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Shruti Atri Aug 19
That moment of absolute clarity,
When you can feel
The truths you have always known-
Fit in with perspective
Right down to your bones...

Like a forgotten thought, so familiar
Snaps into place and knocks off your breath;
A weight heavier than Time
Settling on your ancient soul-
Reminding you of your fleeting existence...

We are living through
The consequences of our history;
The light as well as darker shades of humanity
Let's not add to the burdens
Our children will carry someday...
Shruti Atri Aug 19
It feels unbounded,
expanded beyond wrinkles,
hammered by swinging pendulums;
hardened, with time slipping by...

I feel bound
by forgotten promises,
lost and unfounded;
with tearful, tired eyes.

In the dark, I find words I can barely see,
feelings I can barely contain;
falling through the cracks,
overwhelmed with disdain...

I see no end to this depthless void...
  Jul 30 Shruti Atri
Since when did growing up,
become synonymous with,
embracing the worst of our human traits?

I am still very much a child,
and refuse to become an adult,
if that's what is required of me to be.
  Jul 30 Shruti Atri
Josh Schrader
I’d rather sleep when it’s sunny
And wake when it rains
I’d rather trade all my new clothes
For the ones already stained
I’d rather watch people from a distance
Than get in their way
And I’d rather be the one leaving
So all others could stay

Take air from my lungs
And give flight to the birds
Take sight from my eyes
And leave me with words
Take dreams from my heart
Contentment to bleed
But leave all of your nightmares
They are safer with me
Shruti Atri Jul 26
You think I am a happy person...

I know I dont trust you enough
To show you my pain.


She wears a smile
And shares her warmth,
She wipes her tears
And hides her scars;

You see the rainbow she exudes,
Because she doesn't trust you--
With her festering darkness
And the thunderstorm she survived.

She hides her demons
Behind masks of her strength,
And iron will--
While they devour her from within;

You will never get to see it,
She will never let you in...
No one will have the power
To hurt her - never again.
When you try to heal yourself, but bandage yourself too tight and can't move anymore..
You must relearn to trust again.
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