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kaycog Dec 2022
How in hell do you get to feel the same love I do
Love is dirt
Stuck on the bottom of my shoes
I’ll kick it at the door
kaycog Sep 2022
No one has ever made me question what it means to be a friend more than you
kaycog Jul 2022
The only reason I feel strong
Is because I’m stronger than I was

-girl at the gym
kaycog Jul 2022
The day didn’t happen
My time didn’t stop
But you were there
And now I’m not
kaycog May 2022
If I gave myself over to the waves
Would my soul stop longing?
Calling out into the void
Easing into the energy
Movements back and forth
But not displaced
I could be one with the sea
Free to roam and spread and be
All of me crashing into the shore
At once
That’s who I am
Run ragged
Thrashed against sand banks
I find myself
An empty body
Lost at sea
Drying out
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