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May 2010
Anger…Angrier for causes unknown
Stuffed and stifled; veins and bones being blown
Feel like…Felt being hit from behind

Dead and Dying; moving body containing serene mind
Made to and making do with present out of unclear past
Remind…Reminder; forget to remember
Crashing through the other side; catastrophic blast
Happy…Happier; down to tissues, your body's dismembered
Knowing…Known; causes getting familiar
Angrier…Anger; for betrayals similar

Started and starting to realize you are dying
Lied…Lying; either way you can't escape with defying
Making…Make your day colorful with blood in pitcher
Your head tearing open as the lid
Dying…Dead; devouring the poison seed

Disconnect…your lungs bleed
Disconnect…with shredded limbs joined together you plead
Disconnect…the last arterial blood drops
Disconnect…this is where your life stops

licensed under Creative Commons Attribution, Non-Commercial, Share Alike.
Written by
Diabolic Preacher
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