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The world could remain gas and fume,
The woe could remain lonely doom,
The words could avoid the plume,
The wilt could avoid the bloom;
If the womb could be my tomb.
I'm rarely dreaming.
Waking from a rarely dreaming,
I'm always screaming.
Only in my head, without a single sound,
But it's still far too loud.

Realities are deceiving.
I'm never sure of when I'm dreaming;
I'm always waiting for awaking.
The thoughts and doubts form a crowd;
I cannot look around.

I'm barely sleeping.
I'm afraid I will wake up in the evening,
And it's still the evening.
Being alone, in the deep night drowned,
Dreams or deeds astound.

It's a funny feeling.
The morning should be relieving,
Even if it's without meaning.
At least, I could be sure of the ground,
Not just being without a bound.

Am I dreaming?
I have no landmarks steering;
I might be sleeping.
Dream in a dream in a dream sowed;
In a mind that may be underground.
LearnfromBOBD Jul 24
Men ain’t enough
Where’s my beloved
Been waiting and hoping
he comes too soon.
I’m 28.
Still waiting and praying.
I asked,
Does a patient dog still eat the fattest bone ?
I’m the one getting fatter and the patient getting slimmer
Who I’m I waiting for,
A perfect man? A boomerang ?
Gosh !
But I’m not  born by mistake
Still wondering why the wait
He may be a womanizer,
yet to repent.
But yet am keeping and keeping.
Denying and still denying many.
Who am I waiting for!
When he comes,
Will I welcome his presence ?
What of if his bad side comes back,
Will I regret not flirting when I needed to?
What I resist, hope it won’t be what I can’t do without ?
Will he give me when I need it.
Resist  patient perfect
Johnny walker May 21
Just half a mile down the road from where I live It
to there my sweetheart
rest In peace It there one day I'll rest beside
her It to where all my troubles
will all disappear when they lay down me rest beside my wife and
pressure of life won't
worries no
No longer will have to witness this world falling   apart
no longer will I see all the corruption from rulling governments
And no. longer will have to see this planet that we live torn apart by pollution
by the very men who walk upon It surface, but all will disappear for me when they
me to place half mile
down the road from where I live
and to lay me down to rest beside my wife
and I,ll have peace at
ok okay Apr 20
Let me die and take me to nowhere
nowhere is better than heaven !
A, B, C, and D,
started getting along
and were
somewhat happy.
Who knew that a
Person F
would come and make
such a mess.
The letters started fighting,
No one liked that
Person F
who came and made so much distress.
But little did the letters know
that there were
letters still to show...
Person F is here!
For all who read my last poem about letters, here is the Person F you've been waiting for! I know it's not exactly in alphabetical order, but I hope you can still enjoy it!
Person A
Person B
were together and
very happy.
Then came along a
Person C
and kinda ruined everything.
But to make things
a bit
more crazy,
came along a
Person D.
Now person
A, B, C, and D
are anything but happy.
Who knew that
letters of the alphabet
could be so nasty.
Inspiration came when one of my friends was explaining a confusing matter to me, and was using letters instead of name(which is good in some cases).
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