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Jonathan Nouse May 2018
I look at you
Laying in that bed
And I honestly wonder
What's going on in your head

24 hours ago
You attempted suicide
And now here I am
Sitting by your side

And while you seem oh so happy
But look at me so still
I think you've forgotten
Who's going to pay this bill.
Jonathan Nouse May 2018
You lay in that bed
With IVs and tubes
Wondering why I'm upset
When your boyfriend talks about your *****.

You laugh with them
And seem happy
But when you look at me
I see only sappy

You give me this look
Like as if you're blue
For having your *******
In the ICU next to you

Stop the ******* pity
I dont want any of it
I'm tired of this ****** game
I'm sick of this ****.

You're already making plans
When you leave this forsaken place
But when I ask to take you out
You give me a certain face

You only say maybe
And give me a fake smile
But plans with him
Doesn't seem to take a while.

Lord please forgive me
For the sins I will make
But this whole ******* game
Is starting to seem fake.
Jonathan Nouse May 2018
I'm so proud of you.
I love the things that you do.
Keep up the good work.
Jonathan Nouse May 2018
I received the worst news today
I felt my life start to fade away.
I rushed in an instant over there
Breaking multiple laws without a care.

I saw the nurses
The confusion on their face
As a crazed man ran through their door
Everything in him beginning to race

"Where's my wife"
I asked in fear
Scared for my life
Of the news I'm about to hear.

They took too long
I saw her in her bed
I sprinted over to her
Thinking the worst in my head

She saw me
With a worried look in her eye
I held her in my arms
And began to uncontrollably cry.

So much has happened
The past few hours of my life
But it feels like forever
Since I last held my wife

And here I sit
Next to her bed
Holding her hand.
And kissing her head.

I'll sit here forever
If need be
Next to my wife
Till they let her free.

Until then
I'll let life unfold
And I shall sit right here
Putting my life
On hold.
I hate hospitals. I've been around them too much in my life
Jonathan Nouse May 2018
My world is cold
These days are old
I've aged so much
From the loss of your touch.

Over a hundred days past
It feels forever will last
I cant go on any more
It's time to close the door.

Seal me away from today
Lay me in my coffin and pray
That god will forgive me of my sins
That I will be reminded of my wins.

I'm cutting too deep
And this blood is starting to seep
Dont cry dont weep
Good memories, please keep.

Sad days are to come
False hope resounded by some
That everything's okay
And I will be ok..

Please end this pain
That no man can sustain
These days are a stain
That pours down like rain.

Every second that goes by
Is another tear that wont dry
I'm drowning in sorrow
At the thought of no tomorrow.

I cant live a life
Without my beautiful wife
I cant enjoy the ride
Without you by my side.

God forgive me
I pray you will see
My own mind
Is my greatest enemy.
Jonathan Nouse May 2018

Because they will always be misunderstood and misinterpreted. You'll just dig your own grave and bury yourself in your emotions.
Jonathan Nouse May 2018
I should've done that differently
I could've saved them if only I did this.
If only i would've known this. It wouldn't have played out the way it did.

**** this.
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