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blue house
brown house
tan house

brown house
blue house

brown house
brown house
brown house

backyard inside the fence
rocks inside of rivets

dead grass and
rocks inside rivets
rocks inside rivets

bridge over tracks
bridge over trails
bridge over the river
bridge over rails

parking lot
parking lot
parking lot
parking lot

high school called
a dead man’s name

Peacock Secrets Dec 2020
Dont hate me cuz I am beautiful
Looking Hijabi-licious for Allah, devoutly dutiful

Shaking your head at me cuz I cover
Wouldn’t take you nor your wingman as a lover

Glaring at me crazily cuz I’m veiled
An ocean of chastity you’ve never sailed

And you’re all alarmed cuz I’m devout
I’m hijab-tastic! Not even a single toe is out!

You can quit cat-calling me too; Cuz I’m chaste
Aint’ no welcome sign wrapped ‘round this waist

Tryna peer pressure me cuz I’m concealed
And ain’t out here tryna cop a feel

Pontificating that I’m oppressed cuz I’m different
“miss Muhammed is much too modest, we like ‘em ignorant”

And you’re kinda curious cuz u cant cuddle this Jelly
Joker, Lord knows ur stupid tail ain’t ready

So don’t hate cuz you, your boy, and your girl cant touch this
I’m a female manifestation of feminine justice


And girl, now you’re just jealous cuz you think he likes it
Said “wonder what her hair’s like when she unties it?”

Yeah She’s hoping to high heaven that I’m hot in my Hijab
So she can get me to join her in flashing flabby flabs of abs

Don’t be mean to me cuz real men find me appealing
Kindly consider concealing all the cleavage you’ve been revealing

You’re surprised because our boss recognized my mind?
Could it be because he isn’t busy admiring my behind?
I heard there was insane party where the office nicknamed you Lil “Miss loose & cray cray”
Oh, Dang. Anyway, they nicknamed me Lil Miss gotta go pray pray

You out here hating cuz my beauty is discreet
But if I was half naked, girl you know you couldn’t compete

So later for you, your lewd dude, and your half **** crew!

It’s not your pleasure that I seek
Allah, the Beautiful Fashioner, formed this physique

Verily Allah made everything valuable a challenge to achieve
Pearls, diamonds, gold, heaven, and— yes!— even ME

He, Almighty, offered me a trade treaty,
His commands for my Destiny
So I traded in ****** for decency
I traded in popularity for modesty
And I’m trading in your knuckle-headed opinion
For His highest heavenly dominion

Hijab-ulous 4 life!
I'm a Muslim woman and I love my Hijab. Allah yibaarik. I'm tired of random members of the public rushin up to me talking bout: "you must be hot" "are you forced to wear that all the time?" etc.
Isaac Jun 2020
You see my icy disposition but never questioned
Is he as stone-cold as his eyes?
Or is it all a lie?
I have gotten good at masking all the damage
I have gotten good at presenting the perfect package
But underneath the visibility, you would see oceans of feelings
You see the tip of the iceberg, my ego
If you never dive in deep then you'll never truly know
Who I am when I am alone or when I feel at home
The scars underneath these modest clothes
The tender warm waters birthing a rose
For my prince charming that can melt my throes
Waiting for the day I can really show
Who I am without attack
Mark Toney Nov 2019
When just a child the poet's mom said "Son,
Throughout your life beware the sin of pride.
Remember this when every day is done,
What counts the most is who you are inside."

At first he thought his mother's words unfair
For recognition surely has its place.
In time he witnessed prideful thoughts can flare
When undue adulation supplants grace.

The poet took to heart his mother's words
Too many accolades can turn your head.
Vainglory flits away on wings of birds
What's left is mostly emptiness and dread.

Life immersed in modest exhibition
Satisfied with honorable mention
11/18/2019 - Poetry form: Sonnet - Copyright © Mark Toney | Year Posted 2019
B D Caissie Sep 2019
Across the water a house I’ve seen.
It’s stature consists of modest means.

Simple and weathered with limited space. Its view would leave a permanent grin on your face.

With a river at its doorstep and neighbours for trees.
Looks like a cure for suburban disease.

Surrounded by colours of yellow and green.
It’s the richest abode that I’ve ever seen...

Nicole Rountree Sep 2018
Sow a Good Seed
When you sow a good seed, you see a good harvest
You work hard every day and try to stay modest
You pray every day and try to live honest
You may have some problems but you own and then solve them.
Sow a Good Seed
Your harvest is plenty and hard work is not futile
The clouds grew dark and the winds were brutal
You just keep on plowing because your dedication is undisputable
Sow a Good Seed
When you sow good seeds, you reap a plentiful harvest
Don’t think it was easy because you didn’t see me through the darkness
No matter how many seeds are sown
No matter how many plants are grown
Know that if the harvest seems like its slow, it is not a blessing denied, but instead, a blessing postponed that's waiting to be bestowed!
Glenn Currier Sep 2018
I rest in quiet tribute and praise
for the exquisite joy
of this modest labor
Salmabanu Hatim Jul 2018
The ultimate joy of life,
Without strife,
A virtue,
A necessity,
Hard work.
We think we are the masters of our fates,
It creates impatience.
Nip the fumes of impatience in the bud,
Endure and be tolerant,
Don't get worked up,
Have patience.
You need it in abundance,
To be a good parent,
A perfect teacher,
A likeable boss,
All modes of life.
Patience is the hallmark of the righteous,
So restrain your anger,
Forgive others,
Avoid snap judgements,
Very difficult but we can.
Without patience wisdom becomes foolishness,
Success turns to defeat.
Gray May 2018
I'm not trying to over complicate
Something so simple
As holding a hand.
I have seen too many friends
Strip down until they are completely covered in
And watch the person they trust
Take what they want
And treat it as a joke.
This I have decided that the gateway to my trust
Will always be closed.
I'm quick for a kiss
But awfully slow
For holding your hand.
BetTer PeoPle
He who rides his horse
through the mountains of love
while spitting down on those
in the valley of seething hate
should be struck from his horse,
and cast down among them,
for he is no different.
Copyright Barry Pietrantonio
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