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kaycog May 4
I won't ever ask for more
complaining, saltwater bitterness I will endure
Have you met me?
observe such a pretty face
cares not for creatures but reflections
that smile back with the warmth of a star struck harpy
blessed to shine another flashlight on an award winning blaze
Finding fetch
Here light
When reality finally hits you it hurts
When the truth comes into focus it’s brutally painful.
Hope isn't always enough
It’s not always a happy ending.
What happens when faith is not enough?

I get hot flashes
My depression splashes
My soul is cold like stone,
the fear of being alone.

So now I lay me down to sleep
I pray you lord my soul to keep
Don’t let me die before I wake
I pray you lord my soul do not take.

I barely have a past
And may have no future
       Empty pages of a book
       A story left unwritten
       A life left unlived
       A hope left in the dust.
Please don't take me yet
Your mercy you won't regret
I am down on my knees
Begging you please
Don’t take me away.

At night I dream a misty graveyard
A tombstone the name I cannot see
A flashlight in the darkness
A figure so lifeless I cannot breathe.
Then I awake not as fearless as I may seem.

If this is my future
And if it comes to pass
And this breath be my last
Then this thought to you I cast.

What if faith is not enough?
Then life would be rather tough
With nothing to believe in
And nothing to justify
Nothing to keep you sane
Nothing to grasp when you fall
You will have nothing,
nothing at all.

Sometimes that is how I am
Falling in the darkness
With nothing to take hold
This feeling leaves me cold
hearted, soulless, empty.
All I feel is the pain of being unreal
No one knows how this life feels,
when you are so lifeless.

So now I lay me down to cry
I pray you lord you can't let me die.
Now I lay me down to sleep
Close my eyes without a peep
Never to be opened again.

Your body goes warm then cold like rain
Slowly your body numbs,
to your fingers and your thumbs.
As your body stops working, you feel the cold mist of death
And peacefully while you’re sleeping you take your final breath.
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© 2016 Christine Mulvihill
Aaliyah Houvener Oct 2017
i thought you were my light in the darkness
as cliche as it sounds
but the batteries ran out of your flashlight
and now i am sitting in the cold darkness
I am alone
Maia Vasconez Jun 2017
You know it's bad when you start reading through the personal column and craigslist ads. No first date to the movies, he showed up in a suit to a house party.

  Someone keyed a sad face into the side of your car. You should stop breaking hearts. I heard you like games, so let's play hide and seek with our feelings! I think I'd go out all night with a flashlight just to find out if you've missed me. Sometimes I have half a mind to file a missing person report but god knows where you've been and the authorities always come up short.
And I'm awful sorry that it happened like this but I deserve better than a sloppy first kiss
Chay May 18
I am a candle.
I'm not the best at lighting up a room,
and I melt when I get over heated.
But I would do my best to light the way,
just for you.
But then when you found a flashlight.
A light that a little candle couldn't compare to.
You didn't need me anymore.
So you turned towards me and blew out my flame,
and you left me burned.
I am with you
I was with you
I was in love with
Light that you gave to the world
Freckles were scattered stars
Forrest of deep dark lashes
Protecting the depth of your brown eyes
It was as if you were my Sun
Wearing your heart outside your chest
Making it so easy to know your soul
How was It possible
I had fallen for the Moon
Her skin icy cold to your soft warmth
Eyes the deadliest of blue
So fragile but so beautiful
The biggest mystery of all
She wasn't just light
She was darkness
And I wanted to grab a flashlight
To explore that every inch
every crevice
To understand
To feel
I have been so intrigued by this beauty
I loved both equally
Moon and Sun
Sun and Moon
I just wrote this on my bus on the way to school so sorry if it's bad lol
as Oct 2017
There was too much life in that man for him to...
2. It is possible to associate sadness with your name.
3. Strength now walks without a counterpart. She is tired.
4. Your un-presence billows louder than your renditions of "O Sole Mio" ever did throughout this home - throughout this heart
5. There will be no more music. Only everlasting echo
6. The sound of shuffling slippers was my favourite song
7. This house is now a museum. I am 5 years old, flashlight in hand, creeping creaky corridors. I stare as each of his artifacts slowly disappears before my very eyes.
8. We share the same shoe size
9. Now, when I remember him, I think of his hands - sturdy as he grates orange peel, fennel, Parmigiano-Reggiano, smooth as he stirs his shaving cream - Forever moving
10. This hospital is now a museum. I am 21 years old, sister's hand in hand. We all stare as he (yes, you) slowly disappears before our very eyes
11. There was too much life in that man for him to be ever silenced by un-music box
12. There was too much life in that man for anyone to be able to fill his shoes
13. There was too much life in that man for him to disappear with artifact body
14. Now, this man, he is somewhere untouched - the smell of orange and fennel fill his pockets (saved for rainy days). He lives inside and out of The Music, with soles(souls) bouncing.
Bartholomew Sep 2018
Every morning I would hear the metal wheels grind against the rails as the garage door opened
Leave for school as you were under the hood staring at horse power repairing every engine that was broken

