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kaycog Feb 7
one hundred percent
single chopstick and two eggs
funny visual
kaycog Jan 16
I saw a lonely daffodil
Growing just across the street
I climbed an oak high until
The sky changed into ground below
kaycog Dec 2018
Love is water
Commonly found
Often filled with saltiness
Essential to life
Those who have it
Never long for it
Those who don’t
Die of thirst
Too much can **** you
You can’t hold on too tight
or it slips from your grasp
And critics say
love is fire
kaycog Dec 2018
Humanity cages beauty
Birthing limitations from dawn’s first breath
Enclosing the soul within a body
Holding it close
Calling it life
freedom limited to the jurisdiction of bone
Trapped from retiring to the spirt realm
Instead to play homemaker in a decaying compact
Glimpsing out the windows
The eyes are the windows to the soul
kaycog Dec 2018
college applications asked for essays on a single word
my sister chose "is" and I forgot
I wonder which word would have led to my acceptance

described as smart, witty, sharp
Mrs. Hobbs said to never use "very" as an adverb
she was very right.
kaycog Dec 2018
I've got dead lines
thoughts that scare me half to death
lined with silver
strange to think that I'll be dead
lined with the years wrinkling my face and skin
kaycog Dec 2018
I miss the buzz of staying up late
not being lonely
but unable to drift off to anything other than thoughts of you
when I woke up with a smile on hectic days
of 8AM classes and long work shifts
enough to know I'd get ten minutes in your company
hiding within your confidence
I miss knowing what it was like to be treasured
getting home late after hours on the couch
learning every ounce of you
captured in my memories
I've never smiled so much
as I did in those photos
where everywhere was ours
before custody battles for secret places
I consciously avoid
attitudes that I know are long forgotten
will I ever hold something tangible again?
instead of coffee thoughts with no one to share them with
breakfast in a corner booth, lunch and dinner too
in bed at a reasonable time
wasting hours on my phone
no new notifications, not from you
not from anyone
I'll just keep on scrolling
looking at new suggestions never willing to admit to desperation through the act of a leftward swipe.
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