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Jun 2012
i used to burn all my bridges
and let other people
regret it for me.

now I just let things slip away
like pennies in deep waters
and it's passionless
and it's dull.

i watched a
seagull catch a fish
out of chicago's river.

fish about
half the size of the bird,
   dancing head to beak.
    i stood on the bridge
and waited for the ****
to choke.
he didn't.

my pyrex measuring cup
says patent pending
on the side of it.
what the **** are
they waiting for?

the ****
          am i
waiting for?

life's no good when
you're comfortable.
happy or miserable,
  if you're used to it,
          you're ******.

it's only living
        just after the
globes been shook.
just before it all settles.
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