I have..
please if u want any, take my life and let my poetry to live and reign..
My poetry
AmazingsanPoetry Oct 2023
My dreams have been all about u and ur innocence, hunting me all through most nights. And it has prompted this confession from the very depth of my heart, which entails the reason I have been staying away. Oh yes, I  feel quite inferior and below ur standard albeit I've covered some miles but I still feel terribly unaccomplished but alhamdulilah.. this revelation seems awkward or weird or whatever, but that's not the point and it's clear to me now that I have been missing the point from the very point of contact, not manning up to tell u this.. I understand u might not feel the same way and it's totally fine but the other time, I wrote that u r now a fuel to my drive ( if u could recall) to achieve more even that alone is okay for me(by Allah's will). I guess this may be  an old fashioned way to express things that's also fine cause this message might never have been sent  😔.. all this long note is not the point either,  the point. Hm. the point here is, I really love and adore u 💞.  But I'm limited by my beliefs of not matching up to ur standard yet, hence I decided to stay away and work on it and only Allah knows how long it will take... 😞😞 it's totally fine how u see me. so be free and let ur words fly just like mine.. ah, this is madness, typing this long note at the dead of night but it's just fine.. with u everything is a fine line cos it's my soul craving u..
She is the point in the horizon my L-O-V-E navigates to..
AmazingsanPoetry Oct 2023
He seems to always miss the point or maybe it's designed that way..
Took him forever to say the three words.
Took him too late to utter.
That's beside the point,
The point is the emphasis on the words.
That's still beside the point.
The point could actually lies or truth  in the shoulders of what follows the three words.
The point is, he's a product of words and action, so one without the other is to him a soul without the body.
And no equilibrium no peace for him.
The point is I love you..
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