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kaycog Aug 5
I used to be so afraid
Of turning out like her
But I just realized
That they both ended up alone
kaycog Apr 9
So quick to judge another
Are but a decision away
From sharing their struggle
kaycog Mar 18
I just want to sit here and exist without feeling bad about it.
kaycog Mar 1
it was scary
how easy it was
everything safe and familiar
replaced by all things new and exciting
but with ease
my edges grew
and I claimed it as mine
kaycog Jan 23
and you breathe deeply
take in the salt water air
fill your lungs until you are
nothing but distant
matter doesn't matter
I find myself a
soulless mollusk
to a homeless pearl
(diamonds are formed under pressure, but I’m panic induced over how seashells are made)
kaycog Jan 23
You are more real than a Friday that never comes
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