Returned home and now you’re underneath a different car, your face blackened from the dirt, oil and debris
And at night sometimes I’d hold the flashlight for you, pointing the light at the wrong spots of the engine, I’d help to some degree

Rarely spoke but wrenches clanked, ratchets ticked, screws and bolts rattled and power tools revved
It’s the language that I never understood but it’s the language I know you’ve said

The garage doors would close, I’d smell the scent of Mary Jane coming from your room, swear the odor was limitless
Then I would hear the rifts and solos from the guitar strings that were plucked by your fingertips

Life as a grease monkey and a rockstar but you loved every second of it, you love everything you do
I wish one day I could find my own love and become something just like you

I see why my mother loves you

You called me your son though we’re not blood I swear I miss you in every way
You’ve alwayz told me to look out for my sister and to protect her everyday

Happy birthday
To my step father; rock in paradise

09/21/64 - 01/01/18
Noah May 2
In the dark.
I let myself shiver.
If I had a lover .
I wish they would hold me.
I wish they were there.
     So I don’t focus on the monster that’s not there reaching for my neck.
But  instead,their heartbeat when I put my head on there chest.
Like a flashlight in a dark tunnel.


* to bad I left it in the basement and it’s out of batteries*
    Like I am weak when they leave me
Lonely and confession I’m still afraid of the dark and my parents hate my part on the electricity bill.
I want to sail away,
fade away in the broad day.

Contradicting emotions and
feelings scattered in front of me.

Sometimes I think too much…
Late in the evenings my thoughts wander
to the depths of darkness it shouldn’t be close to

Every night is a battle of trapped emotions, feelings and thoughts

My mind feels like a dark prison
with no light switch to find.

The flashlight and key to enter my mind
has vanished through the years.
The lock is now rusty and broken.

It’s not easy to break it,
Nor to climb over the high prison walls
surrounding each thought caught in a cell.

My heart feels like it doesn't exist anymore.
The cage surrounding it has kept it hidden in the shadows.

My ribcage is the cage surrounding a beating heart
wanting to break free from the pain the world lays upon it.

I struggle to keep a decent conversation…
I always get nervous and start to fiddle…
My words come out as riddles.

My tongue gets tied when I talk too much
Or when I think too much, my lips move faster than my scattered thoughts…

We all live behind a mask…
Some of our masks is broken, some cracked, some mended together…

The mask we wear is like a fake smile
It hides away our darkest, saddest secrets we don’t wish to share,
for society will label us as attention seeking and much more.

Our thoughts are like a troubling hurricane,
destroying everything in its way if it’s not expressed
Taiwo Olufemi May 2018
I checked my time
It was around nine in the night
I look up at the sky
You should ask me why
Something seems strange
It is not a mirage
The Stars are shining full
The Moon is quarter full
The Sky looks beautiful
This does not happen everyday
It is on the eighth of May
Around nine in the night
And things are looking moderately bright

I stood up from my seat
Just to wonder around
Green grass beneath my feet
This shows good soil abound
I sighted the fireflies flaunting their light
I heard the toads croaking with their might
I saw some flies flying away with fright
I noticed the gentle breeze of the night
I felt alive
This sensation does not happen everyday
It was on the eighth of May
Around nine in the night
And things were looking moderately bright

Something again occur
Nature was showing her Jamboree
When I saw it I concur
I could't help but to agree
A meteorite stylishly slowly decidedly descend
Contemporaneously with an aeroplane cruising westward
Its sound as if it's a firework
Its flashlight merging with the satellites and the starlight
Sizzling the sky with spree of synchronized light
This illumination does not happen everyday
It is on the eighth of May
Around nine in the night
And things are looking moderately bright

Here I am still wondering about
Free I am real round about
This World is not always a beautiful place
Round the years? Round the months? Round the days?
Across all the continents through the Asia
What makes today so special?
I believe the Heavens are smiling on me
Even Earth agrees to it
Cruel creatures couldn't conflict
Nurtured Nature nicely nods to it
All these are on the eighth of May
Around nine in the night
And my star is realistically ready to shine its light
Egeria Litha Jul 28
It was the look in your eyes
Never wore the brakes
Trip of our life
It was the look in your eyes
Stops me every time
Chilly blue unexplainable you

Taos brings Chaos
Crestone is half empty on a Full Moon
New Orleans daydreams
of ghosts and Voodoo Queens
Miami sinks under the sea
We are running out of places to be
Centuries-old quest for gold
The sun as our flashlight

The sun hit your eyes
Stops me every time
Chilly blue undefinable you
Drowns me in your monsoon
Holly M Oct 2018
I want to see you in the summer
Sitting at the edge
With our feet in the water.
The ice creams in our hands melt
As the temperature gets hotter.
We don’t speak as we eat,
But we don’t have to,
Because the silence between us is not uncomfortable.

I want to see you in the moonlight
When we would walk so far that my feet bled,
Our eyes fixed on the road ahead-
But you walk close to me
And turn on your flashlight
Because you know that I am scared of the dark.

I want to see you in during autumn
When the leaves are the color of your hair.
Your words are so carefree it’s not even fair.
We look cozy in sweaters;
I’d be cozier if I was closer to you,
But you forge a path ahead,
And I follow you.

