Joellei 1d
Doesn't my mind and soul
Deserve all the attention
That you give to my
Joellei 4d
Lately I have been
Feeling my fire dwindle,
Making life all the more beautiful to me.

Like I have been anticipating this, waiting on the edge of my seat in gold for my chest
To no longer rise.

Just today the sun bathed me in such a light I'd never seen, it had made me smile in a way I'd never have before and before I turned away, I told my friends goodbye and held my hands out to them.

I'd been seeking for some kind of peace and feeling this warmth take me over made me realize that there is something waiting for me

Just as I am waiting for it.
Joellei 5d
Punish him
By being better,
Show him
He is wrong
By being good
To him.
This is
How you
Do not lose
Joellei 7d
You and I
We will live in
This place,
The space between
Heaven and Earth.
Where I've only
Met you God's handful
Of times
And everyone
Would probably
Speak in Shakespearean
Ryhmes, and love would
Pave the sky.
Joellei Oct 8
I have loved you
Since Adam gave
His rib to Eve

Since you have shared
Part of your very being
To be with me.
Joellei Oct 8
I have lived
In such a way
The trees tremble
When I water
Them with grace.

I have loved
with such passion
That those who
Have not shudder
When met with my gaze.
Joellei Sep 29
Pray for happiness
Pray that you don't lose the thing that fills you
Or lose the person who completes you in a way most people could never understand.
Pray that you stay in the person's life that you love. That you hold on to everything, that you never starve yourself of human affection and beg to be loved and understood again.
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