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Shruti Atri Jun 5
Nights like this...

When my feelings pull me down
And I spiral into the crushing abyss
Of loneliness, abandonment and loss...

That's when I need someone else...
A soft caress, a call to come back
To ground me, like a lifeline - to anchor me
And stop me drowning--
So I don't drift off into memory and sadness...

The only thing that person from my future needs to know,
Is that I love dancing...
The call for release is thrumming in my veins...
Shruti Atri May 4
I could devour your heart
But I chose to hold it with care
Like soft petals, velveteen in my mind

I could scare you to death
But I chose to hide all that I'm made of
Like sharp daggers, wrapped in silken scarves

I could shatter your grip on reality
But I chose to respect your sanity
Like silent truths, hidden in stories untold

See my gritted teeth of sincere control
Notice my disquiet eyes aflame with agony
And don't ignore my scars from wearing another skin

It's been too long, way too long
I close my eyes and breathe in slowly,
It feels alien, other-ly--

A warmth washes over me...
'I made it this far...'
Shruti Atri May 4
From flames past
Stunned into silence
By their selfishness,

He hears their voices
his name--
The void awakening
to consume
his sanity

He whispers,
"Can I steal
my Self away
from this world now please?"
“Dark, unfeeling and unloving powers determine human destiny.” - Freud
  Aug 2019 Shruti Atri
Frank Ruland
It sounds like distant thunder,
it feels like a winter's worth of hail
It's the boom of being driven under,
while your heart pleads for you to bail.

I'll go down with the 'ship--
I want you to have the lifeboat
It's time I meet my watry crypt
and for you to find your crossroad

Stay warm, hold true and look north;
find the star which shines brightest
I wish you everything you've hoped for,
beneath skies calm and quiet.

I'll wait to send an S.O.S.
so I can think of why I'm sinking
But it was always you, I confess--
of whom my heart was thinking.
Shruti Atri Aug 2019
Like glitter in my veins
It slowly moves
Closer and closer
Further and further
Thump ba-thump

Like poison in my heart
It spreads
Slow and steady
Numbing me,
Rocking me gently
To a sleepless slumber

Like hope in my soul
It shines through
Bright and warm
Like shimmer
Aglow in the sun's gaze

Yet, my heart rests, unmoved
Like undisturbed dust
In a house
Where no one lives
Deserted and forgotten
From wanting to feel something to feeling all at once...
Shruti Atri Aug 2019
Let's walk together
This fine line
Of love and hate

Let's find each other
A profound joy
To replicate

Let's learn and love
And laugh with joy
As the world around us dissolves

Let's carry our hearts
And heal through the pain
As our love slowly evolves
To friends who love with their whole heart
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