I want to see you illuminated
A dim glow cast on your features
By a 1980s horror film.
It doesn’t scare me, yet I wish it did
Because then maybe you would hold me,
But I wouldn’t pretend, because to you I would not lie.
This is just a movie between two friends: you and I.

I want to see you in the wintertime
Red cheeks and nose
Mine are too,
But not from the cold-
I think about these things as I’m hit by a snowball from you.
You laugh while I pretend to be mad
As the cold infiltrates my shirt,
But I don’t feel it,
Because we all know that I’m burning for you.

I want to see you every which way
Dressed up, dressed down;
Distressed or acting like a clown;
Excited, acting with reckless abandon;
Content, allowing me to see you undone.
I want to see it all,
But right now, I want to see you.
Renee Danes Apr 17
It's a
Good morning,
Wake up call
Almost fainted
From a perfume smell,
Had a flashlight
Shone in my eyes,
A test
I didn't study for,
And a queasy stomach,
It's a
Good morning alright.
Real life *****, would you like to switch server?-No Game No Life in 7 minutes
Christine Locke Nov 2018
I woke when the sun grew hot
I rode a bike with my arms out wide
I balanced on tree limbs over rooftops
And after that
My mother and her sister sang Girl Scout harmony
On the porch at night.

I picked lace flowers by the creekside
I caught rainbow fish in my hands
I rescued orphaned tadpoles
And after that
I read James Herriot out loud with my sister’s flashlight
On the porch at night.

I fished a green-tailed dragonfly from the pool
I watched its wings shimmer purple and blue
I read all my best books in one afternoon
And after that
I snuggled under blankets as jealous moths tapped the screen
On the porch at night.

I built a house of sticks and wove green leaves
I sat inside and watched a spider spin
I fed peanut butter and jelly to the shy mockingbird
And after that
I fell asleep as my brothers breathed softly
On the porch at night.
Zeleyha Mata Sep 2018
Here I stood with ***** crystals beneath my feet and waited for the sky to turn golden.
Here I laughed into the echoing tunnel under my home as wet earth dripped on my skin.
Here I learned about parenthood among feathers and little eggs and ungodly morning crows.
Here I gloated about the manhood which sprouted from under my arms and in my mischievous thoughts.
Here I waited till dark to meet him in secret all the while dreading the sound of tires on gravel.
Here I buzzed with excitement as the boys had their lazy Sunday afternoon.
Here his freckles came close to mine as he softly said "you're so beautiful" with Bruno Mars playing in the background.
Here I said I would never grow up.
Here I comforted her with my pain because I had to be brave.
Here I forgot that being called "muddy children who act like savages " was considered an insult.
Here I cried into the stars for reasons I didn't understand.
Here I walked on hands and feet with happy little scratches and silent giggles.
Here only the sound of our beating hearts and delicate pride could be heard as I held him close.
Here I sang at the top of my favorite tree and waited for the words to hurt him as much as he hurt me.
Here the glow of a flashlight illuminated our tent as I asked her if she liked me like that.
Here a little piece of me was left sitting on a branch waiting to capture the next magical heart.
Here I wrote "I love you" on a mango leaf only to realize that he spelled love differently.
Here I sat beneath bright green trees and pondered my not-so-complicated life.
Here my words came out blurry and my stomach swayed like a sail boat out on a windy morning.
Here my hands went numb as I raced to the end of his life.
Here I visit through pictures and messy journals to remember the little things that are now so so big.
Here I left muddy footprints now covered with grass, but here they will stay.
Little poem about my childhood life on a farm.
DURING MY PROCTOLOGICAL EXAM I was concerned when the firemen arrived, when they rolled out their hoses & extended their ladders. I saw no reason for anymore equipment than a flashlight & foot of tubing.
Holly M Aug 2017
all my life i've been skeptical
that "the one" exists for every one
'cause in my life i've watched "the one"
turn too many hearts skeletal
but they all scoff at my fear
they say, "holly, you'll know when you fall"
well, once upon a time, i fell
all that resulted in was tears
and enough self-esteem issues to last me for years
but then they have the absolute gall
to say, "when in doubt, just try try again"
try again? try again?
how many times do i have to lose a friend?
how many times do i have to pretend?

god this is awful
how can we as a society consider it lawful?
it's enough to make me pray for an end
to the madness, the search, the chase
to bow out with just a little bit of grace
after all, cats are cute
puppies are loyal
and i've got my friends
so pick up the phone and call me
when this **** ends

enter you
i didn't know what to do
my glimmer of hope didn't spark
you weren't my flashlight in the dark
but soon i saw less gloom
i saw flowers bloom
my heart opened up like a rosebud
while my mind still remains closed up
because mom and dad live at separate addresses
because colorful words paint a picture
because i doubt my ability to break the chain
so love is the thing that my heart suppresses

you wormed your way in
got right under my skin
slowly at first, then all at once
for the first time my heart didn't yell, "there's been a break in!"
it only extended a friendly hand and said, "welcome home."
so for now you have my heart on loan
and yeah, i still don't believe in "the one"
but my love, my darling, i believe in us
and for me, that is enough
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