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A dancer's mind is,
An amalgamation of serenity
With one's expression,
Reaching to a higher plane:
A world devoid of language.

Manifest a paradise
Within yourself, only to be described
Through yourself, in the form of

Weave the pattern that you will glide along.
For every breath of life,
Into the sway, twist, turn of each limb
Is never complete,
Ever flowing.
  May 2017 NARMONSEA
Aidan A
I once penned -
To find someone that would
Want you, exactly as you are
Was to find depth
In an ocean of shores.

I look no more.

I could not care less, that
My fear used to get the best
Of me.
It still lingers and creeps
Even in my sleep,
But I know I'm afraid only
Because shes perfect,
Perfect as can be -
Realistically speaking,
Shes just right for me.

I cannot write of beauty,
And that's not for the lack of it.
It is only because I'm so distracted
By her charm and wit -
The funny accents, slightly ***** jokes
But with capacity of depth
Only oceans invoke
I see passionate flames
That just need to be stoked.

At this point I cannot tell
If this will work out well.
I can only say that I will love her fully.
I will let her destroy me
I will not back down, I will try
To give myself to her
As if I was never broken
Because shes deserves more
Than the shell of the man
I believe I am.

If she cries in the
Dead of night, I want to hear every last
Word soaked in pain leave her be.
If where she lies
Lacks enough light, I want to be right by
Her side, just so she can sleep peacefully.
And if my eyes
Start to lose sight, I know I need not see.
I know shes got me.
I need not more -
I've got her
To calm my seas.

Let me sing,
Let me soar -
The Left Handed Leo roars

I've found depth
In an ocean of shores.
I saved my sanity.
Wandering, lost in Chiang Mai.
The Child, bewildered,
At all the greatest treasures.

Yet a map had not revealed
The back-alleys, hidden between gazes.
In the weave of foreign air,
There lies a curious urge
To explore.

You took me around,
Aimless at cause, but
Genuine in eagerness.
You smile speaks in stars.

Taking in the blue jar,
Laughter over mind.
Thinking in balance,
The necessity in fun:

Every story, an adventure,
Every sip, diving deeper,
Every shot, poetic.
All in days of conversation.

Yet, what lies in fatal attraction,
Pulling me towards you.
Your state of mind;
Your insecurities, your imperfections.
You were lost too.

Life had not yet reveal
The answer to your questions, and
You stand in frustration, without
The sanctimony of

Let me add to yours.
Would you take my hand?
Share this journey with me, as I give you
The chance to find your pursuit?

Maybe, just maybe.
We'll have the end in Chiang Mai.
There are times where I wished I let you go.
No logic can hold the burden,
Taming the desire
To bathe in your presence.

A spring of lava
Warms my shell
With pain, and with

Irrational as I may be,
You inflict the wounds
That keep me alive.

Come. please.
Stab me some more.
Eviscerate me
As you will.

For I am irrational,
Void of human,
A being of lust,
At your satisfaction.
Knots of a string,
Tied in the darkness
Where my soul dwelled.

Beyond the horizon
Where the seas not part it,
The tides shan't break, and
Wildlife dare not hunt for its flesh.

For man, the greatest adversary,
Could not create
The greatest obstacles in life
To prevent you
From pulling me
Towards you once again.
Is it strange?
That a thump,
A sound
In regular motion
Within the confines of your body
Would bring such happiness
To your everyday life?

Does it not
Give you a smile?
Every experience is shared,
All feelings connected,
The warmth of a newborn,
Like the glow of sunlight:

That in due time,
The sudden loss of this beat,
Before he starts his dance,
His first step,
The smallest but greatest,
Would have faded,
Into oblivion.

You would drown in despair,
At the loss of your loved one.
A half-hearted living,
Empty at the core.
All purposes, lost, to
The wound on your soul
As Time passes by you.

Yet we not have to worry,
For he will enter the gates,
Amongst a grand parade.
The heavens will watch his dance.
A standing ovation awaits, and
He would merrily dance again.

Your loss is Heaven's gain.
Dedicated to someone going through a hard time right now. My condolences, and stay strong. You will become greater in due time.

To gaze in your direction
Should your eyes divert to provoke me.
Or, in the distance,
The horizon you seek of
Would have me waiting there for you
And none other.

To listen your notes;
The pitch, the melody,
The songs you pen for me.
Whether it be in tune with mine,
Compared to other men;
The wolves that hunt you for your flesh.

To take in your breath;
Every ounce of air from your lungs,
A self-destructive fallacy,
Your troubles folding in on you.
As if the perspiration compels me
To make you feel whole again.

Until I'm sure, until my obsession
Vanishes from the thoughts
Of your attention towards me,
The gears will turn for aeons,
The tears will flow forever,
The sadness will overwhelm me.

Until then, I'll be sure to be
Your other half as destined.
It's coming back to haunt me again.
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