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julianna Oct 6
I can’t be a mind reader,
Tell me what you mean
I don’t understand the language that you speak
julianna Oct 6
She could try to greet me
She could just say hi
But she just eyes me daily
Avoiding looking in my eyes
I try
I try
I try
But she never smiles
I try
I try
I try
But it means nothing at all
julianna Oct 6
It’s too cold to be alone
So that’s why I’m thinking of you
julianna Oct 4
I find myself running back to you time and time again.
Am I really the type let myself get trapped in a toxic relationship?
I didn’t think myself this dumb...
To let myself get stepped on, used, or dumped.
But I am not at fault.
I am not dumb for falling for this disgusting game that you called a “friendship”  
No. But rather,
I am a victim
Of the gross manipulation of a human in need (me) by a toxic monster (you).
julianna Sep 12
How can I send this message?
I tie a ribbon ‘round my wrist,
To keep a measure of my rib cage
And I scarf down my food,
I shower when no one’s around
Cause’ I can chuck it up in silence
Still trynna be silent because I’m paranoid
That I’ll spill Mia’s little secret
So many letters,
But I’m still wearing an “ED” necklace
round’ my thin neck
Read between the lines on my wrists
I don’t like being alone,
But I need help and you don’t give it, no.
julianna Sep 6
I’m happy, it’s okay!
The sadness is a part of me
But genuine smiles cover over it.
I know I’ll be sad eventually... For one moment,
One hour,
One day.
Maybe even a month,
But it’s okay...
That’s life and I accept it.
This is me and I accept it.
julianna Sep 1
Out of control isn’t fun
I can’t take the weight of the world
A grown man, a girl, and a child
They’re stepping on me and while...
I just keep going
Left, right, left
Right, left, right
I’m gonna struggle all my life.
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