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michael cera Dec 2018
your soul so soft,
as i thought of you often,
i lost you,
i left as you turned and coughed, then,
tore me apart within,
the seconds you left in,
days i spent holding up your chin.
maybe the cause of my sorrow,
the old excuse. refused to borrow.
as time goes on, an old truth,
becomes lie.
who am i.
but a person you loved,
in a passionless time.
Haueru Jul 19
At this point
We broke up 11 times
In a span of 8 months
You take no blame
No accountability
I always be the one
To lose a bit of myself
Everytime I apologize
And try to make things right
Even you said it
That the love gone
Yet we always keep coming back
Lord knows your low regard to my
Pedestal I put you is crumbling
Idk if I can remain loyal
Personally I don't even care for you
I know my self worth and I'm not
To be used or to be looked down
On by someone as lowly  as you.
Sorry but I'm done with you
Keep your ignore/block game true
Show social media just how
Unsavoury you truly are
Murakami Jan 2
With my windows tenderly open,
the moonlight, a pale marble phantom I admire
The dark light rests beside me,
unveiling a vivid urban gleam

A jet black silhouette transpires
He whispers in the dark
Porcelain lies, radiant yet feeble.
His words achingly deceive
the lights that disdain me;
belittling my affectionate delusion

Pitch dark silence, I weep as I grieve
My tears filling in everlasting secrecy of
this tragical devotion blurring out the stars

You speak with a passionless passion
Yet my world doesn't fall apart-
It makes the whole universe perish.

That night, the stars seemed to blemish.
"My first rejection"
Keiya Tasire Mar 7
Never cage The Eagle
If you want it to soar!
With a heart filled with sorrow
No amount of love
Can cure a passion lost, caged heart.

No amount of pleading
Will make room in The Eagle's cage
For it to fly and soar.
No matter how much you beg
On bended knee
It will never fly again.

It's qi will leak, from its very core.
It's will to live, will vanquish.
As It gives up It's Life Dream
Slipping silently into
A quiet numbness.
All desire to live passionately, gone.

The Eagle you love
Will turn into a hollow body
That still breathes
With a  resignation to a hopeless
passionless, dreamless caged life.
Growing beyond feeling, beyond caring.

Yet, one day when you die
Or your Eagle passes first
The Eagle will open to find what was lost.
Whether in this life or the next
It does not matter.
The Eagle will rejoice and fly again.

From the look on your face
I don't think  you liked what I just said.
You do have a choice.
You can choose to set The Eagle free.
In freedom, feed your Eagle with respect
Love, acceptance and care.

Be in awe as you watch
Your Eagle fly toward the heavens
Reflections within the gleaming sun.
Casting It's soaring shadow
Over  rivers, canyons and high mountain peaks.  

With gratitude your Eagle will return
Again to your loving arms.
Because you love your Eagle enough
To set It free.
I have seen this so much over the years, where a husband or wife put the other in a cage, restricting their thoughts, beliefs, mobility, and/or actions because they feel insecure in the relationship. The person caging the other person becomes afraid of losing their love. They try to do everything they can to keep their love there just for their-self. Eventually the other spouse does get out of the cage by death of the relationship, finding an addiction, and/or their own personal death. It is much easier to love in the emotional climate of freedom.
Barbara Walters crammed her wobbly boulders into a confining bra
like the bra salesman told her. The sky vomited Skittles & killed 34
James Bond look-alikes in a swimming pool made by Amish crafts-
men in funny hats without mustaches, who only deal in cash 'cause
their women can't have ******* & are frigid, barren & passionless.
Our love was like 325 Haitians with knuckle sandwiches thumbing
& thrubbing our clitori, **** & cervic-necks for Voudon Gnosis ***,
before sacrificing us to their blood-imbibing Creole diety: Loa Rex.
julianna Jul 2018
are lonely

the art
of being
p a s s i o n l e s s
amongst other things

— The End —