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sun stars moons Feb 2016
I don't miss you
your condescending advice
your height
your words of

I'm just lonely.
sun stars moons Nov 2015
lay your head, my darling.
sink deep into the down fillings
and listen to the moments pacing by.
as they slow to match your steady heart rate, you shall become
one with the clouds.
trickles of dreams will welcome you into your subconscious -
where reality may fall to pieces and the worries of the day
will perish.
sprout wings, sweet dreamer.
soar to the furthest corners of your imagination.
find peace.
swim with the stars and collect all of your wishes. count the red ones and the blue ones and the yellow ones and the green ones, for I have sent prayers to each one in hopes for your sweet return.
sun stars moons Oct 2015
two cars stuck in
traffic turning
left blinking in
opposite harmony
in time with the
beating hearts of
fellow hurried
drivers at rush
hour in the heart
of the city just get
me home to my
bed alone where
I can mope until
dinner comes a
calling caught that
yellow light I'm
finally on my
way and there it
is again that
sun stars moons Oct 2015
an angry argument thrown at an opponent as arrows shoot across the battlefield over an expensive bottle of Cabernet.

walls and borders mapped out in thick pencil lines, they hastily marked their territory before it all drowned in earthy blood-red.

Fresh pepper, sir?
sun stars moons Sep 2015
after dark
in the lonely hours
i can see the mark you've left
hovering over that side of the bed
and i hate this feeling that you've left mad.
sun stars moons Sep 2015
can you see yourself?

the dull acid dripping
off your tongue with every word you murmur -
merely allusions of misery.

and that storm cloud you carry around with you on such a
short leash - as if being struck by a single sun beam would burn you
to the ground in an instant

but you are bright enough to put the stars out on the street and
send the moon running.

and in a race with the galaxies, you could surely win
if you wanted to.

true agony
is watching you put out your own light.
for you
sun stars moons Sep 2015
you were last night's essence
captured in between the sheets
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