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Jay Bryant Oct 2017
I see yo heart looking for me.
You were on the straight and narrow.
Baby you went crooked for me.
Happiness you took it from me.
Though all I remember is all the times you was pushing for me.
Told me you was living for us.
Baby girl I'm dying for you,
Because every second that pass my soul is crying for you.
I see you from a far,
But when we're near my chest pounding I get to acting like you a star.
My brain says my love not up to Par.
Then all my thoughts go back to the day you crashed your car.
Jay Bryant Sep 2017
When the bomb drops
The hands on the clock lock.

Shrieks of terror stop
There are no kids playing on the block.

A game of freeze tag
Has never ended so sad
Suspended in time
Not a single heart beats
As this moment passes

There goes the explosions
There goes the terrified screeching
Of mothers and their
children going into convulsions.
I lost a Mother.
He lost a Sister

It all happened in an instant
A millisecond couldn't have passed any quicker.

Silent laughs of insanity
Thoughts of losing my humaniaty
This weight on my chest can't be explained by gravity.
Like being shot
While wearing a vest.
Feeling my organs expanding
As my ribs compress
If this is life?
I just may prefer death.
If this is living
I may prefer to see what's next.
The thought of anything
Is better than the reality
Of this knife holding back
The screams in my neck.
Jay Bryant Mar 2017
Dear Jacqueline,
I never knew a dream could come to life.
I never knew doing wrong could feel so wright.
Lonely nights as I wish we could be going home tonight.
Twin mattress, twin flame who could put out this light.
6 rounds down my world revolves around you.
4 years since I saw you.
I'm sharing, but we know I can't saw you.
2 pieces but mines bigger.
Been yo shooter I'll pull the trigger
Over thinking high off yo essence
Just trying to be yo *****
Just trying to work this plan
So we can get nasty like ***** Dan
Live forever like peter pan.
Planting seeds of love
Waiting for them to expand
Timeless I'll reach you no matter our lifespan

Radiant like your smile when you think of me.

Your soul glows but only God knows

Where we should be

Loyal to love

Fire smoldering

Palms sweat when I think of you

I got a love jones bad
Years went by
Emotions criss crossing like clad
Sad and strung out
I use to drive by the places
We once hung out
Feeling like a junkey I'm strung out
Addicted to the pain you gave
Sweeter than Agave
You save
Lately  I've been wilding out
No one knows
Since I don't scream and shout
You tame me
Pointing at everybody when that 40 out
You aim me
Bullets blast
Once that trigger pulled
You can't change the past
Heart broken but don't need a cask
Lightning striking
Usually in a flash
So you got me sitting thinking
How long this will last
Jay Bryant Dec 2016
Yelling free my Negus.
They just be trying to eat, and make a living.
Now the 1% making a killing,
because my brothers stuck in private prisons.
We dying in these streets,
Crying behind steel doors.
Use your mind while its still yours.
Knowledge makes a man unfit to be a slave.
A quote the government still ignores.
They adore our culture,
Steal all they can from us like vultures.
Savages that only care about annual profit averages,
And the status quo.
Just know we gone make it through this sadness,
Learn your history so we won't repeat this madness.
Jay Bryant Dec 2016
Just let me rub yo feet while you listen,
Fresh out the shower, body glistening
Chocolate skin melted, drippen

Got high off your aroma when.. I smelt ya
I tell ya,

At night I travel in the dark... with no light.
Fighting to see the path to.. make it right.

Until you come and  Shine...
Like the... moon you are to me.
Auset my goddess, and lets be honest
That's......who you are to me

A set makes two, I accept that boo.
Just let me know what I should do.

The steps to.... move in to yo heart,
If its room.
I just don't know where I should start.

I got this love, ....but I can't place it.
Still looking, but there's no empty spaces
A jigsaw piece ...that's lost its shape
No angles adjacent.

Just trying to find my place.
Even if I have to... die at the stake.
Be your Christ, thats a savior.

Don't make no mistakes,
Do me this one favor
Think twice.... bout my behavior.

That's... good advice, and it might just be. ...
Bad for me...for you to see ....who I really am.
The things that I could be
May act strange,
I be trippen,
tryimg to make it out this system
I know wrong from right
So I just write my wrongs
And try to make em rhyme
We can... argue, fuss, and fight.
As long as I can ....
Spend the night, and **** your right,
Make you cuss, see hues in rays of light


Trapped in this prison ...its like a prism
Now girl you've illuminated me.
Turned.. Dark to Light.
Its not black or white

Escaping black holes to be with you Girl
I'm trying to see it through.
And sleep with you.

