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Hammad Oct 2020
I use metaphors
and you like
the awkward pause
My Dear
It would be
a lot better,
If you could see
all the signs
and let me read
all the unsaid words
between the lines...
Lotus May May 2020
fake smiles
white lies
empty desires

i’m lost in the
endless layers
of your mask

bodies untouched
gazes unmet
promises unkept

i found nothing
in the insincerity
of your love
I discovered nothing and everything between the lines.
Mia Thompson Feb 2019
Sure I'm Fine
                                                                                                      I'm Hurting
  Yeah, I love myself
                                                                                     I need more makeup
      I'm so over him
                                                                         I wish he was here
          My family is perfect
                                                             They're fighting again
                I'm over that phase
                                                            I still wanna die
                     Oh, I'm sorry
                                                        I'm so sorry
                            Yeah! I'll come
                                      Leave me alone
                                  See you tomorrow
         I hope I don't see tomorrow
                                             I think I'm beautiful
    I have so many flaws
                                                            I've got this
I'm losing it..
eva-mae coffey Jul 2018
Pink purple blue and
have nothing to say but
It's become reckless and
Don't understand the fear
the fear isn't the only thing
hate, I can't stand the feeling
Mention your opinion
Your facts, the what's and
You sleep at night only
Wake up again
Me again why
kicked me out of your life.
SøułSurvivør May 2017
no small talk
wit nor regret wrought

just simply

(C) 5/12/2017
Ellie Geneve Oct 2015
I never uttered the words "I love you"
if you dove deep enough
into the words of my poems
you would have found
"I love you"
every letter
Patrick N Jan 2015
The garden grows in all directions
Amidst the influence of interfering hands
The waterfall in motion is ceaseless,
Whether asked kindly or implored

Made powerless by that which cannot be changed
Yet, made powerful by knowing that which cannot be changed

The garden grows in all directions
Gardened by our hands
The water falls around us
In the spaces that we created
Cíara McNamara Jan 2015
You tell me that I am special,
Yet you treat me as lesser.
You recite words that "reflect my beauty"
But I've heard you recite such sweet nothings to others.
You demand to know my feelings
Only to cast yours in disguise.
You praise the "wonders" of my mind
Though when I speak you never listen.
You describe having me as your "greatest decision" and "luckiest find" - you had the gall to tell me I was your rare gem stone, one of a kind.
However I know I am nothing more than option.

Your sweet words and charming romance
May fool your other rare gems,
But my heart is beat and whithered.
Actions speak louder than words Darling -
Your words so full
Your actions scream silence.
Jaanam Jaswani Sep 2013
A worthless instrument filled with sentiment
That is what I want to take
   from when I thoroughly become benevolent.

I yearn a reminder of a version
Of myself where I don't have piercing eyes
Or a cold body
Or a stifling loathe of beings similar to myself
Or a need to curl up to a ball when pens *****

Ah fornicate this I can't write anymore

There's a hope buried in me
It multiplies like bamboo shoots entangling
It says grow thorns, be turgid
It says pop horns, stay frigid

I walk down the corridor constantly defying myself
I'm one character I think
Am I
Jaanam Jaswani Sep 2013
there are holes in the sand because of the hermit *****
but the hermits aren’t nearly as beautiful as these
my very solitude is a beauty
but i’m the beast

i will lay upon this rock at the end of the beach
until the shore ***** up and touches me
even if the gods above want to scare me with a little water
even if the claws pinch me
even if the sol water stings me

wash my footsteps away
evidence of my existance is obsolete
i’m but a ghost
spiriting amidst the contemporaneity of it all

shred my skin away
leave them like bones
bones after an apocalypse
i’m their epilogue

the sea is a dog
it barks upon the shore
it pulls you into a tide of glee
it slobbers love in the contours of your face
it invites you in, and doesn’t let go.
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