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Raven Feels Jul 2021
DEAR PENPAL PEOPLE, around midday? :>

double notice
focus to the unfocus
the light burnt now broken
so bright blind golden
nerves stitch the antidote of the unspoken
like the robot knew in the open
a wire functions him a moment stolen
the thunk already tornado thought chosen
permanent to memory hold in
eclipsed the expression from faces frozen
left hearts so cold so swollen

Anais Vionet Jan 2021
(Sitting on Santa's lap)

Me: "I want a dragon"
Santa: "Nope, too dangerous"
Me: "Ok, then I want a boyfriend"
Santa: "What color dragon?"
a last Christmas piece *sigh* back to TOTALLY boring soon
Cait Nov 2020
When I was 2 years old.
I did not know true pain,
I did not know true fear.
My life was full of rainbows.
When I was 2 years old-
My innocence was my beauty.
Years went by;
I was now 8 years old.
I knew pain,
I knew fear
The rainbows in my life no longer there.
The rainbows replaced with storms;
Storms of violence, of pain and fear.
My perseverance was my beauty.
6 more years pass,
I was 14.
Full of pain.
Full of fear.
I was scared of life.
My beauty was gone.
Now 3 years later...
I still know pain,
I still know fear.
But things have changed.
The rainbows look down on me once again.
The pain - still there, but less prominent.
The fear, following me - but no longer dominant.
So, now at 17.
I live, I understand and I love.
When I was 2 years old my beauty was my-
When I was 8 years old my beauty was my-
When I was 14 years old my beauty was gone.
My beauty no longer missing.
It is no longer hidden.
My beauty has arisen.
My beauty, now...
At 17 years old.
My beauty now is;
My 17 years of pain,
My 17 years of fear,
My 17 years of experiences,
My beauty is me.
I am my beauty.
This poem was based on a speech I wrote for a class. It was based on one of my favourite parts of the whole thing. So, I decided to turn it into a poem. P.S. Don't judge the poor use of grammar. It is my downfall.
little lion Oct 2020
I never would have thought that you,
of all people,
would pull a vanishing act on me.

I guess I should have realized
after 12 years of second, third, fourth chances
that you're no different than the rest.
Shrika Jun 2020
Reunite, in an embrace,
Sleek black and white keys and fingertips of lace,

Dance away!
Until the frothy winds weep,
Until my curious eyes wane,

Weave those strings of emotion
into a muslin-mist melody.

Intoxicate this mellow dream
with coffee rhythm and cinnamon notes

Let your song inspire me again
as it hushes to pianissimo
and dissolves into the summer shadows.

Sometimes, music is all that makes sense.
Angelito D Libay Mar 2020
Habang ang iba'y tulog tayo namay gising.
Mata koy dilat at nanalangin sana'y ika'y maging akin
Bago ipikit ang aking mga mata.
Nais ko ilathala sa aking panaginip na gusto kita

May mga salitang di kayang bitawan,
Sa mga labi ito'y mahirap mailarawan,
Kaba ng dibdib ang nangingibaw,
Sa sarili na puno ng alinlangan.

Sa bawat saknong ng tula,
Damdamin ay nailathala,
Mga salitang hirap bigkasin,
Sa taludtod ng tula nalang maihain.

Sa pagsapit ng hating gabi,
Kung di ito kayang masabi,
Kahit sa hangin nalang maibulong,
Ang mga salita ng damdaming nakakulong.
White Shadow Dec 2019
Childhood is a time you always want to remember
But I never want to
It is like a nightmare for me
As I got shattered,
When I lost the leader of my family, my father
I was left alone with my mother,
Bank loans and many other responsibilities
I still fear that day,
I fear thinking how horrible it was for me.
You can't imagine what I've gone through
Yes, you can never imagine
The situation I came out from,
I was left all alone on my own
Neither had a shoulder to cry or
Someone to rely on
People were there for us
But I trusted none.
My biggest fear was to face another day on my own
Knowing that I was all alone
I tried to divert my mind
But that could only help until
I realized my biggest nightmare,
That was my reality.
I overcame every bad phase and
Here I am standing tall on my own.
When you are there on your own from a very young age you learn how to be on your own.
My advise for everyone out there is that no matter what happens "NEVER EVER GIVE UP" because "YOUR WILL TO NEVER GIVE UP PAYS OFF HUGELY".
b Nov 2019
my class ends at 11:30 and ill
be home by 12.
so little in this world can give me
comfort like a closed door and a
grey sky through a
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