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Carlo C Gomez Dec 2019
People who are more active
are less likely to think about cancer.

Choosing confusing reusing
is the answer.

Spanking your child
is unproductive and cruel.

We may have been wrong there,
But hey! William Singer can get the kid
into a better school.

Pools and ponds are okay,
but avoid lakes.

3 out of 5 doctors
prefer headaches.

Do you have a problem (?)
Take this pill.

But not for too long
'cause it can ****.

Don't eat eggs,
don't use butter.

You can eat eggs now,
but not with butter.

It's okay again to use butter,
just skip anything from Laura Scudder.

Girls with long legs and short tempers
make better lovers.

Boys always marry girls
who remind them of their mothers.

Do these 40 things
to be a better father.

That's so last year!
Why even bother?

Women who wear wicker
marry quicker.

Men who love their lawn mower
do it slower.

People who breathe through their mouth
as less likely to pick their nose.
Or so it goes.

50% of those polled
said "yes."

The other half shrugged
and wouldn't wager a guess.

We know it's a lot to process,
so just stick with us
and we'll guide you through...

more or less...?
Shofi Ahmed Sep 2019
////                                  /////
                         Terra is rosy
               'shadow and light'
                      and evergreen.
                 It's never a world
                                 this is it!

            Numerically perfect
                             is scientific
            painstakingly poetic.

           Walk along the beach
                             never think
                   you are alone see
  the clouds fly in sheer bliss
      The ocean of the rivers is
                       forever flowing.

                        It's a mundane
                   yet hallowed holy.
      The artists' kaleidoscopic
                       the pious men's
         immanent metaphysics!
and mankind came together
on that July day

as they watched the historic
landing on the moon's lay

it was an event every corner
of the earth shall recall

the scientific endeavor
did so marvelously enthrall
you're made of
not to be scientific
the hemoglobin found
in your blood-
the only other place
its found,
(alternately titled: Zayda born April 9th, 1929)

e'er since his birth,
     his daring do didst not abate
the penultimate most spectacular
     concrete incontestable product

     constituting biological offspring  
     developing, fashioning,
     and incubating gene nee us,
     he unwittingly didst create

encoded whence he got conceived
     approximately begat circa
     July nineteen twenty eight,
and hence upon April ninth

     two thousand and eighteen
     cometh denoting exceptional great
ness among kith and kin innate
awareness to take stock and celebrate,

how a series of fortunate events
     commencing with a date
to Harriet Kuritsky
     (at that time, yet to pledge her troth)

     accepting storied handsome fellow,
     whose constitution sturdy as "forest" timber    
     (definition of groom) to be lawfully wedded wife...
     until death do them part)

     unwittingly marriage didst emancipate
my mother, who met a awful, cruel
     and terminal undeserving fate,
which tortured demise, the grim reaper

     gladly, gleefully, and glibly
     held her steadfast
     thru death decreed grate
a permanent life sentence,
     she vehemently did hate

and fiercely fought tooth and nail
     (unimaginable to me,
     thee sole son), how
     agonizingly bitterly clearly irate

such suffering wrenched, wrought, wrung
August marriage permanently
     cleft by malicious, nefarious,
     and opprobrious tongue

no heroic measures,
     only lamentation slung
upon the livingsocial clinging,
     where grief rung

every last ounce,
     though thru each passing year
thy mum gone thirteen orbitz
     round the sun, that shear
ring raw emotion
     still persists in concert with lear
ring grimace of deathly hallows, 'ere

obstinate heart ache lessened now
since papa found bliss
     in which to steer the prow
of his four score and nine

     aged ship of state row
wing (or more or less peacefully drifting)
     berthed in consonant with vow
wills - a staunch spirit does wow!
Amy Perry Dec 2016
There are more things
That are not things
Than there are things
That are things.
Potential is a powerful,
Abundant resource.
To tap into the
Unknown, uncharted,
Unachieved, departed -
And introduce it to
What it means to Be -
Makes every artist
A midwife.
Without the great alchemists -
The artists, the dreamers,
Visionaries, poets, musicians -
Those who enter into
Akashic Records
Like a library -
We would only ever have
What has already came to be.
Like a technical computer reality.
Art brings us closer
To the cusp of Life.
Mother Earth is the greatest artist
I've ever known.
Being Human means
Being an artist.
Our Mother may soon
Scold us
For coloring all over the walls.
Making an artist takes time.
In the Universe,
There's plenty of that.
Elizabeth P Jun 2016
Put my heart on a glass slide,
Smear its contents on the surface.
Let the tears on it dry out,
Then place it on the rack to start.
Stain it red blood from my wrist,
Rinse the scarlet with your kisses.
Pour acidic jealousy,
And let my tears wash it away.
Some drops of methylene blue...
The color of your eyes and sea...
That stained memories and my soul.
Flush it down with new tears again,
And watch the methylene blue
Stain my negative heart and stay.
tamia May 2016
i will be an asterism
in the constellation of your being
as long as if it means
you'll finally allow yourself
to glow
the way i see you
D I A Mar 2015
The more we reach out
The more we fall
We are insignificant
To the world
The universe
That's why there is Faith
That's why
There is Death
That's why
Denial exists
In this
Finite infinity
-A cloaked wall.

— The End —