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Andrew Oct 2017
We find multiple ways to disconnect
Where business and technology intersect
We kick one another for cash
When we need equilibrium for our economy
Our morals disintegrate to ash
And we trade away our autonomy
But we don't dare reflect
Instead we disconnect
We turn people into symbols and numbers
So we can more comfortably slumber
After causing heartbreaking pain
Through bureaucratic chains
Because face to face
Our heart will race
And we'll examine our submerged morals
That lie in the depths with the coral
But our reflection is too much to bear
So we cowardly choose not to care
The only way we can feel ecstatic
Is to turn people into demographics

The Internet connects us
But also satisfies lust
And imitates human contact
Which has a negative impact
The feeling leaves us sated
And we don't feel the need to change
Our armor becomes plated
And we shoot arrows from long range
Because we don't like the idea of being one another
We get used to the idea of not seeing one another
We disconnect so we don't have to try
We disconnect so we can slowly die

The ****** disconnection continues
As we find more violent avenues
We utilize fatal instruments
To ****** without the sense
Of physically feeling
The life we're stealing
We stabbed one another with swords
Until the bullets soared
But we still needed more
So we disconnected further
And became satellite searchers
Studying people through actions
Defining them by faction
We don't have any interest in their personality or flaws
All we're concerned with is if they're breaking the law
The law we wrote to tip the scales
The law that makes us too big to fail

A husband leaves his wife
Disconnecting from her life
She's left with a child
To raise in the wild
Until a drone drops a bomb
On the struggling single mom
She's not an investor
So we'll just harvest her worthless life
Who'll be her protector
When she's near someone we don't like?
We **** her from our computer
That's the way we casually mute her

We carefully cultivated a disconnect
To treat one another like insects
This mentality will infect
Until we interject
Once we finally reflect
Love will connect
jack Jan 2014
I can not touch you.
You grip my arm, my hand
Lies dormant across your bruised thighs
aware of the heat that threatens to engulf
all words with its existential

I can not see you, my fingers
Trace the curves of your face and neck,
Eyes like chemicals, volatile as they meet,?
Lips chapped and retreating.

I can not feel you, as the tears
Flood onto my fingertips.
Nicole Alyssia Oct 2016
i feel you under my ribcage
and all the way down to my toes
through my veins and through my airways
as i exhale through my nose

right now, i shutter in silence
at the faint hollow sound
of you strumming on my heartstrings
somewhere in the background
sometimes they just never want you to move on
M Salinger Jun 2018
The anxieties are there
about meaningless things
and the meanings behind them

Time is spent

What he's thinking?
What he's doing?
What he remembers
and holds on to?
If any?
If all?

Why he's with her?
If he thinks about me
like I think about him?
If he thinks about my touch
like I think about his?
If he yearns for me?
If he wants to ******* kiss
and all of me

So many musings
driven by curiousity
by desire
by a muse,
in every sense of the word

Awakening something deep
within me
deeper than lust
deeper than longing

An intensity
that's intoxicating

An insatiable hunger
to search and swim
within his soul
one touch,
one moment
at a time

Only felt
never acknowledged,
engulfed in secrecy
engulfed by secrecy

Drinking each other in
between nuanced subcontext
one moment
at at time

Setting each other on fire.
Misha Kroon Jun 2018
It's been one of those days,
Where I don't quite feel
Those days where my brain is elsewhere.

Like it's in the supermarket,  
And my bodies woken up in the car
Almost sure where it is.

Like I've just sat down,
And my brain's not sure where to sit.

Like I've lost track of how many drinks I've had,
But I can tell you I've been drunk 4 nights this week.
Listen I'm drunk af and I've been trying to work out how to explain the days where my brain is a little dissociative to someone that doesn't know it.
Rj Sep 2018
I swallow hard but still cannot push my heart down and out of my throat
She’s just trying to reach my
I don’t blame her
Iz Dec 2018
I’m so ******* tired of these bones
Of this flesh
I’m tired of my thoughts and who I have to be
I would give everything in the whole world
To just get five minutes of not having to be me
Its sad to think
That when we drifted apart
It was because you let me go
You stoped thinking about me
You stopped "wasting time"
ymmiJ Apr 23
ignorance is bliss
hard to miss baskets of gold
sprinkled around you
your blindness, tunnel vision
swiping right, as flowers die
Just observing families at lunch, each on their own little world, sad
Ylang Ylang Jul 2018
Girls dancing
     Tears of night
       and wandering time
          Bodies seeping heat
        Swimming in heat
      Swirling in smoke
Shane Leigh Dec 2017
//:reading -6537638-
Task.error//[email protected]!
Translation//:Reading you
Is like redirecting
The contours of my deepest emotions,
You compromise my heart,
-redirecting.//- Again, say you love me -
Are you listening?
///Do you understand?
I love you/submission./#587840.
If you do not
I will say it again:
I love you.//submission./#587841$&
© Shane Leigh
Playing with the idea of url coding. It's an interesting thing really (not real coding however, all just made up lol) Enjoy. (:
Andrew Sep 2017
Humanity is a knot
And humans are the strings
We are connected by our actions
Until we choose to disconnect
By plucking our own individual strings
And start unraveling ourselves from the knot
Once enough strings are removed
The knot is untied
As we've lost connection
Strings are now subject to the wind
And begin to wither without the knot
And without the strings
The knot is nothing
What brings the knot back
Is war
Fueled by famine
We tangle each other in terror
Where the strings must be maneuvered with precision
So we may form a knot

