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Lvice Apr 2020
When does it start to be abuse?
Lvice Apr 2020
One will always experience what the other does in
some strange, guilty way
Lvice Jun 2019
I swear to ******* God
I love him so much and yet sometimes
I think I’m ready to leave him
Lvice Nov 2018
I'm so sick of being
            Accused of not understanding

Told that I will understand as I get older
As I grow

  It makes me want to take the advice you gave me and use it
To make my table even.

Maybe burn it in the fireplace for warmth or laugh at it when I'm down to make myself feel better.

Give it to my dog to chase or shove it in the attic with all the useless things I own

Because I have told you so many times before I will not shut myself off the way you do and become numb to everything I think will drag me under.

I'm going to stand over it with my foot against it's throat and tell it to *******, whether it's my fears or my anxiety or my doubts  I'm going to chase it with a match and burn it alive or put a bag over it's head until it stops telling me what the **** I'm going to do.
Lvice Nov 2018
I would **** the night to get to day as the stars looked the other way

I'd rip the warmth from my stomach and hold the sun by her hair to show her what I've been missing

Can you get addicted to sunshine, if only I knew what I'd gotten myself into

The skies cry every day I pine for the sun to stay

I'm so sick of being so lonely I'd burn up to be next to you
Lvice Nov 2018
What if the life
Inside of me
Grew to be her own person?

She took my spirit and
Became the fire I kept
Behind the hearth
Of my heart to keep me warm.
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