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sabrine Aug 2015
You looked good
So I picked you out
And I saw that you were beautiful

You were sweet
So I took a bite
And I found that you made me feel good

I was hungry
So I ingested all of you
And I found that you were not what I expected

You were a pit
So I spit you out
And I realized I was a fool for believing you were more
i lov fruit
sabrine Jul 2015
She told me that I will be cold
If I go out with the holes in my sweater
So she patched it up
And I had a whole sweater

She told me we will all be cold soon
Winter was coming
We needed to cover the holes in our sweaters
So we could have whole sweaters

She told me she will be cold
If I don't put her tea in a glass without holes
So I bought glasses without holes
And I gave her her whole tea

She told me she will be cold soon
Because the holes in her were increasing
So she gave me a shovel to fill her holes
So I filled her holes
But I couldn't make her whole
So I dug her hole

She is cold now.
sabrine Dec 2014
If sleep is the cousin of death
Then every blink is closer to my last breath
And my life is flying fast
Because I wasn't born to last

But I will run until all my nightmares run away
Because I'm afraid of my tomorrows becoming todays
Which are filled with inspiration and debt
Cigarettes, stress, and inherited mess

Cleaning up all the clutter to peace
I will eventually find my release
But when I sleep I see war
And violent things I never bargained for

So I'll stay away till I see red and blue
And my eyes will fight but I will refuse
Because sleep is the cousin of death
But every blink is closer to my last breath
this was very much inspired by blue scholars
sabrine Dec 2014
Who do you call when the police can't protect you?
What can they do if they're only here to arrest you?
Where do you go if your life is in peril and there is nothing but danger to posses you?

I know of where NOT to be
And I know of who NOT to see
Because the only people that should be helping are nothing but a danger to me

So I guess the only answer the people will say
Is to not live your life and behave
And though it is not my fault for my death, they tell me I should have stayed away

It was not in my hands to die
It was not my fault for I tried
Not to end my life even though they wouldn't stop hurting me despite my cries

After all we created and destroyed
Our product is nothing but a void
One of despair, distrust, and nothing else but the functionality of a broken toy
sabrine Dec 2014
I gazed up at the sky
And I knew it was the end
Of the party of your life
I was gracious enough to attend

The salted sky filled with stars
Made my salty eyes fill with tears
Because I knew while you were up there
The partygoers were down here

So I packed up the party hats
Streamers and all
And the night sky was so vast
But your light was so small

As I drove home I thought
That it came to a close
But the party of your life
Will forever glow
sabrine Dec 2014
They told me I could never be
What I wanted to be
They told me I had to be
What I never wanted to be
They told me not to follow my dreams
Because I would never succeed
They told me my aspirations were mistakes
That my imagination was too fake
They told me I could never be
What I wanted to be
Because I'm not that person
Because I could never achieve
Because I didn't have the courage to walk in anywhere I wanted to and do what I wanted to do
They told me I couldn't walk among THEM
They told me that I couldn't walk because I am a WOMAN
They told me I couldn't walk because I am ME
And I told them
They were absolutely right
I can't walk
I couldn't walk
I never walked
I flew
sabrine Nov 2014
I boarded your train
And I didn't think it would happen
But the tracks diverged
And we were forced to choose a side
While I wanted one way
You wanted the other
We had to think fast
Because your train was moving fast
The diverging point was getting closer
And for both of us
It was hard to let go
Of what we wanted
Because we just didn't see
That when I boarded your train
I didn't think of me
quick 5 min write b4 sleep
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