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forestfaith Jun 2020
with a million rounds,
the train, like a tongue,
rolls out of the mouth

like people,
and onto the ground it crashed.
a massive hug to the
***** concrete heart

and the last carriage
made a pact with the air as it
landed halfway, mid-air,

with strings attached to its
an origami left

with its ancient creases,
and it is desperate to
wage war upon

noises and things and
pans and iron axes,
and bang, and screech, and


beckoning you into the wheel,
with strings clawed into the
skin, like silver

linings meant for you
but we twist it around our finger
all to hard,

it hugged around too tight
and we are shredded paper,
too many wrinkles and creases

and tear-stains
on your
whatever paper.

we then, twist, oh we twist,
twist others into a slow,
uncertain dance ritual.

and i dont know what to say,
to think to say,
to tie my words to those strings

and throw it out into
the open air, dangling like a
wheel, another
form of a

roulette wheel,
and then what?
let it dance?
see if it falls and hugs

and then breaks,
or then, it breaks

idk what this is about but hey!! im back! i think its human foolishness? or its just my conscious trying to say smth? idk.
forestfaith Mar 2020
in the town of Jerusalem,
my home,
my warzone,
my heart's stone.

i set off from home,
with weathered sandals
and broken eyes

i sought for treasure,
not gold nor wine,
oil and water
a feast for two

and i
walked past a building.
a wind past trees,
light through holes,

and i felt a
strange sensation
in my heart.

it stood like a castle
stripped of it's
false gold.

i stopped to see,
among your disciple, was
a man with a robe

around his waist
and he had
eyes with

a million oceans in them,
and had a fire within
so bright.

washing their feet.
and i wondered,

was it true, Jesus,
that you only acted humble.
or have you

hoaxed entire kingdoms into
believing your God.

divine encounters
wine skins and
calling the dead out of slumber,

and here,
you've ordered a counterfeit vine for
your branches.

the hope of you being real
was seeping into the earth,

depleted souls
desperately looking for its
own grave.

but i took a second,
a third look.
5 blinks and a breath,

isn't that you.

i looked again,
and i saw your arms like trees
reaching towards

empty mouths,
i saw a wine stained
robe, and

whiplashed skin,
i didn't know what it meant.

you invited yourself
stripped yourself of heaven
and lowered yourself to

wash the feet of those
who follow you.

oh, the awe.

oh, the sheer weight of

love that swept into, above and through me.

my ears starts to tear up
despite the drought inside me,
and i was filled up,
even though broken cisterns laid
within me
and the world looked

just a bit brighter.
and life finally
felt like life.
and not

empty pots and
eyes that bled pain
nor is it a heart stabbed by its own

at that moment.
within this...

bleep in eternity.
i knew you were God

and you are real.
heyy heres a try at ekphrastic poetry haha...hopr you guys like it!!
forestfaith Feb 2020
weakness is my strength.
Because God said
his power is made perfect in weakness.

He can make my darkest nights
into fires to warm other people's hearts.

He can make my wounds into
reminders of how beautiful
life can be.

He can make my broken moons into
to realise their all
made to make someone else
realise the truth.

He can make my stormy seas
into gentle whispers of
understanding and a
bridge of love.

He is my God.
And im not ashamed to say so.

Bash me,
bruise me,
mock me
say i should be sorry,
tear apart my heart into two
and say im wicked,
pull out my eyes and
mock them too.
mock how i see things.

continue to break my moons
continue to show me i am weak
continue to point out my darkest nights

continue to remind me of God
continue to remind me of my
sheer mortality.
remind me of the lies some can say.

remind me.

remind me how powerful God can be.
share with me open doors by which
prayers can be sent through,
and allow me to
seek and
question my faith.

what is faith without doubt
what is growth without a painful season of pruning
what is the value of life without
knowing the suffering of my deadly ways.

who am i without God?

so go ahead and
make my journey more painful.
so go ahead
to test my patience and
reveal my inner workings

to see if i do love
see how i can improve
see how i can crack, break

to mend another heart.

weakness is my strength.
night skies are just as bright as the sun.
my most painful moments can be beautiful.

in God i am strong.
in God i am loved
in God you are strong
in God you are loved.

my Child.
heyy everyone its been a while hhaa..took a long on poetizer now, my username is "truthfully" with a verse as my profile pic. its like a blue sky thing. But right, hope everyone is doing okay and keeping everyone in my prayers!!
forestfaith Dec 2019
Lonely ones on the streets.
Less than twice were they treated any more than a rat.
A misconception that's uncalled for.
It's a hopeless life,
they know that.
They are hanging loose on the rope,
dangling above the ground

1 inches.

