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  May 2019 Sunshine
You mind your steps
   after you've stumbled.
You miss your home
   after you’ve left it.
You value your health
   after you’ve been sick.

But you can’t enjoy life
   after you died.
carpe diem
Sunshine May 2019
I'm up or I'm down
I laugh, or I wear a frown
I have horns, that hold up my crown
With life there's no messing around
You either float,
sink & drown
Sunshine May 2019
She can't see her shine
Her feelings always intertwine
Making her feel alone and confined
She can be happy, Hell she can even be fine
But her Emotions are like walking on a battle Field
Waiting to hit a mine.
Sunshine Jan 2019
Love me, with your mouth
Love me, with your hand
Love me, with your tongue
Love me, with your command

I will love your mouth
I will love your hand
I will love your tongue
I will love your command
Let's see how well you take demands
Sunshine Jan 2019
It looks almost
To good be true
Stood straight up
So what's a girl to do?

It's always good
to get a little tease
Before you **** it
all in to please.

So I grab it with both hands
Holding it, firm at the hard base.
Craving it so bad,  so glad
it's almost in my face.

My lips are ready
I take it all in
My throat is relaxed
Ready to perform a sin

Some say its *****
It's not like that for me
I love it, I even crave it
it makes me smile with glee

I **** real hard hard
I hold on tight
With one pull done
Good done right

A Milk white coat
Starts to build  to the top
My mouth in place
I Take it all, I don't slop.

Hits my throat
I **** it all
One big haul

I drain it clean
I take a minute to gloat
I wipe my mouth
I smile, I dote.

Laying my head back
I think to myself...

I better clean  up
Because It won't take long
Before I crave the sweet taste.
Of the big
The Huge,
The long
Sweet taste of my
Sunshine Jan 2019
Love or feel hate
Forgive or hold a grudge
Rush or Simply wait
Accept or blindly judge
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