Lets be transparent,
How we gone repair it
Can't be.. shy or embarrassed
We got the best of each other.
So lets not be jealous,

No need to.. stress one another.
Just connect, and speak.
I admire your ...zeal, and feel.
You can do
What others only... dream to think.

I know your at the brink of breaking.
Though we're almost at the peak.
Sweetheart we can make it.

Shhh.... I hear what yo body saying.
Your eyes locked in mine.
Stopping time, lets rewind.
Just be mine,

Cuhs girl I got yearning
I see your fire burning.
A rain of hurt,
You heart scorching.
That steam keeps you angry.
Make you seem crazy.

I'm just trying to keep you cool
Baby can you blame me.

I'm a Lion of Judah
No one can't shame me
Chakras aligned like Buddha
You know a gazelle can't tame me

Truth will prevail, and this love is the truth
Can"t you tell?
The time is now, and we've been here before
Can't you tell?

Smoke Mary and listen to Teena
Our skin caress one anothers
Aura mesh as I penetrate your fortress
Even when your eyes rolled back,
I think your gorgeous

Let's explore this feeling
Rushing through us like a whirlwind
You said you getting wet
Just let it pour then.
You want some more
Imma give you more then

I swear we in.. another world.
Girl lets take a trip, can you drive stick

This Yoni feel so good.
Baby your the earth,
Let me plant my wood.
Put my seed in your dirt.

Got me thinking like.....
I really would, I know I could,
I just don't know If I should.

The room spinning with us in iit
Baby it's so good
I may just have to bust in it

Let's elevate, let me vibrate in you
To raise your waves.

I'm speaking frequencies
I'm lost at sea
Poke your spirit
Make it talk to me
Rock my boat  
As I traverse your waters please
Jay Bryant Apr 2016
Twenty-four hours in a day,
Though these nights feel longer as I lay.
Like an orange I wish I could peel off my face.
I count each breath, while my heart begins to race.
Coffee and lectures get me through the darkness.
This ride of emotions got me looking car sick.
Knots tied in my throat. This Boy Scout’s lethargic.
Steady sipping cough syrup to numb the harshness.
Combing through empty bags for crumbs,
Long periods of sobriety make me feel like a lunatic.
It’s crazy how you can feel homesick for years.
A *** at heart, my home is flooded with tears.
I’ve seen the light I always feel my death is near.
Headlights glaring and I’m stuck staring like a deer.
Dear world,
Will you miss me?
Will the Grimm Reaper kiss me?
Shrouded in darkness could this be the abyss I see?
On my knees praying it’s the sun I see.
On my knees praying I see a son whose just like me.
Dear Darkness,
Will you ever leave?
Am I walking through this life blind,
Because of you or because of me?
Will I see the light before my son sees me?
Is this pain that ails me hereditary?
Is it necessary?
Dear God,
Will you ever bless me?
Cease to test me?
Am I Job?
Will ailments continue to infect me?
If scientist dissect me will they find out why my heartbeats?
Dear Son,
You are my future heartbeat.
I will walk in darkness if it helps you see light.
It’s not all about strength in the psychical.
You can’t always see might.
It’s the fire in the dog that controls its fight.
I have no questions for you.
I only question If I’m doing right. *
Jay Bryant Apr 2016
I see the sun rise, as my mind sets.
One begins thinking, if he could raise a son in this mindset.
Feeling shallow though, I’m lost in this void that has no depth.
Taking steps lost in the waters; while I try not to get my feet wet.
Fire motivates me; its burn feels the worst and the best.
I find myself in meditation searching for my breath,
Or shall I say spirit so those who don’t know can grasp the concept.
Since my conception I’ve felt thus world to be a reflection.
Looking for the man in the mirror, but he eludes my detection.
Ripples in the waters blur my connections.
At times confusion feels like a virus or an infection.
Clarity evades the elite, I’m no exception.
I’ve become vexed at memories of my own recollection.
Like finding solace in how the darkness holds me.
Not worrying about Lost Time knowing the matrix consoles me.
Black out drunk, casting demons out of my temple.
How I wish the world could be so simple.
Ignorance is bliss.
I often find myself stressed with my index fingers at my temples.
Six years ago, I never would have guessed,
Things would come to a head like a pimple.
Appears I lost part of my smile like a dimple.
Gone forever but never forgotten.
The only good this world showed me; now it’s rotten.  
I’m plotting to do better.
I won’t steal others joy.
My gains will no longer be ill gotten.
Your pain and suffering wasn’t in vain.
My brothers and I have grown and changed.
Though at times we find anguish in speaking your name.
These lions you’ve made have went from: broken, to wild to tame.
This place isn’t the same, I claim responsibility, and take blame.
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