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Untitled Dec 2019
I could sit and stare for hours
Dark blue abyss
Strange creatures glide
Am I looking in
Or are they looking out?
I went to an aquarium yesterday
Untitled Apr 2016
My dreams are full
Of open windows
Fluttering curtains
And a cool, peaceful night sky
the best place for an end
Untitled Mar 2016
Picture on the outside
Static on the inside
Untitled Apr 2015
Celebrating when we took our first breath
Counting the years
Until our death
My birthday was a few days ago so that's where I got my inspiration
Untitled Apr 2015
I loved the color of your eyes
How they sparkled in the night
We used to sneak out and meet
Guided by a flashlight
We shared secrets and stories
Underneath the silver moon
I miss those days of innocence
But now our love has met it's doom
This came to mind while writing a story
Untitled Apr 2015
They said that the monsters came from under the bed
I say there are more monsters inside my head
They said that the closet held demons of sin
I say the only thing in my closet are skeletons
They said watch out for ghosts in the dark
I say the only dark place is my heart
I was inspired to make this from something I found online
Untitled Mar 2015
He flew down from beyond the sky
He'll never let anybody know why
Don't ask him because I've already tried
He's not really like You and I
But I've guessed why he's here
I think that she might be the key
One day she came up out of the sea
A gorgeous girl, very pretty
She floated up like she was finally free
And that's the story my dear
He and She met in the middle
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