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k-s-h Jan 2014
You will tick for me,
And I will tock for you.
'Cause when you are in love
That's just what lovers do.

You will turn my gears
And I'll come alive for you;
If I can wind you up
And you will join me too.

When you are in love
You do your best to prove,
That every word you say,
And all your heart is true.

So I hope you know
There's nothing I won't do,
To put a smile on your face
And make your dreams come true.

Just like how for me
You always come through
To chime out loud for me
"I'll do anything, for you."

You will tick for me,
And I will tock for you.
Because we are in love,
And that's what we will do.
k-s-h Jan 2014
A pillow fort castle,
A couch for a throne.
And if I leant into your shoulder?
I'd always be at home.

Let's steal games instead of jems,
Rule words instead of the world
And I promise, by your side,
Will stay a lucky girl

Origami crown to top your head,
And a grin to grace your face,
In one hand, a gun, or cane,
And the other? in my hand you'll place.

The prince will light the lamps
And the princess will wear a tie.
And always they'll remain,
At eachothers side.
k-s-h Jan 2014
If you look past the pane
Or perhaps the pain?
(Whichever my friend says to do)
Apparently there is a sun
(Or was it a son?)
And happiness waits for you.
k-s-h Jan 2014
there's a tear in the fabric of time
and in your dress
of which i am sneaking glances through.

you'd look up for my response
I'd nod to the ground
(not quite at my shoes)

"The world will fall apart!
The universe is breaking!"
And I sit and lick my lips.

"What do we do?"
I pick you up, and tear you away
from the constrictions of all fabric.
k-s-h Jan 2014
Stay by my side, through all the darkest nights?
Kiss me to sleep, and tell me its alright?

I'll live in your arms, and make you smile.
All you have to do, is stay a while.

I'll tuck you in at night,
And lay parallel,

I'll bring you food and tea,
If you feel unwell.

I promise you all this,
And also my heart,

Just please stay,
For I don't want to part.
k-s-h Oct 2013
I'm not sure I trust anyone with the whole entire part of this. But I feel I need to tell someone.

will you listen, my friend, even though this piece is not a poem?

My friends feel a little too distant, but I think that is how i see them, not how they really are. They make me feel bad, but i'm pretty sure that's my fault too- do I take them too seriously? Or do they mean what they say...I don't remember.

My ex still haunts me. I don't wanna call it emotional abuse and i don't want my mum to tell me I'm depressed and have anxiety and that's what the panic attacks are. In fact, I want to say it's my fault and am being silly, as always. I don't wanna admit the nightmares are underlying issues, because I'm scared anyone I tell won't take me seriously, or will treat me different. But I am different.

My boyfriend...gosh I love him. But I feel bad that I feel bad when I have him on my arm, when i look into his eyes, when he smiles, and his face lights up as though having a good waking dream...and says he loves me. All I can manage is a half smile and an I love you too, which i do! But my love doesn't carry into the words, I am too tired and sad (but only this past two weeks, don't get me wrong.)

If I were to be entirely honest I kinda wanna cry everywhere and tell everyone i hate them but i love them and will stop hating them soon. But I don't know if I would stop.

So you tell me, how does one struggling, feeling inadequate, wishing she wasn't so ****** 'perfect' to does she ask for help? And could you possibly give it?

Because sometimes us poets are far from wise.
k-s-h Sep 2013
Poets are sent to a special kind of hell;
Where you put in a coin,
and the gumball colour you want comes out.

It is by being given what we feel we deserve
That we run out of things to write.
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