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kaycog 2d
the other side of loss
and sum of all my parts
a conclusion forgone
encouraging in theory
but leaving my world shattered
through a single pane
kaycog 7d
Do you think of me?
Your memory fades
As my self comparison to
old pictures of you
Start to age out
New wrinkles have formed
Though I’m sure
I’ll come to know them myself
In future years
Your presence remains
A mystery
Where are you now?
I long for you to stay
kaycog Oct 6
find your humanity
when the world gives you every reason
to lose it
[keep the faith by demonstrating yours]
kaycog Sep 16
a building primarily constructed
for ornamental beauty
how foolish
suggesting purpose but lacking
structurally sound
a majestic feat
built on rubble
and looked upon
with longing
time wasted
on folly
kaycog Sep 2
My face becomes a watercolor
the patterns swirl
with your every word
kaycog Aug 28
Because it was there and so was I
perhaps an open book
Growing up I never had dreams
I didn’t realize they could be small
That dreams could be a room full of books I’ve read cover to cover
It was always how life
could change course
upon meeting another
Not the decisions
The little ways I diversify life
With new pleasantries
I write down the dreams
Watch them add up
To a full and meaningful life
kaycog Aug 22
they didn't have a name for me
the moment it seemed
I started to belong
was the same instance
I began to reminisce
and like a jab
nothing has changed
my state remains
everything that once was
suddenly starts to matter
maybe its time to unravel
move slowly and you'll flow right on through
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