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Kane Mar 2015
Life viewed through sunglasses
Black as the starless night
A soul hiding, black
Innocent, sheets of white

Mind, numbing pains
Creating pains anew
Façade, change of face
Easily seen through

As a Bloodhound on ice
Seeking love true
Running awkwardly forth
In attempts to woo

From heartache and rejection
To love gone awry
Heedless hopes of affection
Self-deceit and lies
Kane Jan 2015
Reaching far
Reaching wide

Where they come from
Remains unclear
And where they lead
Is based in fear

Bringing storms

How long can they stretch
Far and wide, it's clear
And how much light is
Covered. We can't see

Bringing night

Short lived beauty
And terror seen
Death filled with life
With death not seen
Kane Jan 2015
The sparkling delight
of shining light.
So elusive,
how intrusive.

Marauding when not wanted
but hiding when its glory should be flaunted.
A glowing reflection of eras gone by,
once a god with a throne so high.

As the ancients crumbled,
all reverence tumbled.
Now feelings of insignificance
grow for such magnificence.
Kane Jan 2015
The solemn grey skies
reflecting the soul within.
Scarred beyond recognition
from wounds inside,
suffered outside.
Trying to fix what was broken
the gloomy soul strides forth.
Seething with an anxious desire to learn
continuing onwards, but all for naught.
Silent dew drops roll
down that calm mask.
Kane Jan 2015
The leaking beauty such as rebirthed life
And of the muddy earth slowly reclaimed
Persephone’s return, a dance of strife
Returning vividness, again, unmaimed
Escaping the monochromatic cell
By return of green, such luscious pigment
By Flora’s grace and by the Shepherd's bell
Revive events long free of merriment
The songbirds relearn their forgotten tunes
The bees prepare to collect flowered boons

Hibernation ending, returns routine
With warmth radiating, freely flowing
Crawling from thy shallow cave, sunlight seen
Flecked through dewdrops caught in Spider’s sewing
A land of new dawns, forgiving thieves
The fruit yet unblossomed, life is still ripe
The tree naked, still missing its leaves
Coverings absent before the first gripe
The animals hunger to end their fast
Humans hunger to remember the past

Come, serenity destroying pigment
Rend the ebony earth delicately
Spread your lovely, inebriating scent
And thus, set every fashion of life free
Free from that immaculate white prison
Free to frolic in fresh fields, unrestrained
The sun, in more wakefulness, risen
To maintain, nature’s mischievous work reined
In preparation for the coming time
The time of heat, growth, and color sublime
Kane Jan 2015
The pervading glumness of this dead air
Ideally filled with wailful tunes
As if a carnival or a fair
With lively and colorful balloons
The greyness of this noiseless strife
Quiet enough for one to hear
The rhythmic bass of life
And to come to grips with fear

Nary a caw of the crow heard,
Searching for a snack
The noises of a carrion bird
Are not enough to break this lack
Nary a thing is audible
Save the busy humming of the mind
And while the desire is laudable
Peace, noises cannot find

The life bringing silence
Spawning thoughts and ideas
In order to escape the noisy violence
And to go to a noiseless panacea
To embrace the unwanted mellow
Is to accept the mind for itself
It’s never truly quiet with you as your fellow
So long as you don’t leave your thoughts on the shelf
Kane Jan 2015
The beautiful clockwork
and mechanical silence.
Boredom broken by nature,
nature broken by violence.

As time tics by
and we feel so jaded.
The growing urge to defy,
the urge seems so faded.

Repetitive motions
fill up life.
Ancient drumbeats
leading eternal strife.

The omnipresent struggle
presents the status quo.
To break the flow or go with it?
The answer we may never know.
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