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Colin Bradford Apr 2015
You hold the hair dryer in your hand
Blowing hot air right at your man
Looks so nice right after the cut
Talking about *** gives them enough
Your stories keep them on the edge
What you do behind his back
How your needs aren’t met
Glad you use contraception
Underneath the veil of deception

What happened to make you this way
Thinking that cheating is ok
Betraying all your lovers trust
All your love turns to rust
Flip em over, do it again
Theres always something
That’s wrong with the men
So shallow to look inside
Find out where your fear hides
You don’t need a good reputation
Underneath the veil of deception

Someday soon you will see
That things don’t work dishonestly
Try to see from the other side
If you were deceived could you abide?
Karma isn’t a new ideal
See you one day when you are real
Colin Bradford Jan 2014
I took for granted what was in my hand
and I threw it all away
Doesn't matter, call me a fool
Just have a little faith
Don't see a way to be a friend
I hang from the ledge
I was blind I tried to see
there is no possibility?  

Broken glass in a window frame
I cannot find the right words to say
stars emerge as they fade away
It wasn't supposed to end this way

These broken embers feed the flames
as I swim into the sun
I lose my breath in the winter chill
It's just something to overcome
Looking forward to our history
You were always a mystery
We forgot that we had to live
What we get is what we give

Broken glass in a window frame
I cannot find the right words to say
stars emerge as they fade away
It wasn't supposed to end this way
Colin Bradford Jan 2014
I miss the day when we were clear
We used to sit underneath the shade
You always had it made
and all the gold was yours
We travelled through the forest
Went to sleep by the river
Now I'm frozen to the bone
Looking for an answer
The stars just seem so near
Milky way!!
I'm erased from your pictures
Eyes of the kindest blindness
but theres always a rhyme a reason
Theres just no denying .... this

See the carousel colors spinning
and my fears fade away

Now do you think that you can relate
Do you envy someone else's fate?
Avoid the truth like the plague
I remember you when you were my baby

cause I shake ............. the air ..........
Colin Bradford Jan 2014
Just like the fisherman
out on a lake
Don't let keeping the fish
be your mistake
battle for joy
Lick the fin
but when you have won
thrown them back in
And in the end
She won't be hurt
There will be no blood
on your shirt
She'll go on again
and get hooked on the line
get thrown back in
and be someones find
Colin Bradford Jan 2014
The more I try
the less I succeed
The more I cling to
The more I loose

The more I need
the less satisfied
The more I search
The less I find

What you seek is hidden
yet right in front of you
The things you need
are all available to you

The dark becomes light
and the shadow eludes you
like you elude yourself
but you may find something
in the night
hunting for shadows with a flashlight
Colin Bradford Jan 2014
There are so many things
we can't understand
but we look the other way
sometimes we get it wrong
and don't correct it
because we don't know where we are headed

Get in your car
I want you so much
Come to my house
We'll get ****** up
then go to sleep
I will hold you close
and wonder if were in too deep

When you walk down the street
Do you see my face?
In the windows and the shops
That we used to go to
Do you remember those times?
When everything was good
and you cooked for me
while you were naked

The dishes were clean
and you made up the bed
with a note on it
saying you that you loved me
but I made a mistake
that I cannot undo
and I see your refection
in the windows
Colin Bradford Jan 2014
When I was born my head was soft
My high chair I fell off
It hurt and I shed tears
That's when I learned to fear

As time went on I tested fate
Did crazy things on roller skates
Climbed high trees and then fell down
Bruised and torn, a purplish brown

In my teens I fell in love
It felt like a heavenly drug
Then one day she broke my heart
What once was sweet, now was ****

And then adulthood quickly came
And many days were filled with shame
Climbing trees in concrete jungles
Dreams easily crumbled

Life is tough, wear a helmet
Don't back down when you cannot bear it
Get up, walk and persevere
You can overcome your fears

— The End —