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Parker Aug 2020
i am cherry red lipstick
i am 6 shots of whiskey and loud words
i am soft fairy lights
i am the day and the night, simultaneously
i am my mothers daughter and then some
i am unashamed, bare faced
i am artist
i am writer
i am being

thank you
weird, free verse
Velvel Ben David Apr 2020
A lifetime is short
But a minute
is a very long time
Sean Rosalez Aug 2019
I loved you once
I hurt you twice
I am so sorry I never said anything nice
In my heart I truly know
I will always love you
as long as the stars still show
I can't help it but the way you make me feel is love
I hope this week I can deeply show
you the real man in me
And sorry
I ran out of rhyme
Samantha Dec 2017
As I fall onto the pile of freshly dried clothes, I can feel the freshness seeping into my skin. The comforting warmth  flows through me in the dead of winter. More... and more... and more. I never want to get up.
I tried something different today.
Love lasts Oct 2017
I love you
Those words will always be remembered
Three words that can scar you
Three syllables that may hurt
But isn't that what makes it beautiful

I miss you
Three words that can hurt
As if you would know it's worth
Always remember those words

These bittersweet words
These words are all we have
Make every moment count
Because you don't know
You don't know when it will all disappear
Elizabeth P May 2016
the time when
we stayed up
till morning
on the roof,
watching stars?

Just you
and me
the world?

how we felt,
hands and souls

Like glue.
I get
To you.

But you are
a moment-
just fleeting,
never to
be held down,
even by

you don't
that night.

I do, though...
always will.
The heartbreak
that you left
reminds me.
m i a Feb 2016
to a lovely boy;
i want to tell you that you're lovely.
that you're beautiful.
oh so beautiful.
i want to tell you that you're eyes send me to a whole other world. that you're sweaters look adorable on you.
i want to tell you that you're hair is hot when it's wet, and that you're smile slowly kills me everytime. In a good way of course.
i want to tell you that you're perfect in my eyes.
i want to tell you that i like your face, and your lips, and your eyes, and your fingers, and your cheeks, and just you in general.
I want to tell you that, i like how you stay focused on your canvas when you draw, and you look only at your lines.
i want to tell you that i like- love it when you hug me. i feel safe. i want to tell you that im falling dangerously in love with you, but i'm scared.
so i wrote it in a poem instead.
Purple Rain Feb 2016
I cannot die without knowing...
You never spoke the words
Telling me how you...

I was left with my mouth ajawed
My glazed eyes widened
I looked like a lost puppy
Expecting those three simple...

I stand flashing back into the very moment.
You said not a ****...

My breathing,
Goes breathless to the simple flash of...

I guess, not knowing.
Ben Fernekees Dec 2011
nightmares turn to truth
scars become reality
memories are reborn

a quick flash of a blade
stumbles away
blocking by the mind

truth shows itself
scars turn to wounds
time is reversed

red rubbies drip again
the mind is open
life is revealed
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