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kfaye 3d
i don’t want you to think that i am anything but the attic will know me well by the dust and dryseasoned timbers.i hold your artifacts safe for later.short to long term storageit’s always a bad estimation until it all sets in.rinse and re-but.the birds are all car alarms around here_it’s their version of neoclassical heavymetal.i know you know
kfaye 5d
//:sharpteethandabadbreakfastbreakthe hold
thisworldnolongerseeks_survivorsbut rather:thosewhohavenotyetbeen tested
twohander,swung out

a   l  l    o u r  p l a c e s ,  n o t  s t a

theexecutioner’sblock🗡️isafineplacefora fightbackout.
kfaye 5d
kfaye 5d
there was evil. [ that is to say, there was u n  r e g u l a t e d ]
then, man created good
to pretend that he was.
while he served himself and waged holy
he ate well.
then, man discovered reality
by the weighted average of popular vote
cast by the “in-crowd.”

Dusk came.
and in the end
it was all just a layer of well compacted
sediment :
a thin dark band in the rock_
•with a particular chemical makeup
•with the marbled remains of all artifice
and art

•with no one left to render observance
kfaye Apr 3
it’s a breadcrumb world out there
and we are hungry in the woods

i wait beside the echoing pool
you trace out the lost path dripping down your thigh like a map
throat open and maw-ful
throat full and maw-open

lung fire
feeding on the wilderness .

our roots are :

forests become obfuscations for removal :
[lost] is landless now
and a new animal arrives
it feeds on our  l o n g i n g  .
until we are starved and treeless•gut-ruptured full of promises

i roll you back onto your side
cheeks flushed_but cold

[do not hold harmless that which harms us]
kfaye Apr 3
i rake my hands across your heavy thing
you shake like eons in passing
you quake my heavy thing
you real my fake away
kfaye Mar 29
you shout me a look like little plastic pieces of the physical battleship board-game getting knocked to the floor.i know
i see it
we leave the reassembly of the coffeetable gamestate and the rest of polite society’s dubious mercies
to the next pair of fools.🔫.🧬🏺.🧹.⛓️🐺⛓️ ≥🐺.
too cool to go down with someone else’s
ship/too hip to flip.

the early adopters of fashionable trends know
that self-fulfilling prophecy-core is in this season

wear it hard while there’s still seasons to witness . prove some social fitness . don’t say anything that your keyboard can’t predict_
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