Let me be frank,
a turnover is a
knife twisted by bare hands.
Before you know it, it's an ocean of
A moon on their faces turned on the wrong side,
the wrong side of the..floor.
or bench, or anything that can be found lying around.
Perhaps they are lying around.

2 seconds

Of life remaining as 10 years swooped by, who knew being lonely
meant being blind.
Blind to one's own sorrow, one's own lack,
soon it's just a stain on a white shirt.
Jaded to the recent events.
a second ago

a smile. It almost surprised him or she or whoever it is.
reminded of humanity and love.
focused on our own problems we forget to love.
God has them.

And yet here we are,
standing under the stars with as many
lonely planets on earth.


well, don't sweep your own problems under the carpet but
don't sweep theirs too.
It's their room.

I hope they know what a smile means.
homeless people in my home.
homeless people in slippers made of gold.
homeless people with silver stained tongues.
homeless people on construction sites
homeless people are those who's heart is homeless.

One way home.
A truth kept quiet.
A hope uninvited...
May we walk in the way of God.
Walk with torch lights to show them the way,
hopefully mark their houses in his lane.
remind them or love,
and hold them close.

walking down streets of...
Opening the door to his home.
His heart belongs to someone now,
A Father.

my brothers, sisters, are finally home.
forestfaith Aug 2019
chook chook chook.
The eager devouring and tearing of scissors.
Snapping away existence.

Hooked on the killer music, encouraging loathing, affectionate for what is affectionless.

you have been passionate for a knife.
a lie a disguise

sweetly disguised.

your eyes are lamps, tempted into the night.
away from the


the crumbling of the purpose you were made for.

the snapping of your identity.
so eagerly ignored.

snip snip snip
goes the facts of love.
goes the truth that's

smacked right in

your face.

Bald spots laid bare.
for the evil one to be there, to take you away,

to take you there.

to where

your death is every few forevers.
and where suicide is no longer an option.

why was it an option.
the night skies were your dreamt of destination.

A compromise, a quick route.
comfort is what you want, and you find it in


It's not too late.
the hair is cut off but at least you still have a head.

Its not too late.
For you to say

"Lord Jesus, forgive me my sins this very moment."

This very moment
Jesus has forgiven you.
God loves you, even when you don't feel like you are.
forestfaith May 2019
the plates are moving.
signal's crashing, vision blurring.
storms are brewing, storms are spilling.
blood splattered, tears weeped, guns fired.

money's killing, topping the wanted charts.
beware of her kiss as well, she'll steal your heart.
your soul.

money's killing, topping your wish list.
beware of her kiss, she's got you already.

metal clashing, heart's stop pumping, babies crying, airplanes crashing, guns been fired, words been said, scars are made, empty shells claim the result.
if I said it all, time will run out.

rest in peace.
you've seen them ripping through graveyards and movie screens.
rest in peace.

what if I told you that you can rest in peace now?
where chaos are still present but you have an ever-present help.
where problems are still lurking but then you have a rock to stand upon.

A Cornerstone.

where you are not dead anymore but living.
not an empty shell anymore,

walking on dead-filled streets.
warning: a high concentration of dead in the bloodstream.

but a divine exchange changed It all.
a divine exchange between mortal and God.
a divine exchange between life through death and through the love of God.
a divine exchange from us, to Jesus.
God's divine plane.

good news: eternal life is bubbling inside you.
when you receive him, accept him.

why hesitate?
why doubt this divine love?
this love is greater than all others, believe me.

believe Him.

you might have wronged him, hated him, spat at him and mocked him.
but he died knowing all that, he died knowing that that is going to happen to him, and yet.
He died for you and me, rose to life to be glorified as God, as our eternal and glorious King.
A King unlike any other.
true peace is found in him alone and no one else. Jesus Christ of Nazareth.
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