julianna 17h
No more poems about the past,
None about the future.
I’m working I’m on being present
Instead of excusing myself to solve
old problems.
I’m trying hard to be in the moment, give people the attention that they deserve, and enjoy life. It’s hard with all the thoughts that constantly run through my mind, but it’s definately a work in progress.
julianna Nov 22
How bad can I be?
When I’m safe and happy
Something crumbles apart
I start questioning myself
Am I a bad person?
Is this my fault?
Why am I like this?
Yes, the thoughts go away
But I’m afraid, waiting
For the moment when they’ll return
  Nov 21 julianna
Too numb or too sensitive.
Too dumb or too smart
Too much or not enough
Too happy or too sad

There's nothing in between.
julianna Nov 20
Everything begins with I,
Impulsivity and Indecisiveness.
These two words go together, my
Impulsivity and Indecisiveness.
They make me say or not be able to,
Impulsivity and Indecisiveness.
They usually come in a pair, the two,
Impulsivity and Indecisiveness.
I know that they will go away,
Impulsivity and Indecisiveness.
But some days they just flood my brain,
Impulsivity and Indecisiveness.
julianna Nov 18
Introduce me to you
Say your name, I have one too
My name is so, so far away
Galaxies can fill the fray
Between what I feel
And what’s my name
I’m dissociating again. My name feels unfamiliar...
julianna Nov 15
The moon, again, is hollow
Like my bony wings
I will fly until tomorrow
And breathe in dust while I sing
This condition of living
Can’t hold me back when I die
And one day I’ll finally wake up
And, with mine, see your eyes
julianna Nov 14
Monsters don’t exist
Still, we are very afraid
Because we made them
Monsters. A concept so often used to represent anything dislikable to society, which we are afraid of. Yet real monsters don’t exist.
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