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In a world full of artists and  writers,
It’s hard not to compare
“Are the poems I write good?
What makes them different from anyone else’s out there?”

My poems don’t rhyme
At least, not all the time
And my words may not be exquisite
Hell, they’re hardly even elegant

No, my poems may not be the best
But, they do come from the heart
So who’s to say
that isn’t art?
“Do you miss it?”

“Miss what?”

“Whatever you thought of when I asked?”
Well? Do you?
Drink till you’re drunk sometimes
Laugh maniacally with your friends
After butchering karaoke night at the bar

Cry till your heart doesn’t hurt
Crawl into bed
And ruin your white pillows with mascara  

Write till your hands ache
Spill words and words
Everything you feel in your heart

And love so much
That it fills your entire being
With what feels like God himself

Life isn’t meant for limits
Don’t put one on yours
What a finicky word, love is
Like two sides of a coin
Maybe that’s the curse the universe bestowed on us
After all, how could it give us something so magical
Something that could make us fly
And feel like we’re on top of the world
Without it being able to tear the mountain out from under our feet
And bury us six feet into the ground?
Something I think about quite often
Is the girl who loves him
More than she loves herself
Lauren Johnson Nov 2019
My tears have turned to dust
I have no more left to cry
I weep and weep and weep
But still my face remains dry

You see, I have cried tears to last a life time
And now I have no more
I have withered under the weight of my sorrows
Remembering who I was before

When my body wasn’t etched with scars
A permanent reminder of the Pain
And my wings weren’t broken nor bruised
I could fly through wind or rain

But now my heart is a graveyard
That doesn’t see the light of day
If I could just listen deep down
I would hear a voice say

It’s not about what you been through
Or what tears you may have cried
What matters is that you lived through it
And you still have a light inside

You’re heart might be a grave yard,
But look closely, and you’ll see
This grave yard heart has fertile soil
To support the growth of flowers and trees

So keep on going beautiful
You’re almost there
The seeds have been planted in the cracks of your heart
And they’ll erase all memory of despair
Lauren Johnson Apr 2019
Do you think there’s a god?

I haven’t felt Him around much lately
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