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Drew Joseph Sep 2014
we put our hands up
like we’ve failed
was it love?
no, it’s life.
that bright light
in your eyes,
i miss it the most.

your long hair
and your heart
both made me fall,
just once more
i miss it the most.
Drew Joseph Feb 2014
presence isn't always noticed by sight
I might be oblivious, but I can see you
through my glass eye.
Drew Joseph Aug 2013
I don't want to see
Her with someone who will not
Love her the right way.
Drew Joseph Aug 2013
**** distance,
we can belong together.
**** distance,
I'm not that far away.
**** distance,
I think it'll be worth it.
**** distance,
Oh, you're scared?
**** distance,
I'll be yours, you'll be mine.
**** distance,
Love will overpower the miles.
Drew Joseph Aug 2013
You know that I want to
Die in your arms while you
Release the bad you've been through.
I'll Fix your heart - all new.

Your beauty - it's like dove
White, sweet and full of love.
Whenever it comes to push or shove
You'll win - kind of.
Drew Joseph Aug 2013
Sometimes I get scared-
I wonder if we will get
To say "I love you".
Drew Joseph Aug 2013
Until the day that
I tell you that I love you
Will it be so true
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