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It is a new year and all that will change
Are your clocks and calendars
It is a new year and all that will change
Are your gods and your inner wars.
It is a new year and all that will change
Are your beliefs in liars
It is a new year like the last one.
One round trip around the sun.

Welcome the new year
Freedom bows to new fear
You will lose those few dear
"Being Evil" is the new cheer

Life will go on, blindly we'll follow
Shame of the nation, quietly we'll swallow
We as the nation, filled with aggression
Peacefully appeal to those on vacation

Welcome the new year
Freedom itself now you fear
You will find it very clear
"Being Evil" is the new cheer

It is a new year and all that's gotta change
Are you, me, us and the way we think
It is a new year and all that's gotta change
Are the way we discriminate, the way we stink
It is a new year and all that's gotta change
May never change, unless the powerful start to sink
It is a new year like the last one
More kinds of scams right under the sun.

Welcome the new year
Freedom to show fear
You will destroy those near
"Being Evil" is the new cheer
Happy when u give me reason to find
pleasure in digging your eyes out blind
I like to see your limbs turn the other way
Happy when they snap from you and part away

Happy when you are not
Happy when you rot
Happiness i have sought
In every losing battle that you fought

May you live a 1000 lives
Trimmed short with my knives
Every time from death you return
On to next one you'll be, alive as u burn

It has always been all in your head
you're the one why you are dead
As your future remains unread
You finish this life with the axe to your head

Happy when you get cheated
Each life the same betrayal repeated
Happy when your God laughs as you die
Laughs at your trust, faith and gifts,
No matter how sincerely you try.
written spontaneously after a long break from creativity. writing poems helps calm me down. lines as per me are quite crude, but that is the essence of immediate translation of feelings i guess. Looking forward to suggestions.
1000 faces are staring
With stern expressions they are glaring
Offensively, offended at my daring
To ruin their lives, without even caring

1000 pains, they are bearing
Revolting my oppression, my flesh, they all are tearing
But the pain in them's still breeding
Coz their soul in me is bleeding

1000 hands are shaking
In fists of rage they are breaking
My inner carcass, for I'm making
Them pay with slavery, for my taking

1000 heads are burning
With raging madness, turning
Evil plans are churning
While the 1000 readers are learning

About…my HATE!
About…their FATE!
About…the DATE!
When they are…too LATE!
licensed under Creative Commons Attribution, Non-Commercial, Share Alike.
Thinking of all the evil that had made you done
All the bad deeds that happen under the sun
Knowing though sufferings were growing up in all
You'd still like to have the fun

When fear comes on any mortal they think of no more than to run
As if to revive themselves by gulping down the bright shining sun

What good is there in doing good for them
Who follow your faith but put you in blame
Then real and fake would look as if all were same
Chanting your glories in the sake of your name

We people down here under the shelter of the crust
Need no worry whether we grow in happiness or an illusionary lust
We may not put up with an idol that shows disgust
About all the good things which happen as you say must
But keep faith like real people in our Lord whom we trust

Thinking bout all the miracles and beauties divine
Most of which are left for ages leaving them pristine
Except for some of the many considered bovine
For which O Lord you weren't allowed to shine
Sharing the shade of darkness of neither Thine nor mine

In the rise and fall of all the glories considered crime
Pass away people, most of who stay in the light of the lime
In which some preach true lies and some act out in mime
Just to prove their glow in the thick layer of grime

So descendants of the three worlds come on as one
To settle down score to leave 'the' world to survive under the sun
And for all the grave sins that ya got done
Would rise to new heights to augment your fun
licensed under Creative Commons Attribution, Non-Commercial, Share Alike.
My tongue shakes to the rhythm of the undead
It's useless praying against all that I said
You end up unscarred 0% alive
For people you end up dead just another stone named R.I.P.

No words of apology to help you through
Heaven awaits in vain, as Hell beckons you
Bargaining your life on both hand sides
Hell pays more than what Heaven calls most

Greedy as you are you choose the dark side
Rotting as Satan laughs and tortures you
Came to realize a mistake was made
Fruitlessly awaiting nothing for all the sins you repented
Shackled to doom, your life wasn't yours anymore
You wondered what worse yet was still in store

You beg to my feet to appeal to the Lord
You throw your hands in despair as I see you burn, with glee
Why should I help you when I had been through the same in history?
licensed under Creative Commons Attribution, Non-Commercial, Share Alike.
A devotion to the devil
A devotion to ****
A devotion to stay with the devil above the highest hill

A devotion not to keep on losing my mind, but still
A devotion to churn out ideas from evil brain-mill

A devotion to create a liking for those, whom you are afraid of
A devotion to create hatred for all those who are repaired of
All the evil deeds that you surely never heard of

A devotion to smile and save evil's downfall
A devotion to uplift sins above the reach of all
A devotion to divert people who senselessly follow the heaven's call
To a place which justifies liberation of evil from all

A devotion to make my place more than just the best
Where good sinks in the trough and evil shines above crest
A devotion to give the people the best of our fest
Just to make them plump before they go for a peaceful rest

A devotion to utilize evil from the devil
To help the people force the good to reveal
Their disadvantage against evil
licensed under Creative Commons Attribution, Non-Commercial, Share Alike.
I can create, compose, imagine
Just a lil bit more concrete
I can describe your secret sin
Just a lil bit more complete

I architect your evil design
While good intentions make an exit
You dream to yourself, "Victory'll be mine!"
Until reality hits hard n fakes it

I vow my honesty never defies
Till you find, what beneath it, lies
It hurts always to know what's true
So the biased blindfold for you

You know more of what you know alone
Sealed in mind, avoiding a whispered tone
Unwittingly telling me all about your guilt
That I push back to your conscious zone
Making stronger the feeling that got built

Now your life has reached its pinnacle
You worked hard and left no obstacle
I was all along with you, you thought
In disguise, the obstacles you fought

Now you grieve the broken trust
The lies you dreamt, all go bust
Your heart dries up n corrodes to rust
While I move on, as you die just
licensed under Creative Commons Attribution, Non-Commercial, Share Alike.
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