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Dec 2014
Distance is a powerful word.
A word that touches on everything.

Defined as 'The amount of space between two things.'

Space that was added and could be filled up.
Space that is unnecessary. Space that was not wanted.
For example:

The distance between our hands.
From far, a wave at first sight,
Never knowing that your touch,
Will mean so much to me in the future.

From close, together,
A gentle clasp, a perfect fit.
Never letting go: Reassurance.
Everlasting bliss.

The distance between our bodies.
From far, as strangers, before
We've had our moments together.
Your presence grows as the distance closes.

From close, as lovers,
Touching, intertwining,
The kissing of skin, the sharing of warmth,
Making love.

The distance between our eyes.
From far, as acquaintances,
Averting glances of interest,
Curious in every inner thought.

From close, every smile,
Every emotion, more meaningful than before.
Every minute detail shown in awe.
Every moment clad in romance.

The distance between us.
Physically, Emotionally,
Mentally, Metaphorically.

To me, 'Distance' is a powerful word.
I hate it.

Because if there is any distance between me and
Your eyes, your hands,
Your body, your everything.

I would not be myself. I will break apart. I will not be whole again without you.

*I never want to be distant from you.
Moments where she's just not there beside you.
Written by
NARMONSEA  Kuala Lumpur
(Kuala Lumpur)   
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