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D'Arcy Sahn Jan 2015
When the city bores
We flaunt our privileged selves
Skiing in leggings
When you're bored being priveleged in the city, relax by being priveleged in your vacation town
D'Arcy Sahn Jan 2015
And now I say goodnight
To a surprisingly cheerful day
Filled with the discovery and hope
That comes with Fajita Friday
D'Arcy Sahn Jan 2015
Cerebellum grey
Decorates the promenade
At least my cat feasts
Oh homicide, how you amuse me to no end.
D'Arcy Sahn Jan 2015
Everybody has their story
I want to here them all at once
To feel them all at once
With a curious disconnect
A clinical warmth
To compartmentalize with a surgeon's precision
Then when my heart is full,
Burst open and bathe everyone in empathy
But not emotion
I used to be good at listening to the struggles of others, but my mind seems to have lost some of its elasticity. I just want to understand what others going through, but be able to know when I need to disconnect for my sake.
D'Arcy Sahn Jan 2015
Sarcasm is anger in disguise
Cynical wit turned into lies
Cutting and burning bridges and ties
Until I feel too hollow to even rise

Bluntness is a wonderful gift
A symptom of an allergy to *******
Used by people used to grit
But optimistic enough to love it
Apparently sarcasm is anger disguised as humour. I don't want to be angry, I just want to make ****** jokes.
D'Arcy Sahn Jan 2015
World's ******* friend
Disconnected from you all
Lost inside myself
To my friends on HP and in real life, sorry for being distant and not getting more involved with you guys.
  Jan 2015 D'Arcy Sahn
Ember Evanescent
If were an alarm clock I would totally spend my spare time scaring the crap out of people at 3AM

or like, if they smack me when they hit snooze I smack them back.
It's a series. Feel free to add to it. Title is self-explanatory. Literally, any spontaneous thought no matter how weird (like mine), funny, sad, deep, happy, thoughtful, or random.

Just include the hashtag #spontaneousthoughts and use the same title as mine: Spontaneous Thoughts (Series)

also feel free to message me to let me know you added to my series so I can read it.
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