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Albern Stark Aug 2021
raining light
new garden pond
Albern Stark Apr 2016
I watch the day gently bleed-out to night,
Its intangible essence descending deeper now history,
From the sun we run in darken cowered gloom,
Then gone, sanctimoniously conjuring forgotten mystery,

If only I could paint the sky green with agony,
Then regress and re-address its call to dark,
Or blue like the back of a postage stamp?
To arms we fly, to bed to death to disembark,

But it’s forgotten torment before we lie,
Ahead another morning again to wake alone,
Now spent fruit of a wasted liberal cleansing,
Walk the carpet, denounce fate; atone,

Welcome back the glow of life this day,
Beauty will bloom and bask in splendour beneath,
Disregard this treacherous luminescence,
For this right now, I lay one final wreath.
Albern Stark 2016
Albern Stark Feb 2014
I’m here in my mask;
I only wear it on good days,
A mask to hide the scars;
The scars of my life and yours,
Reflecting away my fear;
Ever present yet unseen.

I’m here in my mask;
I wish I wore you more often,
Without expression or feeling;
Undeterred by glaring eyes,
Hiding unkindly shadows;
Silent and passionless.

I’m here in my mask;
Another lonely hidden day,
Sharp yet poker face grey;
Unbetraying to all my secrets,
Shrouded in mystery,
Afraid to feel; to live.

I’m here in my mask;
Yet tire of the truths you hide,
Every-time I wear you;
You fit less comfortably,
Pitted with imperfections;
Cracking like the man beneath.

I’m here in my mask;
But for how much longer?
Dissolving before my eyes;
One day I will take you off,
Lower my guard and reveal;
The mask beneath you.
Albern Stark Feb 2014
Take the highs with the lows;
Then the lows with the highs,
The rope’s not a noose;
Until you tie and apply,

Take here one chance;
To find what you are,
Dismiss all the rest;
As we travel afar,

Enjoy here your journey;
And savour the ride,
So much to endure;
Before your time passes by.
Albern Stark Feb 2014
You weren’t,
You aren’t,
You certainly won’t be,
All I thought you could become,

I was,
I am,
I certainly will be,
More than you could ever imagine,

They weren’t,
They aren’t,
They certainly won’t be,
In any single way like us,

We were,
We are,
We certainly will be,
Watching our lives pass slowly by.
Albern Stark Jan 2014
I sold you my dreams tonight,
That was me hiding in another life,
Somewhere between worthless and priceless,
Eyelids twitch as the torment unravels,
Sleep well and deep,
Fall and fly; run and hide,

Last night you bought my past,
Stories seem so small and distant,
The characters all ghosts of a passing age,
Lost to a dazed fading mind,
Don’t pity me here,
Old stories; float away,

Tomorrow I will sell you my hopes,
Hold them gently; they crush easily,
That was me hoping for the light of day,
Fists clenched and blinded,
Embrace my future,
Open eyes; arms wide,

My heart is yours; it always has been,
Not sold but given away, (maybe thrown)
Wrap it up to keep it warm and safe,
My gift to you on credit,
Unconditional yet fragile,
Buy now; pay later.
Albern Stark Jan 2014
I can smell the way you look at me,
The words that rip and tear at my flesh,
Ravenously sharking through nerve and sinew,
Take my breath.

I can hear the tone of callous eyes,
A stench to burn the pass of my nose,
Pushing my breath now deep to swallow,
Keep so close.

I feel the touch of an untrue word,
Angrily watching as I throw back my day,
Edging into my mind of missed opportunity,
Glance away.

I taste a brutal touch of emotion,
Nervously scared in an arctic sweat,
My braking heart kicks a hole in my chest,
Ready; set:

I see nothing but disaster ahead,
Feelings I could only wish to be untrue,
Through my tears the redness of my blush,
I love you.

— The End —