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Dilshey 3h
A mind encaged,
heart in longing
sadness raged
by lifes' cunning
Prison within
feign paradise
sombre sails set
to what entices
destined to end
at your demise.
Dilshey 3d
Can't remember how I fell asleep

moments before the mind sunk pillow deep

unconscious conscious evanesced, fades

existential thoughts, the ace of spades

numb to the world, we disappear

blank comfort, unknown atmosphere

A ticket to the Theatre of dreams

seat upon a cloud or hellish screams

Where the mind's in liberty minus your intention

Without the strict regime & restless tension

A cinematic place of infinite wonder

no technicalities or time to ponder

The preposterous imagery behind your eyes

Solivagant adventure floating in the skies

As dawn arrives & your hanging on the brink

& wake up not knowing what to think
reposted a poem ive accidentally deleted
Dilshey 4d
Gloom drenched sky
grey musty clouds
slumber sighs
thunder hounds
startle the heavens
biosterous barks
silver linen
lightning sparks
Zeus in fury
reigns stormy skies
grey coliseum -
Orchestra up high.
Dilshey 7d
Midnight timelapse of the day;
a chaotic flasback - pandemonium
I'd grow Griffin wings & fly away
Off of lifes manic grip - a restless podium
Where the spotlight burns my eyelids sore
Profoundly fatigued, deep to the core
These complications that I can't ignore
I want to hit snooze & snore some more.
A day in the life of a student......victims to the exhausting education system
Dilshey Sep 10
Unsolved vendetta
between the sun & moon
Stark daylight bright
& the twilight noon.
embarks the dark,
the sun's descent
Luna dim-lit night
asks for no consent.
the shades of life,
undecided tones
constantly alternate.
Miracles of both worlds,
whimsically cinematic
Entice artistic eyes;
sun & moon - enigmatic.
Dilshey Sep 9
Starless firmament after dark
falling back into permanent gloom
stare up at the black canvas
manic thinking - only to assume
that telescopes show depth & dimension
a peak at a page of the universe
minds in contemplation wired with tension
wonderous discoveries never fulfilled intention.
Even though we're enticed with possibility
expected to live our days with ecstatic productivity...
This facade covers up bleak existence
against glum reality - the human resistance.
Dilshey Sep 8
Synopsis of existence
Truth of the universe
Beginning of all Beginnings
-all I seem to write in verse
These futile questions,
never answered to
Suffocate your mind
till' it turns blue.
Wait, does the mind...
even possess colour?
The mastermind of life
must be such a troller...
Grants us unquenchable curiosity
- a teasing curse, a monstrosity.
Us minions to unknown sorcery
Stuck living this blissful atrocity.
Just seems like a never-ending phase of existential angst now
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