The shroud of strings blinds itself
As war wraps us in calamity
But after all the wars we've fought
Is this the connection we've got?
Humanity is a knot
Em Jul 10
Used to socially drink
now I drink to be social
Can’t stand to be sober
I can’t keep my composure
I smoke to cope and
I drink to not think
To disconnect from my mind
Or soon I will sink
Into dangerous crevices
Slip down the cracks
I’m a slave to depression
I just want my life back
I don’t think I’ll ever be able to quit using and I know it’s only going to get worse from here
Cindra Carr Jan 2014
My life leaned back into the predestined road
Of which, it was etched out in dips and bumps
Flourished in the curves and straight a ways it took me.
Perhaps I am the clueless one
Who is unsure how it all came to this point on the map of time.
Being told to think about my life goals or plans at this stage
Can be hard to fathom when each line seems to disconnect.
How do I plan for the rest of my life
When I’m not sure what plan got me here?

Skye Dec 2018
Tap tap
Scroll scroll
Click click

Hit like
(they'd probably hit like back)

Excuse me how dare you unfollow me
(here, I'm unfollowing you too)

Um, I really do not like your content
(but I don't wanna lose a follower so there you go)

How did this photo get only 40 likes
(deleting it now)

How did she have so many followers
(all of her posts are *******)

Wanna have dinner?
(We can spend 2 hours sitting across each other while our hands are glued to our phones.)

Hey, want to meet up?
(So we can post social media stories to make it look like we're having fun.)

Hi, how was your day?
(Oh wait, I'll just check on your feed.)

Hey, how'd everything go with that job interview you had today?
(Right, I'll just look at your FB status.)

Hi, do you ever wanna talk?
(But you know, on the phone, or like, only online?)

Connect to disconnect
Carter Ginter Sep 2017
You speak of *******
And I just want to make love
Our first time was more the latter
Our second the former
What an interesting combination
Love and lust
I've never felt as connected to someone emotionally
As I do when having *** with you
Because I can usually disconnect the two
Except with you
Except with you
Andrew Oct 2017
I have raised hackles
And wear grey shackles
They're distractions in my brain
They kind of sound like chains
They hold me still
Until I get my fill
And secure myself
To endure this hell

You tighten the screws
I'm beaten and bruised
Please don't stop
You're like the cops
I depended on your aggression
Then shocked by your secession
I wanted to be shot through the palms of my hands
That was the most pathetic part of my plan
You called my bluff
And put me in cuffs
You took away my agency
And then exited hastily
You're just part of the chain of rain
That will eventually stain my brain

I wear shackles
I hear cackles
There's amusement they find
In the fact that I'm blind
In the fact that I'm crying
In the fact that I'm trying
My miserable life is a joke to them
They think I have a broken stem
They callously disconnect my links
So they can crawl through my fence
Trying to change what I think
Making me constantly feel tense
So I can be what they hate
That'll make them feel great
I have to restrain reactions
Throughout our interaction
They're looking for reasons to hate me
And ways to grate me
And deflate me
I must dial my love back
Before they attack
My mind must be restrained
In this life I'm engrained
Carter Ginter Sep 2017
Flying high in the clouds
And my body begs for you to touch me
But the second you begin to explore my pale skin
A voice in my head calls out
"You know she's not ok, right?"
"She doesn't want to do this"
"She only feels obligated cause it's what you want"
I disconnect as you ask how I am
I'm not sure how to answer that one
I know my incessant worrying bothers you
But these thoughts are not my own
They're being thrown like knives
Piercing the thin layer of my consciousness
Bleeding until it's bothersome enough to ask you
And you say you're ok
But they say you're lying.
slay Sep 2018
I slipped in the hall
On the way to the bathroom
Used to work at the mall
And got matching tattoos
With two girls I don’t know anymore
We’re still friends
It’s just a matter of the disconnect

I drove really far
Searched high and low for
The baby food jar
Where my dad hid his kilos
And the keys to the car
He hid when I smoked cigarettes
It’s a shame
I don’t smoke
I just left them lit

Don’t take it from me
I don’t know nothing
Practice what you preach
But I’m more prone to keeping it in
Don’t ask
I won’t tell
Look at you thinkin that you know me so well

I stayed up real late
And fell asleep in the morning
And she’s sit there and wait
Drive me to school in the mornings
All that’s left of my grades
Are lecture notes of diligent kids
Excuse me
Your notebook
Can I borrow it?

