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Macstoire Sep 2016
Have you seen the wombat?
He's chewing on the grass
We wanders around the camp posts
Using them to scratch his ****

Have you seen the wallaby?
They're right outside the door
Don't mind to have an audience
Whilst they graze upon the floor

Have you seen the padimelon?
She's outside amongst the bush
With her baby in her pouch
You can watch them if you shush

Have you seen the possum
And heard them heard them have their fight?
There're out there causing trouble
They'll be playing by the night

Have you seen the humans?
All wrapped up nice and dry
They think they live in nature
But to nature this is a lie!
On the Overland Track, Tasmania, Aus
11th March 2016
Macstoire Sep 2016
There's a fly in my eye
But inside he waits to die
There's a fly in my ear
But yet inside he wonders
Will he live another year?
There's a fly up my nose
But he has not enough time
To watch his grandchildren grow
All these flies in my hair
I'm not sure I even care
Flies all over me
But I'm here because I'm free
He's here because he's dying
But slowly slowly dying
Watching his body fail him
Function leaving limb by limb
He doesn't even know about the flies
Not anymore
Because he doesn't go outside
No his life is best inside
Whilst it's still with him
Which is why he waits
For it to end
November 2015
Macstoire Sep 2016
I wish I could count the trees
Right here in front of me
Tree upon tree upon tree
How many just baffles me
28th November 2015
Pemberton, WA, Australia
Macstoire Sep 2016
It's your birthday
And you've not hit the hey
Yippee, horay?
Shall we celebrate?
But no
Not with cake
Not now
Or again ever for you
So should we really be cheering?
For John Macdonald on his 70th birthday, after 8 years suffering with MND.
R.I.P. you wonderful inspiring man
Macstoire Sep 2016
These two aches of mine
Need not be felt
But dare to distort my vision
Removing all rationality
So I'm squirming in angst
And inane anger for even trivia

I'm boiling in bitterness
As they curdle pananoia
And brew me with tension
Tainting me with madness
My thoughts can't be trusted for now
And I've no time for trusting

So stay safely away
Or be wise to forget
To remember me today
Or for the next few
For these bggers haunt me
And steal sense and reason

Leaking all logic away
I'm punished by my own fertility
So try desperately to hold strength
And let it be known no offence meant
I but bleed bitchiness
But believe me it's not me

Excuse not made fairly
But these b
stards don't play fair
So know for now
I know I'm beyond difficult
And in temporary madness
But at least my womb works
3rd November
Macstoire Sep 2016
Those words he spoke
Were his last
Not for now
It is my unfortunate privilege
To be the first to hear
Given to me before time
The time being
Once he is dead

His hands have failed
So he shares me his tongue
Whilst it hangs on
We should never have met
But now I am his accessory
So he gives me honesty
Breaks me his fears
Confesses his feelings
Not for me
I am just a stranger
A stranger he needs
So to give his family
His last chance of love
26th November 2015
For a man long time suffering with MND who I cared for until his last day
Macstoire Sep 2016
Love like this is living
And she lives to comfort him
To reach his each and every need
As his disease steals his motion
He looses his life slowly
So she sweats beeds for him
No more can he move enough to sweat himself
She's doubled hers instead
And she would double it again
Her life is lived for him
And his is thanks to her
Their life will never be the same again
But they live today
And so today she will wash him
Tend his aches, heal his skin
Massage his feet, give his nails a trim
All with a gentle touch of passion
She caresses him with admiration
On each parting she expels desire for him
And kisses him with adoration
She will break her back for him if she has to
And when he feels the pain
She will wipe his tears away
And she need not say a thing
Because their minds read the same
She holds herself as strong as she holds him
And meanwhile he keeps his humour
He does all he can
Now all he has left is to love
But with love this strong
He will live on
And on
5th November 2015
For Jenny Macdonald. An ever faithful, committed and inspiring wife to John.
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