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Dilshey Jun 18
sometimes you have to free yourself of thought,
the scrutiny, self-analysis

there's simply nothing left to realize or unravel
in your vast mind's premises

How can you see the beauty of the world?
with your eyes rolled backwards in it's sockets,

a burning stare into your soul,
both hands stuffed in empty pockets.

Look around, gaze anywhere, feel the ground & sniff the air
experience the new, try all that's there

live to live life without a care
Dilshey May 30
To be an anonymous cryptic thing
imperceivable being with invisible skin
to be unseen - but this time it's glory
with no need to share an idle story.
Dancing on the striped  pedestrian crossing.
Creeping up on an oblivious lakeside gosling.
Running maniacally through time square.
Not having to subdue the lunacies I wear.
Sneaking ticket-less into the theatres
Avoiding lifes'  void of norms, too meagre.
The imprisonment in being seen
- at the expense of living like a libertine.
Dilshey May 30
My urge to become a 70s serial killer
& sadistically stab strangers
with a butcher's knife
is overwhelming
after many ****** docs
Dilshey Mar 20
Amid the blue-eyed sky

& the sun-kissed sea

& the ethereal wonders -
held down by gravity...

beyond a blanket of night
- the great celestial mystery

& the unopen eye
of our ancestors history had the audacity
to discover boredom;
Dilshey Jan 23
A nebula of starry celestial bodies

lightyears away, radiating cryptic melodies

to astronomical eyes, spying on skies

that promise the answers to all of their why's

reflecting light from neighbouring, Andromeda

and meteor showers caught on radar

This universe that clouds my mind, like

- comforting night skies, though our intelligence is blind.
Dilshey Jan 23
Imagery of the Milky Way,
Captured by night skies
Those twinkling things
That give my mind wings
& slight euphoric sighs..
Are much more than -
the humble stars
that glisten in your eyes
- They're burning orbs
In galaxies,
         spectacles that entice...
Dilshey Nov 2021
stray thoughts
born from the blue
become daisies when
the sun shines through;
a dark age unravelling
the Elysian fields
from existential glooms
come ethereal yields..
Completing my 100th poem on a high note!
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