The ice machine’s broke
So our drinks are as lukewarm
As this conversation
Seems we have every day now
And the sad part is
I already know what you’re gonna say
If I hurt myself once
I’d do it twice
And for your benefit I’d do it three times
Lash Jan 22
i am at a cross-roads,
in the midst of two dimensions
with a decision that screams life and death.
i have somehow formed the most vitally graphic disconnection,
with a layer of convenience to protect.
& with a certain truth so far-fetched,
all of my years only reflect
a sense of pain,
and a lonely neglect.
i no longer wear a sense of pride,
my ego has officially died
and everything that’s still inside of me
is in training for a war;
equipped with armor of
an honor that has been here before,
one to endure
with intentions so pure.
Derek Wings Oct 2018
we sit and listen to music
and i like you
but something just wont stick
every time i mention
a song you dont know
like you dont belong
is something wrong
cause i feel like there's a disconnect
and i dont want to neglect
the obvious attraction
but this really is
quite a distraction
can we make this work
based off ****** atraction
and moments of passion
or is this gonna end cause you dont like r&b
cause if you don't like r&b
how can you like me
when its inbedded in my soul
Pete King Dec 2018
Breath comes in desperate,
I'm weak at the knees.
I can feel my face burn,
At ten-thousand degrees.

I reach one hand out,
And our fingers are tied.
I feel silent fireworks
Start igniting inside.

Logic drifts away,
My sense; ship-wrecked.
In the midst of the storm,
My brain and mouth disconnect.

Words have escaped me,
Still, I've made it this far.
I won't leave without saying
All the things that you are.
Jule Jul 27
A disconnect,
When they look through -
Rather than to.
An aching feeling
When one departs -
The understanding of
A world apart.
N Sep 2018
Is it **** if you don't put up a fight or scream?
But you wanted to say stop.
But you drank...
and you never said no...

"It was your choice", they say so heartlessly.
It was not.
"You never tried to get away", they declare.
Six men will easily overpower one girl.

Is it **** if you obeyed?
You wanted so badly to run but your body didn't move throughout it all,
so stiff you remembered.
"Why didn't you scream then?" Is what they'll say.

I wanted so badly to push them all off me and run away,
to disconnect from my body,
to make the several videos disappear.

I was encouraged so badly to report it,
"It will give you closure",
"People will think you are so strong",
so I did.

But instead of praise I got criticism and disrespect.
I wanted so badly to come out with this ****,
I was told I would be safe,
I was not.

But I reported it, it's my fault they would victim blame.
They would say since they're so successful,
she just wanted attention and money.

They let it slide because after all,
those boys are so young and talented,
why would we want to ruin their lives?
Yet mine is already ruined.
Hygor Marques Jul 2017
News, news, urgent news!
An ultraterrestrial was found
at 5:45 on the New York subway.
The ultraterrestrial has schedule.
The ultraterrestrial has salary.
The ultraterrestrial does not have a hat.

News, news, urgent news!
Contact the WORLD, spread the word:
The ultraterrestrial is pale!
Science can not clarify
If the ultraterrestrial thinks or survive
The ultraterrestrial does not talk to the press

News, news, urgent news!
Protect the USA!
The ultraterrestrial is insane.
He does not care about Russia, Prussia
Lucia, or Lucian.
The ultraterrestrial has no ***
The ultraterrestrial is a disconnect.

News, news, urgent news!
We have the first interview:
Prefer to be in formula
than informed.
The ultraterrestrial knows History
(But can not tell stories)
The ultraterrestrial is weird.
He does not crave the car of the year.

News, news, urgent news!
Close NASA, forget Al-Qaeda:
The discovery of the century is here.
The ultraterrestrial is a Messiah.
The ultraterrestrial is a trend.
The ultraterrestrial is the greatest.

News, news, urgent news!
If the ultraterrestrial is now a contagion
so the universe has become wasteful.
(Hygor L.B. Marques)
I'm a brazilian, so this piece was translated from Portuguese(BR).
*The 'ultraterrestrial' term is being used as a joke to (extreme/very) terrestrial.
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