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Allie Pine Oct 26
Faked tears
    Fall to the ground
Plock plock plock

They **** with your mind

             You can’t think

                                                ­               You twirl and twirl

     It gets to your head

                    You can’t think.  
            ­         So you act.

Regretful dullness fills you the next morning.

                       Look away

You cry                                                          

                                   ­                                                                Faked tears

                                                            ­   Fall to the ground.
Yenson Sep 11
its all a sham
lesser people with lesser worth
the little child who hides behind mother's skirt
and sticks out a tongue
in awe and afraid of talent and status
they could never have or reach never attainable
they hide behind skirts poking out tongues
and spewing snorts from ***** noses
and when I rile them good or hit a very raw nerve
the lily-livered drips try to produce responses
that laughably fall off the mark and show even more dullness
the duds and dullards, the pathetic unfulfilled poltroons
the lessers who can't sustain anything real, bright and worthy
The sham talent-less spine-less under-achievers
full of weaknesses and inadequacies
the women all know you are useless
Stephany Campos Oct 2018
Hiding emotions never    has been a tough thing.
You just make people think your heartless.
Make them see your cold side.
And tough to offend.
No words could- cut,
My heart of stone.
Was that heart inside me.
For it felt everything.
For it craved only what it wasn’t supposed to have.
For those who lacked understanding.
But how could they when it was I
Covering the path that lead to my own clarity.
She didn’t believe in the good of her being.
With my own regrets and sorrows.
Words became swords to her chest.
But as each wound opened,
Her head became a mess.
A mess between what was right and wrong.
No longer did she feel remorse for herself
But instead felt pity.
Her head was
twisted ropes pulling on each other from opposite sides.
Fading back the hole she tried so hard
To leave.
“Stick and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt.”
She said to herself every night.
Letting her eyes drown themselves until,
dreams took over her mind.  
As the only place where she could take off her mask
Was when the moon kissed the sky
Creating a barrier between her world and
The one that created dullness to the life she knew.
Speaking her mind to the stars as they were the ones that listened.
Goodnight she said to the sky,
As they gave her the only peace she forever wanted
There was a moment, so unexpected,
When I woke, seeking just ordinary,
Resigned to loneliness, unconnected,
Our encounter—felt imaginary.

Seeking isolation, no need for lust,
Appreciation gone, beauty no more,
Passion burned, with eyes I no longer trust,
You—a seduction I’d not known before.

Pulling back from feeling, and nakedness,
All the beauty, futile, unrequited,
Choosing instead dullness, and wretchedness,
Our spark—an extinguished soul ignited.

Recoiling, fear, cursed sexuality,
Libidinous impulses, uncontrolled,
Bare, on altars of sensuality,
You—inviting love I cannot withhold.

Kiss me, hold me, bring my love in deeper,
Forgive me, embrace me, don’t let me be still,
Touch me, and own me, and be my keeper,
Your look—I resisted, but have lost my will.
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Ilonka Apr 7
Sometimes I feel nothing

Nothing to give, nothing to take

Nothing to love, nothing to hate


Nothing, can be big and ugly

And it makes you feel small

It never talks, just stares

It fills the quiet air with dullness

Nothing, can paint the sky gray

And hide the sun forever,

Nothing is the same

when it shows up at your doorstep,

Always comes uninvited

And stays as long as it wants,

I want to have the power to kick it out

But nothing comes out of my mouth

Nothing stays

I feel nothing,

Then suddenly something opens my window

The sun is tiptoeing in my room


is here!

And nothing is gone:)
I love to play with words:)
Corey Jan 21
The sea lifts me up
and pulls me down
in gentle waves

A subtle darkness
freckled by the stars above

The paleness of the moon,
of my body, reflects
off the deep greenish-purple

A joyous moment of beauty
within the darkness; calmness


Dullness to the outside light
and the inside struggle
that each day brings

A timeless opening of solitude
in a life that precludes it

At the peak of a wave;
on the top of a mountain
for the briefest of moments

A burst of orange
as I shout in triumph


A moment of tearful bliss;
then pulled back down by the sea,
falling into the dark purple

And I arrive as I am,
now sunk in despair
Adele Jan 25
for their is dullness in the sky
and cold breath of the air
the sound of ice and the crying wind
embraced my seclusion
Royce Apr 7
You played your game and I fell into a daydream,
In which you were the sole storyteller,
     Filling my love and life, with joy and laughter -
masquerading in murky tears.

     I got to step into your imagination,
Where the beautiful dead come back to life,
     And the gothic beauty awakens in her grave,
To mock my delusions and set me straight;
     To point out, that I am here to liberate mankind!

     But all must wake up at some point in their life,
And adapt to the dullness of society’s rules.
     But this is where I faint and drift back into your world,
Falling forever, deeper than any abyss known to man.

     We play Rimbaud and Verlaine,
And share our visions with only each other
     In the perfection of your spiderweb
sown to catch me someday.
Graff1980 Jan 21
A soft song

The window fogs,
as white lights
fall away
running fast
as can be
on into
a sea
of infinity.

She yawns,
then fingers
a circle
into the glass
trying to
make time pass,
make her hours
move faster
then those
minute *******
that just drag on.

Dullness settles in.
Her mind wanders
slipping beyond
normal constraints.

A pew, pew, pew
of imaginary lasers
escape her
small lips
as she races
to escape this
boring moment.

Little blue eyes close,
and all those stars above
move light years closer,
as she sits
in the cockpit
of a little weaponless
space junker.

Two bogeys,
circle her ship,
but she ducks
and twirls
through the gap,
allowing the blasts
to blow up
passing meteorites
which shred the
metal plating
and pulsating
engines of her
impatient pursuers.

Now she is free
to explore infinity
with her
Soft body settled
deeply into
the comfort
of the old couch.

Eyes still closed.
Her mom
comes home,
kisses her
brave space traveler
on the forehead,
then carries
the tired wayfarer
off to bed.
A space where
dreams take
the young explorer
farther into
the star sparkling unknown.
Ray Suarez Aug 2018
Veil of suffering lifted
Too hastily
Blind man thriving in
Infant comfortable darkness
Ripped into burning reality
I watch cheap wood paneled walls
Pop and fizzle: they breathe and battle
With true void of nothingness
The once familiar dullness of
All things
Now burstingburningburying
Who's manifesting all this anyway?
I wait in terror
The empty bottles of Mercy
Abandoned me like
Crisp Bible pages torn from
Leather spines
The truth of the universe is just
Too much
The immortality of non living object
And the temporary existant that is
I want to escape:I beg for blindness
I wait
To become non becoming
The clock ties my hands and
Drags me by the feet
Through the stench of reality in it's truest form:
Thoughts on 70+ days of sobriety
Turgut Berk Oct 2018
A taste like a hay,
Nothing satisfies
No one can save me
From my ability to realize.
Internal combustion takes over me,
As I stand on my own;
Trying to keep me down all the time I had myself shown.     
So, save me from this, make it end? I thought I'd say;
“No, I’d do everything to keep you breathe instead of to live.” It said.
the unbearable dullness of life.

— The End —