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Day 1d
The glass shattered on the floor
I stared at it

- i threw it on the ground but,
I couldn’t comprehend my purposeful
destruction -

I loved that cup

Why did I break it?

Sadness fills me up -but- like that cup
I can’t contain the content anymore
Day 1d
Honestly, I’m really tired of this conversation
and worn down from this constant repetition

I’m just here -
Not a girl, not a boy
Tired of being treated
Like some type of toy

Please stop -
Asking me
How to make it work
I don’t know.

I don’t t ever ******* know.
Day Feb 6
maybe it’s the drugs
maybe it’s just how I feel

but you don’t get to tell me what is and isn’t real
Day Jan 19
Sank into the black ink  
and bathed in the warmth of his skin
willingly losing my breath.

My back burned red and
water filled my ears.

It was easy to drown the
sound of doubt
circling in the drain -    

Until it wasn’t

Until flesh turned cold
And my bones told
that it was time to go.  

Tears came but
they couldn’t heat me up.

As the tub emptied,
I sat shivering for a while
a chilly sting
on my chest.
Day Dec 2020
Most days
I have no goal
Say it ain't
I lost my
In the river
Poor little me stuck in the
I've got no place else to go
Day Dec 2020
I still don’t know how
to express

This ever constant,
beating in my chest

A dark grey pulse

My heart
crossfaded with
love and loneliness
Day Dec 2020
Woke up feeling, uncomfortably content.
So, I drove myself to the
edge of sanity.
I sat there a while,
what comes next.
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