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Murakami Jul 9
Orange leaves, the bell rung
I saw him and my heart sung
Sharp tunes; a brilliant sonnet
His shadow upon me,
Invited me for a duet
Caught myself humming to the beat
I never thought he'd give me such heat
His defeating stance
Oh, please, invite me to dance
Always two steps back, with two more I follow
The ball was over, winter fell.
There were secrets
He wouldn't dare to tell
Cold glances piercing my heart
He held my hand
Only to use that as a start
The frigid weather with his cold touch
I had never hoped so much
When the coldest day came
I lit a fireplace
He envied the heat.
As quick as a sentence,
He made my chest, again beat
I was surprised by his embrace
Spring came before I realized,
God, what a lovely face
Everything i had fantasized
When he once again invited me for a dance
Against his confident stance, I couldn't stand a chance.
and so we danced
Murakami Jul 8
When I look outside, I see nothing
Not because there isn't anything,
but because I'm lying.

Quick drums forcing lies
and the truth comes out, and it will,
the emptiness of love
I can't see it, no matter how much I feel

I can't have someone by my side
and be alone in my heart
unless I get hurt and pretend to be understood

No one will understand you completely
You will always be lonely
Murakami Jul 8
Before I could remember
I was lost, and without myself
having no one else
How could it be lonely?
For no one was even there,
At least I wasn't

"I'll take time to find myself"
Never something I asked,
But it wasn't a choice, or a need
I found myself in feeling the stars
While the sand brought me to reality
The sunset wasn't warm, it was leaving

As it left, an inverse shadow
Burned into my memory, a time of company
And loneliness flooded my room
Loneliness of not finding my way out
And i found the coldest was the potential of warmth
Fall found me and the snow fell around us

In illusion, once again,
Looking in your eyes, I lost myself
But I wasn't alone-
Little did I know
that I would find myself
in you.
Murakami Jul 8
Beside me, your glare blends into my mind,
Your sincere, enchanting, deep eyes
"I need to find myself"
Our lips meet, and the space between us is filled by darkness
We kiss with passion, and I dont want to let go

The space between us multiplied by the second
And emptiness sets in
The door is closed smoothly, but surely
Bleeding golden light across my skin
Your touch is replaced by temporary void

And again, time cuts too soon
I look back once,
I look back twice
And you look down,
As the sun set behind you
The gold blended with the sand, bright flares illuminating our eyes
All black, you stood away from the scenery

The simplicity of one moment,
And the warmth pulling me back, your softness asking me to stay
I turned away
"We'll meet on the other side"
Murakami Jul 8
From my heart, my throat holding uncontrollable feelings
The blurry line between love or not
For the first time, this empty feeling consumed me

An overload of darkness floods my eyes
Guilt and regret for having hope,
I wished I could erase any confession

My chest aches, crushed hope despairs me and I want to run

Run from you

I wished you'd just be mean from start.
The love lost getting to you
Was worth it until this moment

Now, how dare you say I'll be over it soon enough

Soon enough, I'd learn to love myself
Just to have you come back
If I won't love myself,

Promise me
You'll be "too nice" forever.
Murakami Jul 8
Moon as full as my wishes
While my heart overflowed with warmth
Romance shifted into desires of passion

I've told you
You're the moon, out of reach
And grew so close

All I'd see is red, intoxicating
Looking away from the balcony
The wind seemed to blow away all doubt
The emptiness of all below me
Caught my old dreams

For once, the stars were pale
This day, the moon turned scarlet red

And the summer breeze wrapped around us
Murakami Jul 8
"You still look kind of sad about some things"


"Tell me if you need anything"

I need you, now
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