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kaycog 3d
a simple placeholder
return to me later
and I'll reread the same paragraph
like you never turned the page
kaycog Oct 6
I have reached the edge
phantom burdens hover beneath my feet
providing the extra weight
to keep me grounded
I run out of track
ultimately leading to my demise
I'd like to think I would have continued
slowly trekking upward
a singular course
I need not get off
but I turn
and take the scenic ride
floating down over the distance once covered
a changing season may bear differing results
"Trekking" -verb
kaycog Oct 4
on the days when I have none
it is moving
I want to drown,
or transform
my efforts into physical motions
that showcase my devotion
oh how it moves
through my soul and
over my skin
so divine
once sparked I am alive

Love is energy.
kaycog Sep 26
I smell perfume in the air
on your breath
in your hair
I will myself
to embody
mind and soul
heavy lashes
flutter faulty flicks
hang my out heart
just for kicks
your disposition
a weak proposition
I am the mist
the morning dew
arrive like clockwork
the mourning due
kaycog Sep 16
like all the things I wouldn't believe
you told me you drew that heart in cement on the side walk
and I'd walk past it everyday second guessing you the whole way
I would turn the volume up and sink deep within myself
lies and still three years later
you don't need headphones to ignore me
hate is such a funny thing
kaycog Sep 14
No name, no face
A mysterious love story, no telling trace
If a girl before me
Felt safe to confide
I love Thomas Le Fuere
an open expression tried
Graphite scribbled feeling
on my popcorn ceiling
The kind of company to keep
Sharing with no one a secret so deep
Did it last? To death do they part?
A love to grow, myself aware
She’ll never know
Unintentionally I found her heart
Maybe I’ll leave my own
gut wrenching confession thrown
among the stars next to hers
kaycog Sep 10
hoard it all, take haste
minutes go by--the captivating eyes, a waste
gleaming treasured gems restlessly stored
instead, lie in dissipation, irresolutely bored
victims hold tunnel visions routinely ensnared
every sandy grain a diamond to be spared
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