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Mallory Jul 13
promise if you leave me
it be only
Why did you keep me
so hidden?
Why did you only seek me
out in your dullest of days?
I’ve been sick for weeks
off losing your love,
and trying to accept
who you are not.
make this easy.
You know
I’ve been so
tangled up in this
since the start.
I know you know
you’re breaking my heart.
Anna-Marie Rose Jul 2018
Evil runs thick
THROUGH out this world
And jealousy is sharper than the dullest blade
Each demon has a chore
To fulfill before the evenings tide
Cursed is the sadden
The empty life with out a goal.

Tattered and  ripped the clothes he did wear
If his heart is broken
He isn't yet clear
What kind of hurt keeps him in fear
Walking a tight rope
Dragging his sorrows

A little white angel
Wants to mend his scars
But kissing his aches and pains one at a time
Like each soft and gentle kiss
Begins to change his mind
Maybe the truth isnt hard to find
A battled man cant stay hard.
If he still  sees angels in the dark
Thats a inspirational art.
To see the light all the way to the end
Emilea Burgh Nov 2018
were you warm when the lights faded out?
was it just how you wanted it?

when the golden hour comes
and the dullest corners come to life
I search for you

can you hear me?
did you think you could pray your way out?

when your mind stopped racing
I hope you were clutching those beads
studying the heavens

did you find it?
do you now know the solace
that I never will?
dedicated to JPM 9/3/17

first in a series
Graff1980 Feb 8
She is encased in a stone cold
hard snow
not unwilling
but unable to see
any reality
where life can be better
then the blank canvass
of agony and suffering.

Each day an unrelenting onslaught
of recurring nightmares
that point to a future
with very few
points of light
breaking through.

Razor sharp
scar tissue heart
that will not heal

She speaks poetically,
bends my heart
in empathy
edging me to tears
when she recites
the past prose
of her traumatized life.

No god,
no meaning,
no reason,
to loved ones
who cannot comprehend
that this busted up brain
will not find a way to mend,
nor make truths more comforting.

It is not selfish
because it does not seek this
in search of greed or gain,
just pushes on in hopes
of the cessation of pain.

I listen intently,
hear her honesty
whisper softly
that I am here
when you need me.

But her pain breaks me
sees stitches from similar
spirit cutting surgeries
splits my satin skin
as all my stuffing
spills out again.

I know those doubts
how the road goes on
for far too long
into the dullest days,

cement to concrete
cracked and gaping
causing a lot of vibrating,
taking all the serenity
I struggled to attain.

Dusk advances
into to darkness
and the phoenix fire
of light that inspires
other people
never rises
to her skies
never deigns
to brighten her life.

In love we see
better days ahead,
but in physical
and emotional fatigue
all she sees
is late night repeats,
of relationship
with misery
and misery
and misery.

I offer my love
hoping that
I am not intruding
where my feelings
are not welcome.

I offer her my love
hoping that
it does not hinder
her trust
and she opens up
as much
as she needs to.

I give her my ear
and hope
that my voices
is enough
to lure her away
from the ledge
just one more day,
then one more day,
then one more day.
Poetic T Jun 22
Lights may dim,
     And the gaze may

But know
      that what ever
        Darkness  may

Cloud or vision.

That we will always see
    Brightest in the
        Dullest fraction

Of our life.
    And even though

We can't see the path,
   One will always be brightest

In our least aluminated moment.

— The End —