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Canaan Massie Dec 2015
If you were the Sun,
And I were the Moon,
I'd reflect your beauty onto Earth.

You give life with your light,
But they're still geocentric,
They can't look in your eyes,
And they don't know your worth,

...But I do.

And if I were the Sun,
And you were the Moon,
I'd die from the distance,
And you'd love the waves.
I'd flare up my nostrils,
Obliterate planets,
Just to give my dear Luna,
Her space.

...But I think...
You're more like...

Nature and Nurture,
You're one in the same.
Your waters replenish,
There's "art" in your name...

Polluted by people,
And carbon and cancer,
You bottle it up,
Til you burst from your mantle,
But you're

When grey takes your green,
Still, you protect your people,
And provide a harvest,
Regardless you feed them.
You harbor the humans,
That crack up your crust,
Then create the concrete,
That covers your lungs...
...Then they ask why you can't breathe.

You put the "die" in "Dioxide"
There's gold in your soul,
They mine for your diamonds,
But only find coal,

The shade of your surface,
Brings shame to the soil,
Your soul can grow much more than crops.
And if that asteroid Apophis,
Gets a little too close,
I'm the astronaut poppin Apocalypse off,
Or the artist that's armin' Armageddon's bomb.
Our connection is stronger than Hydrogen bonds.
When I hold your hand,
I've got the world in my palm.

Accumulate cumulus,
Shrouded in clouds,
Your circumference serves,
As the circle of life.
And I tried...
And I tried...
And I finally realized,
That without planet Earth...

...I would die.
Written slam-style.
Canaan Massie Sep 2013
I lay awake...
Unable to sleep.
Replaying those words you spoke to me tonight.
Over. And over. And over.
As if my whole life had led up to those few words.
As if nothing else in the world mattered before those words curled up at the end of your lips,
And laid down to rest by the fireplace of my cold heart.
Over and over and over,
My inevitable smile never straying from my cheeks.
Falling... Falling... Falling...
Until I realize "falling,"
Does not quite quench my desires,
For maybe by dumb luck,
Maybe by fate,
Maybe an unlaced shoe,
Or maybe your straying, clumsy foot,
I endo'ed.
Brains above my unlaced shoes,
And heart somewhere in between.
And to stand up,
Would mean I had the strength,
And the will to do so.
So here I lie.
Never to stand up,
Nor fall again.
I haven't written in a good while, so I know this is not my best piece... Nor my most elaborate. But this is something that I want to say.
Canaan Massie Aug 2013
I don't need you,
Nor your ******* respect,
You are you,
Which is why I left.
Canaan Massie Aug 2013
For better for worse,
In life or hearse,
Love is love,
For smiles or hurt.

Love is just,
But wanderlust,
Back to you,
To them I front.

Unshackled hands,
But bonded feet,
An enslaved man,
In satin sheets.

Nostalgic thoughts,
For who we were,
The future's lost,
The past a blur.

A change'd man,
With reddened hands,
For bloodshed changed,
A tainted plan.

Can't do with,
Can't do without.
A softened hand,
Or hardened mouth.

So give me mine,
And keep what's yours.
A gated heart,
At heavens doors.

For better for worse,
In life or hearse,
Love is love,
For smiles or hurt.
Canaan Massie Aug 2013
Coke tainted with whiskey,
Smoke smothered by kisses.
Oh how the world seems backwards,
When love is unrequited.
Canaan Massie Jul 2013
After two years of suffering,
Two years of heart break,
I came to my senses,
With ocean eyes,
That make the stars quake.

And never again,
Will these seas be calm,
And never again,
Will I see those starry eyes fall.

For a shooting star is only to be wished upon,
And wishes will never do you justice.
...and neither can a poem.
Canaan Massie Jun 2013
This Bridge that we stand upon,
Broken in half,
Was not burned,
But torn down to your volition.

You spoke cold words,
In the warmest of places,
Then let them linger.
When all I tried to do,
Was blow them into the wind.

Yet, there they stayed,
Colliding with the warm weather,
Of us.
Until a vortex was created between us.

A tornado so large,
That we both set down our lighters,
And watched it rip open this bridge,
Until the gap between us was irreparable.

This Bridge that we stand upon,
Broken in half,
Was not burned,
But torn down to your volition.
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